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1. First Born Of Sataninsam

Deep in the night
I see this Vision
Of how I came to be
Through gnostic copulation

I was born from the venom sperm
Wretched heir to Satanachesh
Hungry to bend the law and see
What becomes of a spoiled godseed?
The easiest escape would be
To run and hide behind flesh
Rather I’d turn to skeletal dust
And blend within the black soil

First born of Sataninsam

I was to kill for a greater cause
Spilled blood to taste and offer
Thus I became the death bringer
Dancing in gnostic intoxication
With this skull attached to me
I have known to sever the ties
Had I been put to their filthy test?
I gained this key through sacrifice

Come see this castle I’ve built
An act of commemoration
Resembling the very vision
The fortress lies underneath
Shielded by apostasy
Overshadowing Malkuth
Ravaged by pain and hate
Yet I thrive to overcome
The clay formed finite self
I was not a human born
Rather t’was a deception
As I sprung out of Eve’s womb

First born of Sataninsam

The castle is now open to the One
I see at the twilight of my dream
A winged Mistress mighty, eloquent,
And the one who reveals Nahemoth
Denying my cage of mortal flesh
Snatching me away from life

2. Kapalrevolution

Why cherish this act of ignorance?
That brought lives to the slumbering dusts!!!
Molecules learnt to speak, to curse,
And to breed the ephemerals!!

Bearer of the skull now dances,
Snatching the 5th head of Brahma
Revealing Ugrakapalamurti
Craves to destroy the Brahmanda

Why cherish the act of ignorance
Utter cries in the anger of existence…

Here I am now tormented,
With the very sights of the Savitur
A blinding light now unleashed
And then the emptiness vanished
As he dives in the blood of rape
Seeking moksha shamelessly
In these hours I have danced
In an anti demiurgic trance

This is all but Brahma’s fault
He is the one Creator God
He raped my daughter in ignorance
Breeding the cosmic creations

And, in silence I shall witness,
The absence of existence,
And, I will not die,
Nor shall I cease,
Till the world is gone,
To eternal sleep

Kapala Revolution [4x]

3. Satanachesh Grimore

To behold the sights of the one I speak of
An ageless torture to the subtle eyes in sloth

Nachesh of self knowledge
Ye who spit fired the gift
Flaming sword put to the test
Upon the anvil with solid flesh
Structured by the bones
And, illumined not with ease

Uncoiled astral worm of death
And, death is what awaits us

Lactating and mongering
Bitter venom of sanctification
Thus it spreads the nectar
In two-one-eight forms

In isolation with the gift bestowed
Yet stranded neath the cosmic veil
Let this nausea set ye in trance
Mesmerized as Satanachesh dances

Are ye the cause of this sudden thirst?
I thrive to reach out to Chashak
The state of Azothan is a lifelong quest
This elixir commences the walk

I’m mesmerized, Satanachesh, now dancing

Let blood of birth unite
With blood of death purified
As we banish the demiurge…
Enchanting from Satanachesh Grimore

4. Gnosis Stained Khadga

I am dead, ordained by life itself
I am alive, ordained by the death

Witnessed the death of a million,
In this path of renunciation,
Amputated thoughts,
Smothered by those hands of wisdom

The Khadga is the Answer,
To the questions I have asked,
With that sword in your hand,
Transcend this life through death

Embraced the yajna of Chitagni!
Ash smeared and conjuring now,
I shall now set my mind aflame!
Penance with conduit of panchamakara

Gnosis stained Khadga
Kaliyei Namah

I shall embrace death by living on the dead flesh,
And I know my redemption; I am doped in that gnosis

Thieves of semen now feed the core,
Give it birth O Dakini, a cunning whore,

Mistress of Death, cease my breath
Redeem me, from this cosmic self
Death by the Khadga and the life is ceased,
Soul’s back to womb, thus the Black Ma is pleased…

Khadga became my Solace,
Its eye revealed the gnosis,
Redemption is in bleeding,
And my blood becomes Sindur dust

5. In Tamas They Dwell

Spawns of Her Black Yoni
In Tamas they dwell
Specters of the Susumna
In Tamas they dwell
Thieves of yer lost semen
In Tamas they dwell
Agents of Trans-mutation
In Tamas they dwell

Apparent shadows of disdains
Revealed by an intriguing fatality
If ye have not the active shield
Away they go and return not

Winged, they try reaching out
Have they failed to fathom?
The Tamas ye have concealed
In the cloak of doubt and dispute

