Dark Lyrics


1. Phosphorous Ascending/Anthem Of Venus

Within the rise of unconstraint,
unveils the force of love and hate
Inside the reign of eyes and teeth,
resides the rule of war and peace
Beneath the rising of refrain,
proceeds the ceasing of abstain
Enclosed in truth adverse to lies,
nflames the tainted soul of life
Within the force of spurning needs,
resides cognition so complete
Reduce the lies that scourge the earth,
and cause the rising of rebirth

By way of light that breaches dark,
ascends the morning of the stars
Within the wretched soul of man,
subjects purgation of demand
By way of discontent I see,
beyond confinement and decease
By means of falsified untruth,
I plunge a spear inside of truth
I hold a sword within my hand,
engraved of Phosphorous extant
Reduce the lies that scourge the earth,
and cause the rising of rebirth

2. Watching Lucifer Wander (Through The Sweet Dew Of Morning)

So what is so wrongabout lust?
Isn't it just natural to acknowledge excitement,
accept your instincts,
and truly rejoice in the pleasures of your body and mind?

So what is so wrong about pride?
Isn't it just natural to put oneself above the capability of others,
and truly cherish ones own accomplishments,
rather than those of the average and ignorant?

'I stand in the rising of a new dawn,
watching Lucifer wander through the sweet dew of morning'

So what is so wrong about envy?
Isn't it just natural to sometimes feel envious,
when realizing that someone else,
is of greater possession?

So what is so wrong about greed?
Isn't it just natural to seek for further wealth and comfort,
rather than to satisfy the yearnings of acquisition,
with the portions already provided?

So what is so wrong about gluttony?
Am I not justified and proficient enough,
to excessively indulge in my individual pleasures,
and decide for myself that which is best for me and my being?

So what is so wrong about wrath?
Am I not entitled to wish for the harm and smite of others,
especially to those,
whom are unjust and spiteful to me?

So what is so wrong about sloth?
Am I not capable enough to decide for myself,
when it is time to work, time to play and time to sleep,
as long as I am willing accept the consequences of my actions?

I give praise to the seven deadly sins
And I rather rule in hell,
than serve in heaven

3. Mistress Of Hourglass Figure

My loved doll, in rubber thong
You know to whom, you do belong
Your garters hold, your stocking strains
Tender love, within restraint
Tightened strings, crown your back
6-inch heels, enhance your feet
Seductress who, belongs to me

Naked Things, detained in lace
I show you love, I show you grace
Nipples firm, but in disguise
Fastened garters, dress your thighs
A corset holds, your body lush
With lustful bonds, of sanctioned trust
In stockings, you emerge to me
My loved doll, in 6-inch heels

4. Cleft Of Stainless Rose

In robes arrayed by will disclosed
Reveals of cleft of stainless rose
Your legs unfold with stockings wed
By cords confined in eagle spread
A tender rose aroused by touth
Where pleasure streams of boundless lust
Submit to joy with palms exposed
I love command you love control
Hands affixed with bonds confined
Restrained to serve for love sublime
A cleft of rose where pleasures dwell
By way of lust the flower swells
A lovers kiss on rosy lips
As recondite as lust depicts
Amid two legs of silken hose
Unveils a cleft of stainless rose

5. In The Grassy Fields

In the grassy fields, where the world goes to sleep
( We kissed this world goodbye ) Again

The distance evinced, a drama of conflict
Where angels where gruesome, and devils where good
The beauty of heaven, falling to pieces
We witnessed the ending, of time where we stood

A drunken Messiah, wielding his cross
Whispering secrets, of living in loss
No one cared, he burst out in tears
In the grassy fields, where the world goes to sleep

Paradise sacred, rented with swords
Angels in chariots, going to war
A time to perish, a time to thrive
In the grassy fields, we kissed this world goodbye

6. Cleansing The Tainted Face Of Reason

When reason is dead and the fools are made kings,
the wind will decline and the trees will stop singing
When balance is lost and silence is gold,
not much will remains of the truth that we told
When love is condemned and weakness is might,
then lonesome are we who succumb to the delight
When yielding is just and vassals adored,
then life will decline to upsurge no more

When pleasure and sorrow are pledged to be wed,
the sun and the moon will descend to be dead
When falsehood is honored for tainting truth,
the ending is near and our lives destitute
When comfort has died to leave room for remorse,
then hope is forlong both with kingdom and horse
But facing the end with a grin and a sword,
injustice will part to the sound of discord

7. The Perplexity Of Hybris. I Glority Myself

Among the roses where I stand,
torn and scratched disguised by blood,
I watch the puppets stagger in their unlife,
caught in the web of perplexity

'I glorify myself
I glorify myself for who I am
I glorify myself
I glorify myself for what I am'

Screams of frustration echo,
while my feet walk across the shells of the damned
In these realms of demise,
where life seeks its mark

Listen to my laughter,
high upon the wind
I walk the path of my choice,
trampling those who seek to stand in my way

A bright glowing star,
shines almost invisible,
down into the crypts in the city of worms,
where life pursues in darkness

This is my life,
and I rightfully praise myself for my accomplishments
My intellect guides me,
as my life ceaselessly progresses

8. The Blind Are Leading

the Blind are leading
the Blind are leading the Blind

In aimless quest, they stride aligned
A blinded horde, towards decline
Without the forte, to feel or see
I contemplate, deficiency

On sloping trails, their quest proceeds
To find at length, a way to see
They search above, they search beneath
I contemplate, deficiency

Holding hands, they stumble forth
A sightless pack, a search of 4
Lacking forte, they feel to see
I contemplate, deficiency

