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1. Absolution

I'm becoming a shadow, dying to see the light
How could you make me so hollow? There's nothing left, there's nothing left of me
Oh, brother, you betrayed me, flesh of my flesh and the blood of my blood
My skin is decaying, peel me apart and release the void in side

Finding a shadow and losing the light, becoming the darkness and losing my sight
lost and I'm broken I'm wasting the day, I'll never find what was taken from me

Falling apart, on the inside, breaking my back so that I can breathe
Losing myself, on the outside, pull out my eyes so that I can see

Oh Brother, I remember, absolving ourselves from the sins we've made
My hands, are in ruins, eaten away from my darkest days

I'm becoming a shadow, losing the light

Break your neck, you fucking owe it to yourself
bite your tongue, as you choke upon your filth

2. Paths

As I begged and bartered on the streets of hell
you gave me nothing had no truth to tell
I believed everything you said
you've mislead me, i've lost my way

You made me believe, I had nothing better that I was alone
You had me deceived, that you were the one that I should be striving to please

We search for some deeper meaning
Escape from this feeling of doubt
This hate has been making it's way
from the time that love has begun

I've made my stand tonight
you will not be the death of me
I've made my stand tonight,
I'm leaving you for good
These are my eyes, open wide, open wide, open wide
now I can see your fucking disease

3. Shapeshifter

Awaken the dead, you never lived in the first place
you'll carry my name, I wanted this in the worst way
I need to hear the truth, In every breath
as I wrap my noose around your neck
Breathe, the life out of me
you give me more than i'm willing to see

Seeing, believing, that I never knew you at all
And every time that we fall, I'm losing it all

We're sinking the ship, cause there's no sight of the shoreline
the masts are in shreds, we've weathered more than a lifetime
I need more room to grow

Crack all my bones, arrange all the shards, empty me out, I'm condemned and torn apart

And don't cry to me, when you realize you've exhausted your chances
I won't be there for the rest of your life, and the clock is ticking so stop wasting my time

The fear inside my throat it grows, it's choking me, my words can barely breathe
my words can barely breathe

4. Deliverance

Knee deep and sinking
waves crash upon my chest
I close my eyes, I gasp for air, let the tide take me away
As I turn my back to you again and for the last time
this wall I built between us both is surely coming down

You pushed me back into a corner again
I've built this door from hope I'm leaving through it

I pull my self, under the waves, embracing this hate you've built inside of me, inside of me,
I pull myself, under the waves, embracing this hate you've built, these waves crash down, on my chest

What we've lost, is coming back around
Judge me now

Remember my name, I'm walking forever away

5. Memories

Black the sky, turn the sun down, I am writing alone with my wounds
I'll never see your face again
Sands of time, come to claim you, resting deep in the hands of the Earth
I'll never hear you breathe my friend
I'm always with you, You're always with me

I see you in my life, I see you in my memories
And I will remember, still remember you
I see you in my dreams, I see you in the subtleties
And I will remember, still remember you

This death will separate us
we walk until the end, while never losing sight

(Ricky Armellino of This or the Apocalypse)
I, I'm gonna plant my feet in the Earth
I'm gonna keep my fist towards the sky
You are my brightest fucking star
I know I'll never get lost

You will never be forgotten, and when you left I lost a part of me

6. This Road

Please just break me
Take me for all that I am
Won't you save me?
This road that we walk is devoid of exit signs

I never said that this road would be easy
if you're not careful you'll stumble and fall
I know it's hard but you have to believe me
This bond we share will prevail after all

I'm pushing through miles and miles of dirt
hoping to find the ground
Leaving my home, but never alone,
with the love in the brothers I've found

This road, this road, will carry us home

You think you can stop us?
Well I'd like to see you try!

Follow me into this world

We're here for all to see
and we've built eternity

7. Interlude

Reaching out to the sunset
holding onto every illusion
And though i've weathered the storm now
I am merely a passenger in this world

I've seen the rain wash the color from paintings
Though the path does stay it's course
I've worn my skin and my clothing to tatters
And missed the wind on my face as time stood still

As I stare into the abyss
eluding the harsh reality of fate
I feel the cold grip of death
Like glaciers in my veins
sending shivers through my core
and leaving me empty, hollow, and wanting

I welcome the sting of life
for I am but an empty vessel
attempting to find my place in the world
There is far to much to be done
And though I fear I may be broken beyond repair…
I would rather live than quit
I would rather live

8. The Sound Of A Broken World

This is the sound, this is the sound of a broken world
I've left it all behind
Watch the sun, arising to the sound of desolation
I'm alone, with nothing but a silent world around me

Fall asleep to the sound of the entropy,
waking up with ashes for eyes
Watch the sky burn to dust right in front of me
How can I tell if I'm dead or alive

Leave my home
Walking through this barren fucking wasteland
Say goodbye
Cause everything you've known and loved has vanished

The hounds of hell are coming to mark my grave
All in all I am borrowed flesh, withered and cracked from the blood of others
All in all I am crumbling, In ruins I stand like forgotten monuments

As the daylight fades and nightfall finds me
I have found myself in sound and fury

I'm alone, with nothing but a silent world around me

9. The Cursed

Take all my pain away
flush it down the fucking drain
I've made my way

This is my chance to break the mold
and wash the blood from my hands
from my hands
I'm letting go
I'm letting go

Beneath this shallow skin
You but me deeply and
I'm bleeding out and the world has betrayed us

Take off the mask
there's no sense in hiding what you've become
Take all your lies
you have mislead me for the last fucking time

I see your face
I'm dying to hear the truth
I'm dying to hear the truth

WIll we ever break these chains that bind us?
Were we ever meant to kill this habit?
What shadows we've become
Another path to follow leading nowhere
In this battle will we ever win?
What monsters we've become

10. Lay In This Earth

How can you look at yourself in the mirror?
and not hate the fuck you've become?
Your reflection is becoming clearer, turn away from the things that you've done

How could I welcome you hear into my life, with open arms
only to see you fall apart
in front of my eyes
how, can you live with your shallow reflection
constantly hide your intentions
and now I see, the knife that you wield is heading straight for me

I can see right through your reflection
mirrors show your facade, and you won't find your redemption
till you realize your life is a (Lie)
Liar, deceiver, I'll watch you burn
I'll scatter the ashes and shatter the urn

I'll watch you burn, before my eyes, I'll see you lay in this earth
You'll take it back, with your last breath, but I don't care anymore

Fuck you!

I am surrounded by everything
I am surrounded by everything
that I hate

You are nothing more than a frame
to a house that is burning down
and as I look through the ruins
all I found is your (lies)
Liar, deceiver, I'll watch you burn
I'll scatter the ashes and shatter the urn

Thanks to beatrizdadalto for sending these lyrics.

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