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1. Vyakta

2. God To The Strong, Master To The Slave

Echoes of the creation are diseases to me!
Manifested from yer maker’s lascivious dreams
Denial of the primordial Divine Black Flame,
Makes ye a pawn inside this demiurgic realm

Impudence to knowledge
Binds ye to yer cage
The essence lies entrapped
Inside yer flesh & bone

Witness the spiritual defiance of deceit!
Behold the Gnosis that is ever concealed!

The sins had set their courses
Made out of stones of grief
Bolted to the elements!
Realized only through tapasya

Arachnid unites ye
To her cobweb of misery
A freedom through nightmares
Drink her venomous elixir

I am the shadow yet I bear the torch
To light up yer silent souls
Why, then yer thoughts deny?
The notion of yer false existence!

Bring me yer prayers,
I answer in secret!
I reside within ye!
For, I am the…

God to the Strong, Master to the Slave!

Now pray…

Enlighten us, redeem us,
Unchain us,
From rebirth

3. Liberation Through Shva Sadhana

Shva Sadhana [4x]

Seeing the life and its sorrow
Urged to escape from this prison
At the Smashana I would find,
Boon of a thoughtless existence!
To cut the clothing of karma!
Atoned to the voiceless voice
Asana of a fresh corpse
Woundless corpse of a warrior

I have seen the unseen!
Dreadful yet blissful!
Trapped inside this circle
I have made to conjure

Suddenly nothing
No more light, no sound
All I see before me is…
The blazing eye of wisdom

Conjuring, Chanting, Summoning,
Praising, Offering, Worshiping

Astral funeral pyre
Abode of the Primal Shakti!
The mind is the Adya Pith!
Gnostic contemplation

Now I see the corpse has spoken in the divine tongue to grant my liberation!

Shva Sadhana [4x]

4. Supplication To The Tower Of Nihilifer

Hear me O! Ageless Father!
Draw your shadowed sword
Forged in the black fire, unseen!
Meant to put an end to cosmic lies
Let the false fate perish in your Storm
Usher the children of the black flame

I fixate my mind
In the void of nihility
Drawing the blessed Sigil
I meditate on its reflection

Now I offer you my prayer
Bringer of death to the cosmos
Hinderer of the messianic delusion
The Tower of Nihilifer’s wrath

By my rotten ancient tongue,
I utter the awakening formula
Sworn to unleash the soreness
To weaken the pillars of existence

O! Ruler of Ghagiel!
Awaken through my prayer
Dethrone the demiurge,
Turn this prison asunder

To witness this victory
I am sworn to the holy emptiness
Forming a pact with the Lord
To cast death upon spiritual diseases

Confine the creation neath the shadow of wisdom
Blood drips writing this tale
This clay formed body is the book

Conjuring the prayer of my Lord Beelzebuth!
Spiritual journey begins
Till I hear the holy Silent Scream!

5. Samhara Tandava

Vyakta Samhara
Dukha Samhara
Mithya Samhara
Avidya Samhara

Jiva Samhara
Prana Samhara
Jagat Samhara
Kala Samhara

Samhara Tandava

6. Immersing Into Kalagni

Conscious pain at the moment of bleak!
Cut it deep and yer wounds shall speak!
Blood from yer Pasavic deeds
Ancient womb’s rotten seeds…

Yer failure has gifted ye a prison
Never shall ye receive the bliss
Nectar of gnosis, within and without
Sleep beneath the muddy universe

Write the drama to manifest
Rotten ways to the womb and back
Begins a thousand rebirths
Neath the dualities of false self!

Imprisoned within flesh and bones
The edifice of the incomplete
Even the cosmos cries for freedom,
The Manusya are to be banished.

Black, devouring Bindu opens
See the cosmos ummanifests
Submerging to its Abyssal fate
The karma of creation thus completes.

Then the Jagat succumbs to Kalagni
To merge with the One who is no-one

7. Avyakta

Vritra Ahi — Bass, Vocals (backing)
Skullbearer — Guitars, Vocals
Daarbesh — Drums

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