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1. Djävulens Ande

Ett ondskans mörker flyter ut i skogarna
Nattetid, da kristet blod har sin vila

En ande fran den gamla världen

Nattens svarta valnad
En skugga fran urtiden
Djävulens hand pa jorden
En själens bane

En uraldrig styggelse
En gang uppstigen fran underjorden
Kallar dig inatt

[English translation:]

An evil darkness flows into the forests
Nighttime, when Christian blood has its rest

A spirit from the old world

The nights black phantom
A shadow from ancient time
The Devil's hand on the earth
The soul's bane.

An ancient abomination
Once risen from the underworld
Calling you tonight

2. Feeding The Flames

I look beyond my cold and frail gaze upon the mist floating by
I feel stigmatic-like pains and lightning through my ever so fragile being
I have now died and been awoken to life by spirits unknown

All that remains is our cold dying breath
All that has been done
All that is yet to come
Decades have passed on through fresh blood
For thee to feed the flames of a divine supreme faith

Perpetuated in Evil I withstand death
One with night's dark and I shall never live again
For Death is but the beginning

Unclean spirits drag me through forgotten passages
Hidden lands of nocturnal ghosts
I feast on fear of the living races
At eternal hours my worship kills men

3. Revelations Of Another Time

Over the deep darkened red-like horizon lies the crimson light above my head
When I walk towards the temple of sacrifice

Revelations of another time
I have been given a gift
I can see the true prophecy come to life

Old plague of the underworlds captures my very soul
I'm the twilight cleansing
I can see through time into an age of sickness and torment

Lord of All Unclean Spirits:
God of the eternal fire, foul king of terror
Master of all Evil and Hell

Infinite Lord of all unclean spirits
Ancient enemy of life

Evil without gain
Boundless malediction

Lurid lights leading ever downwards
Blinding torch of misguidance
A restless abomination,
Slithers from below

4. Lord Of All Unclean Spirits

5. Akilkarsa


6. I Kristi Skugga

Han var innan människans gryning
Ständigt vakar han
Under viljan är han dold
Han finns inom dig, han känner ditt väsen
Han är den ständige
Han är fienden

Han är den Eviga Döden och dess nickel
Under viljan är han dold

I Kristi Skugga

7. Fienden Hungrar

Och med Kristi anlete reser sig ormen åter
I människors rök, Helvetets katarsiska låga

Från uråldriga elder i svavel, från avgrundsdjupen
Vidundret från forntiden, styggelsen från nedan
Fienden hungrar...

Fienden hungrar, och åter skall han näras av människans sjunkande lekamen

Klädd i mannastoft och glödande skrud tronar herren over dödsrikets vidder

8. Interlude


9. The Fires Of Hell

10. Blessed By Demoniac Wrath

In a world of depravation you can no more hope for bliss
Crush your human hopes with true faith
Violence, torture, murder, pedophilia and rape

Turn your back on life
Fail your own will
No more needless acts
Socialize to kill

In a world without salvation
Your mind may be misled
The imbecility of man makes the stomach twist and ache
Intoxicated by malice, murder for the sake

11. Beast Of Death

Beast of death, thy dreaded return
We walk the bridge of death
We now see the bonestorm closing in upon us
The remains of endless cemeteries,
In which we see thy ever so supreme being

Within murder he is present
In rape he is there
Through corruption he works
Through his will I shall serve

To witness the beast is to be reborn in to another time and age
Many cycles of time an d souls have thou taken
Centuries through out of time from the weakness of mankind
Through Thy hunger everlasting

12. Witch

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