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1. For Lordareon


2. When Autumn Comes

This is the place
Of eternity
This ain´t the grace
The moon is shining thee

Watching the twilight
Embracing the forest
Hands of a guardian
Awaiting, awaiting the sign

Here are times of my life
Meanings sins my disguised
Before the autumn comes to might
And my darkest prays arise

And the devil stands around me
By the spirits of the gloom
I´m the whisper in your silent dreams
Feel the magic of my moon

It´s when the autumn comes to might
Death bell begins to chime
It´s when the autumn comes to might
Flowing tears from your eyes

Without resource
It seems the life is leaving you
Never before us
Came the dark embracing you

This art of wonders
It comes to bind me
By chains of the sorrows
Imprisoned, imprisoned in dark

Dark side of life,
She was dark side of life in my tragedy.
Silence´s my name
So silent as whisper accordingly

Die, die
It´s end of life

3. Enter Middle-earth


4. Glamdring

In fairy-taleish recesses enshrounded by the mystery
He always came like prophecy of undesired happening
Emblazoned by narratives, dark spells and wonders flesh-creeping
The Glamdring flares in victories, of middle earth supremacy

Streaks and flashlights swish the leaden skies
(Against the) conquest of evil, arising in the night

The land got black by dragon-flames and color of their blood
By rolling battles in the east, two towers in the clouds
In corners of eternal dark the spiders spin their web
The dwarfish songs thrust through strong walls, Balin´s king of this land

The dreams of pride and victory
Should win upon my dismal grief
The sky gets clouder below dark wings
Break through the way for recent king of the Land

And the air is full of darkness..
In Morgul breaks the wind

This is the light of my belief
Should protect me in my dreams
The eye´s still searchnig, searching for me (black rock prophecy)

Visions of glory
Feather away and away from me
I Fear and worry
The end is getting near to me

Dance, dance
As you and I stand on the side of light
Dance, dance
Let vanish them in night

Dance, daaaaaaaaaaance

Oh, Elbereth, Gilthoniel,
Sainted thy names
Against seeds of evil,
Against lord of flames
The abyss beetween us,
You can not trespass
Fall with me in deepest
Segments of Moria so dark....

5. Mundburg


6. Angmareddon

King of the mysteries
Rising as beast
From the past and the realms
On the wings of the hystery

Over slained hills and
The flesh creeping majesty
Hideos shape appeared
Spilled blood in the misbelieves

Dark as the storm may be
Wall of the history
Seeding the fear
In the hearts of the enemy

A horse man, black, tall, hooded
In Battles so despairing
Lifted his sword
And the flames ran down slow

On the blade
Silent day
It Fades away
Shades of death
Came with the dawn

Legions of mountain trolls
Hammer of underworld
Swings in the manacles
Rending as heart as stone

Fields of the Pelenor
Wincing in pain as the
Dreadful voice speaking
Eternally bleeding

The Words of thorn
(In) forgotten Tongue
Until the horn,
From the north
Crossed the tone

As he is coming near, not even a dream
Despairing is mean of the prophecy
Dark the world may see after the king of fear
Rolls across the land in his dark esteem

Disquiet fell upon who conform (to) his lead
Not sign of seven stars, crown above white tree
Blending living night and the deep dark dream
Will be lost in the defeat of his secresy

As Black spirits of the sea rised upon the creek
So came forgotten power in which none believed
King´s immortality and the proud of steel
Should break the worthlwess fear that rides among the field

White banners that are streaming in the morning breeze
In the silver stronghold of the ancient kings
Vanished like a mist that is driven (back) by the wind
Night always had been, and always would be, (and night) was all

Out of the doubt, out of dark, - to the day´s rising
I sing in the sun with my sword
And my heart is breaking

(It) comes the war

I am the king of all this land
With me dies the end of this tale

7. The Ode To Fall Of Gil-Galad

Gil-galad was an Elven-king.
Of him the harpers sadly sing:
The last whose realm was fair and free
Between the Mountains and the Sea.

His sword was long, his lance was keen,
His shining helm afar was seen;
The countless stars of heaven´s field
Were mirrored in his silver shield.

But long ago he rode away,
And where he dwelleth, that none can say...

