Dark Lyrics


1. Amidst The Battle

Born in times so hard and hostile, my hand could not stay empty
Had to live inside a world of evil man and beast
Each day a battle fierce, strong hand filled with steel
With every wound my fire grew to burn high in the mist

Sing your battle songs
And then tarry not
Death is waiting us
Strike when the iron is hot

Hopes into my past
Free I will be at last
Under those ancient skies
Steel will speak no lies

A man stands against fate the power in his hands
The power to wield his sword inside the unknown lands
Whatever comes my way will meet two flaming eyes
I bring the fire, I bring the light, I kill your lies

And when death comes close, raise eyes and look at his
Allow your eyes to be your sword and crush his bones and skull
The magic union of, life and death in your mind
Will break the bonds of mortal need, your sword shall lead the blind!

You know that if you cease to fight you will cease to survive
Fighting always to be the best wielder of steel
Lived the life with all detail, though the arrows flew around
In danger's hands I would stand fast and heavy fight still deal


2. Nuclear Winter

The night is long, the planet cold
The shadows loom above my head
The fear of what will strike us next
Abandoned on a poisoned earth

We who survived went underground
Six months our eyes saw no sunlight
Who pressed the button, how and why?
It doesn’t matter anymore

Oh the children of men
Waste their homeland
Brought death into life
Nuclear tears they cry

Men die in pain, weakened eyes
Decisions have their price
Civilization’s lost
Now who will survive?

The war commenced, better in hell
The dust raised high and snuffed the sun
The nature now a barren land
When raindrops fall we hide or die

3. Cruor Ritus


4. Darkness Comes

Here He comes, covered in black
A black light candle in his hand
He comes to claim your treasured soul
It's too late for you to repent

His sickle shines above your head
You'll cross a path from light to dark
Your end is nigh and darkness comes
So leave all of your hopes behind

You are so weak with no will full of fear
You have wasted your life so live no longer
Your time has come no return from the dark
Diving into the pits of blood and fire
Judgement is near as you're falling from grace
See the end coming close you will burn in hellfire
Demons await they will feast on your soul
That belongs to the one who will show no mercy

From a sea of pain, from a sea of hate,
See my life rising through the darkness
'I will stand alone, I'll reclaim my soul,
I will fight, I will win my life back

His name is Death, The Reaper Lord
The prince of darkness scenes him out
He rides his steed across the sky
He comes to read you your last rites

Your fate is sealed what will it be
End up in Heaven or in hell
But rest assured him if you see
Your place in hell is well reserved

5. A Way Out

My life was a long path
A dark trip into my own fears
I was angry
Afraid I can't follow my heart, my love
In ruins I had none to embrace, despair
The end coming closer for me

Oh Sweet pain my relief
From misery I flee
A gun in my hand
Shall I go now
Take my life I won't do
I'll stand tall again
Carry on, carry on
I will live on

A young boy is crying
My soul torn apart from the start
See my mother
She left me to die in the cold
No love, just pain fills my soul I'm alone
No hope, no reason to reach for the light

Oh Sweet pain my relief
From misery I flee
A gun in my hand
Shall I go now
Take my life I won't do
I'll stand tall again
Carry on, carry on
I will live on

[Solos: Theodore - Michael - Theodore - Michael]

6. Steel Horizons


7. Medfeast


8. Oldead

I throw my red sword into the thirsty ground
Sit down under a tree and start to sing
All the colours of the world sing melodies in my head
And as the melodies fade out I realize I’m dead

And I whisper my last breath to the wind
And the time stands still for the world to see

Love is all around me, in the living and dead
In our golden temple she is worshipped and bred
As I’m falling down my body broken and bled
Love is all around me and my spirit has fled

Our life a journey into this world
Travel through time in the cloak of flesh
Brave deeds of painful sacrifice
Women with golden thread on a guess

Knowledge neglected when I was one
Now I see clearly that this is why
If I could live once again in flesh
I’d never yield to oblivion…

Love is all around me, in the living and dead
In our golden temple she is worshipped and bred
As I’m falling down my body broken and bled
Love is all around me and my spirit has fled

9. Beyond Eternity - The Parting

The manor miles behind my back
My woman there in tears and wait
Two days away from the old life
To fight I go in knightly oath

Her eyes are haunting my grim days
Last days of life for the battle slain
And still this forest that I’m in
Seems to have known my present pain

Five days of sad ride to the strife
With my heart bleeding from within
Will I ever see my unborn son
My duty holds life’s prison keys

My doubts a burden in my head
The opening of war a wrong
But once the word is issued out
No going back, onwards to our end

Our arms again shall dip in blood
Of brothers under Godly sight
An ancient crime as old as man
But blind obedience we’re taught

My eyes so full of anger wrinkle
With all the grief that is in death
So many questions tear me apart
Perhaps I’ll find the answers there

10. Beyond Eternity 2 - The Slaughter

Visions of glory lie ahead
In my ears rings the king’s old voice
In exchange for eternity
Your blood you have to sacrifice

So many knights will fight for gold
But I will fight just to be free
Life is the mightiest God’s gift
And living is courage’s deed

The battle raging on all sides
The butchered men in dying screams
The blood is painting my calves red
Who can find God in all of this?

My cries now wet my bloody face
As I walk forth and cleave brave men
Man killing man for power and gold
I look around with blackened soul

Over and over memories fly
Like fervidly rainbows they colour my mind
They bring me to my knighting day
When I was given spurs and name

But there I find a dangerous oath
That I spoke up so long ago
It spoke of servitude to a man
The man who now led us to war

To hold my oath I cannot skip
But why do men swear vulgar oaths
That keep them from correct results
When their life they try to decide

From birth I swore to serve a King
How can I serve a second one
He granted me a life to live
And everyone has the same right

Keep your blood in you
Stay alive will you
Fight with death if you
Have guts left you will

The arrow fire still decimates
But finally we win the day
The ironclad buffoons now smile
They fight to fight, not when it’s right

I boldly step to meet the king
I tell him that my duty’s done
My country now has been secured
But further on it is his war

Possession is the cause of war
Defence and war two different things
How could I mix them in the start?
The one protects, the other kills

I ride up to a lonely hill
I see the battlefield dyed red
Horizons open wide ahead
I’m not there now – I’m somewhere else!

11. Beyond Eternity 3 - The Vision

The secret garden will be on fire
The earth will tremble under desire
Oh rivers will run human blood
Nature’s defiance towards man will come

Each killing passed into our genes
Killing our species see where it leads
Oh storing your surplus they die
Your light snuffs out in mind

We people now are calling you
Sons of the ones who didn’t care
Oh knight ride from the past
Let hope shine at last

My duty is to protect the weak
Create a better world for all
No fear will live in my heart
Knights will rise from lands vast

Freedom honour and chivalry!

Beyond Eternity I will go I will see
Victory over lies on the earth paradise

The end is near!!

Freedom honour and chivalry!

Our blood was holy before birth
Our eyes were ever shining bright
The chains of slavery we’ll rend
Eternal knight you’ll live again

Noel Kardaris ‒ Athens
Michael Batistatos ‒ Guitars (lead)
Themis Katsimichas ‒ Guitars (rhythm)
Kirk Gazouleas ‒ Keyboards
Yiannis Kobatsiaris ‒ Vocals

Thanks to sanchez638 for sending these lyrics.

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