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1. Alea Iacta Est

Sharp steel cuts a breathless body
Slender fingers go into flesh like snakes
Extract liver, squeeze a wheezing heart
Crimson blood flows on to the floor and the feet of the waiting
Prophecies of an old oracle, beyond our generation and time, escape his lips in Latin
In his eyes there's a demon of the future and his lips express the meaning of the ritual
"The treasure you will find is washed with crimson blood,
It lies on the bones of your people that will fall.
To possess power, on the day of the sign, curse the land with war between fathers and sons
The on who will light the star of death in time, will get immortality and will open the gates of the Genesis
You are enemies to each other, everyone standing in the room
The one who has ancient blood in his veins will be your obstacle,
Your grave, your ending
Wearing a crown of gold and thorns he will sit down on a throne in silence
Pointing the finger with a ring.

2. Damnation Of Eternity

Like thunder and explosion from nowhere, breaking the walls
A voice is howling in the fresh ruins
Scary words of the one who executed babies in Egypt
Are pronounced by the demon of waste, the servant of death:
"Stop! The oracle's message is false
The treasure that is being predicted to you doesn't exist
It's only sorrow and weeping you will hear
Sitting in palaces you will tremble from the steps of the crowd of fathers and sons
The star of death will never light up, because it is fiction
There is only Messiah's chariot and it will rush to the suffering
As for your ancient enemy it is an observer of the power of light
The one who employed the foreteller to involve you into the trap of those who love humanity
The one who won't accept forgiveness and will fulfil the Father's will in silence
It's not the war that is cursed but immortality that only those will get who deserve it"
And having said that he squeezed the bones of the old oracle
He begged for mercy in his last breath
But demon sped away, bringing him to the Last Judgment
The sentence echoed in the air:
"For falsification of the prophecy you are sentenced
To damnation of eternity. To madness and service to hell
The blindness will be your mother, soot and ulcers will be your father
Your voice will be mine till the end of time
And your hands will obey only my will"

3. Architects Of Sanity

In the dark room there is no place for light
Figures of strangers are sitting in a circle like faceless saviors
Watching in silence, there is no anger and no sin in their faces
Like hantoms, they are reaching out for me with an invisible hand, setting me on the broken throne.
Like a web, the architects of sanity are spinning tiny pieces of the past
Lighting up my mind, building my common sense grain by grain
Resistance like natural beginning is blowing up in a wave of aggression
Blaming everyone but myself in my own insanity I unchain bitterness of loss
Disbelief in reality is gripping my breast in a vice, air is of no importance
Time for a pause, light is passing into an inaccessible place, teasing eyes
And the ice deep inside starts to move again, the body returns to life, disbelief's going on
New period. Period of trade with ministers of death which don't exist
Looking for a contract on the last stay in my illusions
But one is always too much and thousand is sometimes not enough
The prince of fate has not taken off his crown and hounds from obscurity are merciless
The period of compromise is vanishing into thin air in the room without light
A grey maiden has come, attired in oblivion, accompanied by silence
Having stolen human feelings she presented us with a kiss of mystery
Condemned mind to rest, and the architects are waiting for a smile
The maiden departed, leaving a box made of wood
When I opened it, resignation came
Stuck to my breast but without pain
The mystery turned out to be panacea
Turning blind from the rays of truth I made a step forward
Into the arms of those who found good sense
Those who were waiting for me in the dark room
In the dark room there is no place for light
Figures of strangers are sitting in a circle like faceless saviors
Watching in silence, there is no anger and no sin in their faces.

4. Mother Of All Sins

You'd like to help everybody
To save them from themselves
Shining proudly like a star in the sky
Not only you
But what for?
Messiah or miserable hypocrite?
You are not the man you wanna seem to be
What is more important -- general approval or human life?
If you understand it once
You'll learn the main lesson of life
Giving power to the weak
Protecting them from the strong
Being a symbol of good
Is what you should have become
You can't save people with arrogance
And can't save yourself
The time may come
When everyone will find inside
The savior
The power of good
That's so little in the world of today
And everyone will accomplish a deed
The world will get better
The hope lives on
In the hearts of those who can't submit.