8. Grond


9. Dreams Of Life Beyond My Shire Beloved

This was once upon a time
In a story
As The palaces of the dwarfes
Shined with glory

That´s the only trace
In this corrupted space
The mirkwood´s spirit seems to be agai---nst

Orcish strongholds in the deeps
Of misty mountains
Just two swords able spread the fear
And their worries

Who´s there in gate
Just shadow on the land
Wretching screams are rolling in the da---rk

Dreams of life beyond my Shire beloved
Across the hills of middleea---rth
Dark´s the forest that embrace my soul
It drifts me far oh far awa---y

Rising Lonely Hills
In their bleakness
Awaits the descent of the kings
And his tendance

That´s the only way
Beyond the mavis gate
Lays Smaug the dragon and wonts fly awa---y

Dreams of life beyond my Shire beloved
Across the hills of middleea---rth
Dark´s the forest that embrace my soul
It drifts me far oh far awa---y

Moon and stars
Lets shine upon our way
Open the arms
Of immortals, (their) graveyards

The ends, my friends
Are whispering spot apart
As we are
Falling restless in the time

10. Rotten Veil Of Nakedness

Demons awakening, beasts of the might
How hideous the mortals, how cruel was the life
Nightshaded beauty, enchantment by moonlight
Yearning so sateless, will rise like the lust for your blood.

Laments of sunrise, I´m one of the last
The seasons of rapine, remaining the past
Hunting in dreams of the rapture that died
Stories so blooming, revokening call of the night.

The blood has filled my eyes
As the sons of the glory
From emptiness rised.

Oblivions treasured, the morning dies
I´m walking through battles
By holy sunrise.

I feel the darkness rising
The legions of my master come to
Take my soul away
Tonight it´s under arms and overcast.

I feel the dusk embracing
Like rotten shroud of naked ones
That failed from moudly sculptures
Now the time has come to call the dark.

11. Shadowlord

Beyond the black hole I lie
Beyond the black hole I cry
In the seas are falling down
My tears on holy ground

Princess of seaworld, princess of time arise!
This winds of decease, my mistress release at last
I am spellbound in thy dreams,
The world is drowning in the deeps

Goddes Nebula

Mistress of seaworld, my heart got the reason,
The stream of your evil will seed in my ego
Withered and teraful you growed out in my rebirht
(As) the daylight dims out under wings of your eagle,
And the shadowlord is rising high, dripping slowly as the time
Feel the darkness comes around my soul, as the daydream in my eyes

Lost in the wisdom, I´m searching for nostrum,
Cause fearful and dreadful seems the way in you castle
Where is the crystal of midwinter whisper
That opens the gate of your realm in the maelstrom

And the shadowlord is rising high, dripping slowly as the time
Feel the darkness comes around my soul, as the daydream in my eyes

Shadowlord, beyond the black hole lives the sun
Beyond the black hole dives the moon
Take my soul, in requiems of evil, in requiems of night

As we, together stand in rain
The tears of blood begin to flow
Down into my hands

And I pray that the dream will never end
May the stars of the distant worlds
Shine upon the end of my way

At last streams the night as cold´s the
Wind that sweeps the clouds
I wander throught the past
As silent moon among the stars

Dark seems the world
Between the dreams of my life
See, the end is coming near
Cherish me in your heart

Blind stars whisper the blood into my arms
The light of your eyes was quenched
Night came into my heart

As we forsook both the twilight and shadow
We choosed the path of the light
Even the wise can not see all the ends
But the mortals with live with your love

Blood is the cue of my master, his servants
And dark should the world be
But hope and the memory shall still live
In some (hidden) valley where the gras is green

Blind stars whisper the blood into my arms
Bitter will my days be
And I will walk in (the) wild alone

12. There And Back Again: The Return


13. LAST


Long time ago, as the life has flowed
I raised from dream, that became so real
The day has come, and I saw your face
Deep in my heart, there was no empty space

The time has crawled, in the ruins of thoughts
As we walked in snow, the hands were bound
The Spirits of the blessing trees,
Remaining stars within the centuries of life

I stray in fear, wiped away the tears
With the rising sun, in the morning breeze
We stand alone, many years have gone
Till the moment of our day has come

Silent´s the night
And silent´s my fight
Will I ever see the light
Of your eyes?

We adhere the past
The night full of stars
For you and for me
And forever

Come into the lands of the light
It comes the night without stars
And trees whisper together

Come and see what hand of man have done
And hear the sing of birds has gone
As a spirits we will rapture

Crom - keyboards, male vocals,
Lydia - female vocals, flute
Khayo - guitar,
Pyros - drums.

Country: Slovak Republic

Thanks to aion.burgas for sending these lyrics.

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