Bruised and torn, they stride ahead
Towards a fate, of certain death
They lead the way, for fools to be
I contemplate, deficiency

9. Let's Celebrate, The Exploration Of The Human Body

Every voluntary sexual experience,
is ultimately more positive and conferring,
when utilized as a sexual encounter,
regardless of the outcome,
then any intense and compelling sexual fantasy,
never utilized

I believe masturbation to be truly gratifying,
and a natural expression of human sexuality
And loving yourself,
both literally and physically,
is truly the initial stage,
of any true and unconditional love

Let's celebrate,
the exploration of the human body
Let's celebrate,
the exploration of the human mind,
and the excitement that is possible to disclose,
from employing ones true and profound desires

What is truly a greater stimuli,
than the thriving sexuality of human imagination
Acknowledge and embrace your true sexual nature,
as a good orgasm,
certainly confers an equal measure of energy,
to any variety of ritual sacrifice

10. Conquest, Love & Self Perseverance. The Gospel Of Aptitude

Salvage is close at band Whispers an idle man,
patiently waiting salvation to come
Aptitude yet unsung gusbing of devildom,
factual salvage but likely for some
Blessing is found in he freedom and clemency,
retches a man in his quest for relief
We are the gods who reap virtues of barren needs,
only the apt are predestined to be

'Christ was of subterfuge; evil disguised for good,
human indulgence must be realized
God was a wicked man forged out of reprimand,
founded to binder abundance to rise
Kingdoms will rise and fall change is the source of all
ruin ensues in the course of renewal
Tears they will fall for me purging the chastity,
aptitude rising by reason of zeal'

Conquest before the fall; Thou can not love them all,
love under will is the whole of the law
Tales of the humankind carved in the heart of time,
failure to learn will resolve in decline
Abstinence is in vain pleasure without restraint,
aptitude gained in convergence with will
God of eternal life save us from all these lies,
rages a man in constraint of denial

11. Disrobed But In Stockings

Regarding the plains of the faithful and prude,
a land that is soiled and misused
Enshrouded by alms in the seeking of truth,
depleted and absent from use
Man seeks forgiveness for deeds all so idle,
questing compassion from forces unknown
No one but man for its conducts is liable,
in spite of the lies that are told

I pass you my dagger I pass you my torch,
renting a slit in my palm
I pass you my chalice lets fill it with blood,
together with seeds of our love
Disrobed but in stockings you dance in the fires,
seized by affections of lust
For progress and fortune ourselves we are liable,
our godly potential we trust

12. Ouroboros, The Serpent Of Neither Beginning Or End

Behold the snake consume its tail
Convergence in design entailed
Serpent on the course of scales
Infinity will yet prevail
Creation spawns from stone and tree
Destruction sorts and oversees
Renewal sees rebirth to be
As life withstands in trinity
Among the trees beneath the sea
The serpent reigns incessantly
The earth reforms and alternates
By way of change we emanate
Creative force of ravage needs
Distinguishes what's ceased to be
In trails of capacity
Life resolves the obsolete
Serpent of perpetuity
Consumes its tail for life to be

13. Man Always Forgets

Like a crushing stone,
ripples the surface,
of a silent water pond

Like burning flames,
caress the skin,
of those who spend eternity,
in their own imaginary hell

Like roses perish,
and perpetualy fall,
from time in constant motion

Man always forgets,
that it is governed and separated,
by the same axioms that separate
the weak form is strong

The capable from the incompetent
The ingenious from the dumb
The brilliant from the foolish

This certitude never dies
This certitude never beckons
But forever lives on

'That is the law of Nature
Everything lives by this rule
and dies by this rule
Mankind is no exception
The only exception is that
Mankind believes to be beyond
this rule of natural selection,
and which ultimately will lead
to mankind's inevitable self-destruction'

Like blood streams,
from an open wrist,
of the resolute and suicidal

Like gleaming stars,
twinkle at dusk,
to silently dim and forever expire

Like rain falls,
from a clouded sky,
ending the drought
and the thirst below

Ordo Equilibrio sends Gratitude, Recognition Prosperity, & Love to Jouni
Havukainen & Anna Skatung for room, board, facilitation and ceaseless
patience. Fredrik Bergstro:m for assistance and gratifying friendship along
the path towards completion. Roger Karmanik for providing the possibility.
Henrik Bjo:rkk for conspirasy and appreciative amusement. Henry Mo:ller for
ideological and intellectual stimulation. Jan Axelsson for the perpetual quest
towards enlightenment and uncensored information. Eic Konofal and Les Joyaux
de la Princesse for spiritual convergence along the crusade. Albin Julius for
gratifying friendship along with the infinite consumption alcoholic
beverages. Havard Elefsen for being a troll who can not find his way in the
woods. Markus, Marcus & Markus for ceaseless conversations beginning with the
letter p.... Alenca Olsson for inspiration by way of sexual frustration. Igor
Vaganov for the incessantly flaming fires of dedication. Elizabeth for being
typically Russian? Anders Schultz for keeping the pyres of misanthropy alive.
Marten Sahlen for likewise knowing it is more difficult doing it with your
left hand. Mikael Stavo:strand for continuing friendship and erecting the
tombstone. Nina So:derquist & Matti Ka:rki for having the guts to bring a
child into this worldof prevailing madness. Stuart Ness for making each day
a slightly more tolerable. Yvonne Bird & Bart Borgmans for gratitude and
correspondence. And our families for life, certain death and considerable
anguish. And finally all you others whom believe you have cotributed with
something worthwhile, but nevertheless have been forgotten.

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