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1. Corrosion

Beyond the gates of emptiness, no one shall escape
A dying world left to rot in lust, incest, and rape
A sworn pact made in blood, the seed now grows inside
An Autumn breeze now turns to frost, frozen winds now cry

Her memories are scarred for life, her face is stained by tears
Fantasies now turn to black upon this throne of fear
A worthless life that caused this pain, my angers now arise
You worthless fuck, you waste of life, your ways that I despise

Hatred breeding hatred...In my Corrosion
Beauty bleeding darkness...Through soul erosion
Faceless bodies burning...In my Corrosion

Eroded thoughts fill the mind, never to betray
Voices of the unknown ones crying to be saved
Shattered feelings of the past, burning deep inside
Unforgiving, unrelenting shadows that you hide

2. Kingdom Of The Dead

Hearing the voice of a thousand lies
Blindness is vision through a thousand eyes
Portal to dimensions of distant cries...cries

Bodies burning, selfish yearning lust for flesh
An undiscovered spiritual journey of bloodshed

Welcome...To the kingdom...Of the dead

Through this darkness ancient evils now arise
Into the veins of creation they now writhe

Suffer...withing the passion of the hatred that you breed
Rejoice...upon the fields of the sorrow that you breathe
Bastards...of the creation through the whores that they are born
Never...seem to feel the pain of lives which they deform

3. Blinded

Like an ever flowing stream,
Like an everlasting dream
Twist the knife you bury deep,
It's the nature of the beast
Like a pane of shattered glass,
Like a fire turned to ash
You never took pity,
You never wanted them
You never wanted them,
You never wanted them
You only gave them pain,
You only gave them pain


You took all you could,
Your truth was only lies
No one could save you, from your selfish vanity
A pain that never mends,
A fever inside of them
Why can you not feel,
These burning lives


You...Make me hate, You...Make me hate
You...Make me hate, You...Make me hate

Object of all temptation
Cannot feel rejection
Paved a way to bleeding hearts
Through the flesh one last time
Like an ever flowing stream
Like an everlasting dream
Twist the knife you bury deep
It's the nature of the beast


You...Make me hate,
You...Make me hate
You...Make me hate,
You...Make me hate

4. I Despise

Some cry for hope,
Some cry for change
Some cream in rage,
Slave to confine,
Victimless lives
Twisting their minds
Some live in hate,
Some live in pain
Some die in vain,
A dark caress,
Raped innocence
Torn by the flesh

Come feel the wrath of me
See through the eyes that bleed
Drown in the scars so deep
Lost in the tongues you speak

All of their lives to you meant nothing
Their shattered dreams, all meant something
All of their lives to you meant nothing
You are nothing,
You are nothing

Some live for love,
Some live for lust
Some bleed in vain,
Consumed in rage,
Primitive race
Words are a maze
Some never know,
Some die for faith
Some hide their face,
Internal cries,
Deep from Inside
Their pain is mine

5. Through Their Eyes

Look into the skies,
Take apart your mind
As I close my eyes,
See creation die
Seek this hallowed land,
Always to destroy
Like a grain of sand,
Pain will now rejoice

Listen to screams,
Of blood soaked misery
Sorrow breeding fear,
Inside the enemy
Tortured by the hand,
Upon our destiny
Look into your face,
Tell me what you see
Through their eyes,
Through their eyes

Search for blinded faith,
It burns so many ways
Never to escape,
Sorrow's warm embrace

Never to betray,
Voices deep Inside
Hearts and minds that bleed,
Promised only lies

6. Upon The Uncreation

All I see...suffering,
Let them die...selfishly
Spineless fools...under me,
Torn apart...beyond belief
Nature's cries...deafening,
Paradise...mocking me
Backs turned to...humanity,
Never mend...worlds to be

Upon the Uncreation

Lies...bleeding my mind,
Sorrow...laughing inside
Vision...blinded by the light
Inside rage...therapy,
They break down...self esteem
A world of...impurity,
Kill the want...for the need
Loss of life...sickens me,
Freedom's loss...eyes to see
Lost in greed...continually,
Try to change...memories

Worthless fools...to misguide,
Nevermind...other's lives
Animals...meet demise,
Because our two...worlds collide

7. In Malice I Breathe

Bury the light,
To blacken your soul
Liars in wait,
Feeling so cold

In malice I breathe,
Through blindness I see

Valleys of life,
Pleasure in pain
Beauty once loved,
Cast down in flames

In malice I breathe,
Through blindness I see
In malice I breathe,
I conquer your dreams

Feel my vengeance,
Cast upon thee
Ride the serpents,
Of never ending...fear

Fields of rage,
Swallow your mind
Life swept away,
By the divine

8. Vulgar Illusions

I am the pain you seek,
I see through destiny
I am the eyes that bleed,
From this disharmony
I am the air you breathe,
Reborn in jealousy
Your blinded eyes can't see,
I am your misery

Reality...insanity...born in disease
Tears they create...lives they destroy...internal voids
Eternity...in suffering...reaping the seams
Souls start to burn...inside of me...through broken dreams

Drowning inside of dreams,
Hide insecurities
The life you bury deep,
So drawn to disbelief
I am the dark caress,
Inside the emptiness
Savior of innocence,
Victims of life's regrets

9. Lost In Sorrow


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