Avritishakti of the great Tamas
Gaze deep within but ye see nothing
Shape shifting existence of mal-thoughts
Battling with their mutual immunity

Only misery weakens this barrier
Turns it into an abolishment zone
In the depth of Tamas Cavern
Causal affinity burns with its MAKER!
Should ye authorize them hordes?
To enter and deviate the epitome
By destroying the lairs of clays
For that’s what ye are by birth

And when this catastrophe unleashed
Resistance would only cause duality
As the lava of ego bursts out in Tamas
The ground that ye have raped unknowingly

By this time ye have known
We are bound by the karma
Now gather the secretion
Unspoiled menstrual blood

6. Necrocosmic Apparitions

Primal legacy Rise!
To obliterate the universe
Immuring ordeal that championed
From the sin that formulated
Our enemy, the puny demiurge
In esoteric profanation

Echoes an erratic chant enshrined
Prayer from a concealed creed
Forbidden, nameless, formless
Acausal are the silent breeds

Liberation from chain of birth
Equality with the Infinite one
Behold the shadow crowned King
Coroneted by the akarmic anomaly

To yer kingdom of Sitra Ahra
We have offered our sacrifices
Beyond the mortal wilderness
Scourges of sacrilege take birth
Both gruesome and impious
We drink and dance in the madness
Redeemed by our antim nishkriti of weakness

Reducing logos to ashes
O Mighty Unmanifested one
Ye are the uncoiled Serpent
The mouth of the Eleven ones!

I see the Necrocosmic Apparitions
Causing decadence to the adversaries
Progeny of the demiurge and his mal-procreations

Hail Azerate...thy Kingdom Come at last!

7. Devoid Of Dharma (Aghorey Bhyo)


8. Bestial Death

[originally by Merciless]

The night has come
For your final doom
He's waiting for you
Obsessed by the moon

Now you start to run
Run for your life
Something's haunting you
You don't know why


Hungry for your blood
The full moon is shining
You know he'll find you
Lonely and scared you are crying

Now you will perish
Nothing will remain
He'll tear your flesh
You will die in pain

You will die in pain!

Now he's satisfied
For the end of your life
H now walks away
With your blood on his knife

Thousands of victims
They all shall die
When the full moon shines
Bestial death

9. Rites Of Grand Renunciation

“Amay shastro de, paaper slok path kori
Ghrinar pujari, Tahader Ghrina kori
Amay astro de, nijeke shesh kori
Ghrinar pujari, Tahader Ghrina kori”

How long shall ye hide yer fucking face?
In the fear of this futile existence
Leaping life in the circle of rebirth
Preaching sermons of confusion
Making pawn out of feeble clay-born
That makes me a fucking misanthrope!

Anti-Human, I am Anti-Creation,
Anti-Demiurge, I am Anti-Existence.

What ye have is an astral disease
Twisted corpses entrapping souls
Minds that ye possess are so empty
Inner Cosmic lies reign there
I renounce ye from my thoughts
Proclaim to be dead to this world!

Abusive prayers are rejected
Uttering ominous creeds
Path to become the Azothan
Beyond the void of no return

And, the eleven self-inflicted scars
On my left arm Glorify the names
Of the Eleven Godheads of Alogos!

One with the scourge of nihility,
Unseen through the mortal eyes,
Ye are not of our bloodline
So there’s no scope to sympathize

Rite of the grand renunciation [4x]

10. Last Emissaries Of Doom Tantra

Within the breath of cosmos
Sleeps the four faced dreamer
Incest in nature and callous
Mean godform of entrapment

Whether to smoke or to reject
This ego chillum that sprung forth

Harvests he seeds and reaps out clays
Not that he ever tried the best
But failure is a mocking so beloved
That a room full of golems was born

Then created the thoughtless one
Stone in one hand and water in other
Merging two in utter trance
The black Savitur was unleashed
We were only born then
Adorned with human bones
Hatched out of eternal eggs
Three eyed pests of anti-dogmas

Keep in mind as a hideous blister
None but the masters of mockery
Maybe ready for the rite of beheading
And thus we retain our sthagayati

The cost is martyr of the flesh
We inherit this leprosy as gift,
And become the leper in time,
Ashes smeared upon us emissaries
Last of us, scribing the monikers…

…Of Doomtantra.
Our heartless bodies are fed with filths
Eyes, brightened with the antinomy of Yoga,
But, there’re no offerings to appease
The mean godform of entrapment

Skullbearer - Guitars
Vritra Ahi - Bass
Mephistopheles - Drums

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