5. Last Hour

We are destined to be born in sacred blood
And saturate the soil with decay
It's our destiny
Our eternal curse
We can't resist its will
It's fated to come true
To put anyone who was free on his knees
Who has never given up
Was never afraid to look ahead
But we should give credence to our roots
They will show us the way to the light
Which is so far away
And will save from the dark, always near
Help to leave it behind
But it will keep chasing us with its despicable gaze
Will wait for the moment to thrust its knife into our back
Life is so short when you don't value it
The lost opportunity will never repeat itself
A dead body will never rise again
A disease won't cure itself
Try and remember this
Before your last hour will strike
It's hard to find your way in the labyrinth of life
It's even harder to do it alone
Without looking at the mistakes of the past
You'll never reach the final chapter
Try and remember this
Before your last hour will strike.

6. Jack Ketch

Living in lie little by little you learn to pretend
And this helps you to coexist with human nature
The truth is that it's far from the life you can dream about
It's a life in which you decide their worthless fates
Deliberate decay is the price of indifference
Morbid mind is a retribution for life in lie
And there's no pity when you see them suffocating
No fucking pity when you see them dying
Only spilling blood you feel alive
Only execution of the ones of your own kind can justify you
But the moment will come when you'll have to look into yourself
And the only thing you'll find is the piercing void
Lacking for sense of compassion
You administer your own justice
Your personal code of an executioner helps you to structure the chaos inside
Day by day your hunger grows stronger and stronger
And you've got no power to keep it in check
No power to pretend
A breathless body is getting colder
But you feel no guilt
Regretting nothing
You're waiting for exhalation.

7. Impelled By Revenge

Too kind for some
Too weak for others
You are a pariah in the world where the winner
Is he who doesn't give a damn about anybody
Who's ready to make his way over corpses
To get to the top
It's impossible to adjust
But you can't bow and scrape
Those who oppressed you should see
You are not the one you seemed to be
Not the one whose will could be broken
Animal essence
Is running through your veins
Primeval fury
Ancestor's practice is not forgotten
Unleash your demons
Release them and set against those
Who oppressed you
Drive out fire with fire
Multiplying your anger
Only then they will know
The real price of what they have done
And they will pay with their life
Filled with fear, saturated with thousands of grudges.

8. Watch My Ascent

Once having crossed the line
You won't leave the road
Only spitting upon all reproaches
You can choose your way of life
To stay composed
Looking your fate in the face
Not to resign oneself
To all the hardships surrounding us
Only then
You will raise above others
Only the
You will change the world
You shouldn't put up with
Rotten human race
Where everyone
Is stronger and better than you
You should stay true to yourself
Otherwise you'll become
As petty and mean as others
They will find a reproach
In each of your deeds
And one day you will see
That you were right
You will see
That you were afraid to disregard them
And hadn't made a choice
While you could
Once having crossed the line
You won't leave the road
Only spitting upon all reproaches
You can choose your way of life.

9. Locust Horde

Entrapped civilizations have been teaching us through ages
That there the ones who can create the world from the start
But there are also the ones who can plunge it into the abyss of chaos
Take it away bit by bit, just to please themselves
And meanwhile to avoid punishment
Dissolving in the crowd of heretics alike to them
Taking advantage of naivety of the weak
They don't give a damn what to take from them
It's impossible to pay off with spiritual riches
Only material values can kindle their passion
Having power over the mentally weak
Their false prophets corrupt the minds of those who believe
But their faith is just self-deception
Another way of mass control
There are invisible threads in the sky
Blind puppets obey them in unison
One cannot allow to lose one's will
To shut one's eyes to public lawlessness
Each of us should live with our own truth in the heart
In spite of hollow doctrines of holy hypocrites.

10. Dominion

The day of grief will come, a sea of black flags will come out into the shores
Cities will get quiet, rivers will arise, the time will come to raise our heads
They will descend from the sky bringing the message and a veil of the shadow
The sons of light are knelling, silence has fallen on our shoulders
There is chaos on the horizon, cities are gaining the name of Babylon
Pride, a mother of dark side, gives birth to greed
The fire of matter burns in human eyes
Flows through fingers like black sand
The map of the world was so fragile
And the turning-point will destroy everything like the event horizon
A sea of black flags will stand like ice by the shores
The beast will point to the east
Its shadow will cover the land
Messengers' feathers will descend to our feet
Let's bow down waiting for absolution
The empire of light will descend in the face of fire
Scorching the earth wavily, someone has become a sword
Smiting the beast and heretics
Angels fall from the sins like the stars of revenge
To the roads of Rome and this Babylon
The Son of Heaven will descend bringing executions and reddening the sky
He delivers Hell and plague, and time has stopped again
The words like a sentence entered the ears of the mortals: "Armageddon is my name"

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