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1. Thus It Begins

The faithless will soon see their end
For soon is the time when the goats will be set apart from the sheep

And so it begins, a time to see your true colors
Will you stand up for what you believe, or will you back down like you always have?
So much has been offered to you to keep you alive
His body was broken as a sacrifice
His blood shed for your soul
Hands pierced for hands to praise
He did not die in vain, he died for the sake of us

Its time to repay what has been given
Fulfill the prophecy of who we are meant to be
Created in His image
We were meant to live for so much more than this

Turn from your wicked ways, and never look back

We've tried so hard to carry on
But every time were pushed back down
We cant hold on to things of the past
So were rising up and taking back

Our faith will not be shaken

We will not listen to your lies
We will stand firm
Our hope will not be shattered
And your evil words will fade

2. Message For The Futile

All eyes open now, there's nothing to hide
Is this another lie, or have you swallowed your pride
When will this ignorance be put to rest?
When your left to die and all else fades, what then will you do when there is nothing left?
Your plea for mercy will not be heard

The cries of the damned will rise to the ear of our Lord
Depart from me for I never knew you are the words which you will hear
And so the reign of terror begins

I've said this before, Ill say it again
You will receive your reward

The time we have is petty
Death lurks just around the corner
So stand and make your decision
The decision of a life time

3. Hope For Despair

There will come a time when those who do not believe will become the damned
There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth
Complete agony in place of peace
The world will fall and all that's left will be laid to waste

There will be no turning back
This is the end
The great division of our time

Yet in this time of despair there is hope left
Turn your heart to Christ, He will set you free
His love will wash away your tears and your pain

By His stripes we are healed
We are made complete through Him

4. Question Of Faith

For so long you have not seen the light of day
Blinded by a darkness that consumes all things
You were left to die, to rot
But that was not his plan
Our God the creator of life
He gave you light
He offers his hands to pull you from the flames

If only you would give him your life
He made such a sacrifice for so little a thing
If you were asked to die, would you give your life?
Where do you stand now?
Is it not enough to believe,
A wooden cross stained red with the blood of the lamb?
Maybe you'll see now that there is much more to this picture than you know
A life had to be given to save your own

5. Of Harlots And Abominations


Cant you see that filth and disgust lie on your every word?
Bound by remorse and infidelity
There is no honor in what you do

The deceptions and the lies ensnaring and entrapping you
Unable to breathe

I cant imagine the pain, the misery it must bring to you every night
And to think that all of this could end with one simple plea for forgiveness
But you chose the path of destruction

6. Words Define You

Lets put the past behind us
And become the better man

This is not the time to waste our time
So lets take these words and put them to good use
Set the example instead of pointing the finger to judge
Why not love our neighbor as ourselves
We say we live for God, lets act like it

Were so concerned with other people and what they have to say
This is your life, you live it once
Make the best of it

7. A Past Waisted And Buried

Why do I put up with this?
I ask for love, you steal my heart
Well take all the chances you can get
It wont happen again, ill make sure of that

And don't even think that you can come back
You dug your grave, now lie in it

All these twists and turns
You think this is a game?
Ill sit this one out
Just say you hate me that would make things easier than they already are
It would save me the time of buying roses for your funeral

Just don't cry wolf a third time
I wont be there to hear you scream

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