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1. Seasons

Eve of Mourn
Sickness forms...seasons
Beauty gone
Sadness spawns...seasons

Sorrow, in and out of the point of pain
Reborn,by the way of thoughts gained
Helpless,searching for the answer to death
Dying,waiting for the last breath
Deformed,deformed lives

Unspoken words of a worthless cause,lust is disguised
Forgotten ones scream in pain,lost in demise
Whispers carry through the winds,to hide their shattered lives

Wither and die

Decieved by the belief in hope
Bow down before the fate of all

Sea of bliss,wave of conscious all drowning
How could i be so blind

2. Eclipse Into Eternity

Sickened by perversion...the pain of lies
A faint voice beckons me to reprise
Paralysed by pity...hatred
I can see the tears flow as blood cries
Searching for the answer...to depart
I've cried for God as the children stray

Depart now,save them

Life?nothing to gain
Is it a dream?hiding the pain
Taking the soul,leaving its form
The bending of thoughts opens the gates
Bathe in the blood of Destiny
Replacing the mind for what is real
Making the soul immortal
To summon the spirit of what is dead

Watching as they perish...destroy
I can see the blood shed as i laugh in mourn
Faith of resurrection...beckoned
Looking to reverse embraced destiny
Glowing incantation...searching
I have found the answer to extinction

The soul returns
Life is blind

Death,i need the flesh
I need the power,i feel the pain
salvations end,open the corpse
Enter the life crushing its form,rising above
Warning to all,rapture in blood
Render the cause,met in mistrust
Pleasure if sin,fate of a world decaying within

Now depart
Death arise!!!

3. Devour The Soul

Internal death sentence is made
Eaten from within
Medical science has failed
Try to carve it out
Innocent children will die
Never lived their lives
Fears of the past arise
Still there is no cure

Blood soaked in misery
Dying in agony
Atarting to eat away
There is no way to breathe
Death is the destiny
Gutted in ecstasy
Forced into lunacy
Awaiting the final day
Devour the soul
disease has taken control

Unsuspecting victims of fate
Vomit up your blood
Half eaten innards decay
Soon infection spreads
Only will to live retained
Eyes that glow in doom
All internal organs are gone
Take your final breath

4. And The Angels Fell (The Suffering)

Raped of virtue,led to betrayal
Darkness summoned,vows to renew

Age of blackened hearts
When darkness once resigned
Memories of dreams past
Torn by the nether world
Tears drowning your face
As the saviour comes
And the angels fell to the suffering

Led by the lies of disharmony
Starving the soul with lifes agony
Demons have risen to summon the dead
Riding the world of humanity
Taking the dreams of life swept away
Memories once known are lost in dismay
A hybrid of sorrow,pain and despair
Lost of a hope that is too late to save

Age of blackened hearts
When darkness once resigned
Memories of dreams past
Torn by the nether world

Tears drowning your face,as the saviour comes
Lost in your disgrace,life it has swept away

Blood to water
Bathe in desire
Love is beckoned
But hate has come

5. Prelude To Death

6. Genocide

Mass extermination...genocide
Racial elimination...they decide
Corpses were to cremate
Living were to suffocate

The terror from within
when expectancy is death
The fear of knowing when life ends
The fate is in their hands

Enter the realm of the genoicidal holocaust
Come to a time when children were born to fear
Enter the ashes of the genocidal holocaust
When extermination left no cries to hear

Hear...the cries

Abolish slavery,engage in death
Gas fills the air,take your last breath
Incinerated bodies a mile high
Women and children,they were forced to die

Amputation of the limbs
Mortification soon sets in
Millions of people betrayed by lies
Time to kiss your lives goodbye

Decimate the Unborn...kill
Experiment on anyone...transplants
genetic reconstruction
The will to live has gone

A living hell on earth
A sworn pact made in blood to destroy
The discovery was absurd
A monstrosity to the world

7. Rotted Paradise


Torn by betrayal
Beaten and used
Ingest your morals
As the innocent are fucked against their will

The truth it haunts me
Seeing is believing
But its your blindness that still prevails

Your greed and your power,tools of the trade
When sadness is pleasure
Its your existence that i deny

Erosion to fill the mind
Pray for an afterlife
Life that will scar the soul
Lost all fucking hope
Harvest of misery
Starving a selfish plea
Shadows of dreams now past
A nightmare soon fills your eyes

Denouncing the saviour,in murderous ways
A perverted devotion
Cleansed by the acid of denial,embraced by incest
In pleasures of flesh
Abort the bastard
Caused by your father,a man to hate
Death in resentment,a hybrid of sin
Away with the morals,as your fears are me in disguise

Rotted Paradise

8. As Blood Flows

Shredding the flesh,bleeing to death
Skinned alive,blood flows,they die

Self indulged by hatred
Resurrection unseen
Can you feel the cold blade penetrate inside you
Blood becomes a river of everlasting happiness
Thoughts now deteriorate
life will disintegrate

Flow...as blood flows
Flow...as blood flows

Scarred by perverse dreams
Away you bastard dog
Truth becomes all lies
No one seems to mind

Have you ever wondered why?
Your lifes a living hell
Have you ever wondered why?
The tears flow like blood

Cutting with a razor,feeling of sensation
Dripping in the nectar,feeling of perfection
Falling out of organs,the rancid mutilation
Bathing in excrement,feeling the enjoyment

Ripping of the entrails,screaming to exhale
Suffer internal bleeding,cant escape the feeling

Ending of pain,dying in vain
living the lies,in death blood cries

9. Dying Inside

Lost souls,helpless cries
Insanity,a dream
The path to death is free
Endless torment of battered feelings

Morbid thoughts elude the brain
Voices persist in rage
Alone inside a world of pain
Lost within the mind
Confined in an array of fear
Memories fade away
Mental powers under siege
As i lay dying inside

Mentality restrained
Confliction imprisons
The beast inside me
Memories fade the hate
Of thoughts once known

Dying inside

Tim King : bass,vocals and keyboards
Adam Zadel : lead guitar and acoustic guitar
Tim Stopper : guitar and 12 string acoustic guitar
Tom Schofield : drums

Thanks to tlslayerforever for sending these lyrics.

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