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1. Failure To Die

2. A Municipal Holocaust (In Our Heads) [Suffocalypse]

A municipal holocaust…reigning in our heads

A raging and twisting
throughout the community
Reaction to equal access (of this green pasture)

People who misconstrue
The right to life for the right
to life off our backs

Alms - a whole lot of ‘em
Bums - the whole lot of ‘em
These preposterous claims Of Moral sense

Denied to be found
in haemorrhaging coins
a bleeding fool…
shall not be our saviour

Sauntering through our picturesque
lands my relish repressed
As I see the streets littered with
those hoodlums

(justified by savoir-vivre)
Code for being free
of morality, to spend
money unearned

“God helps those who help themselves!"
So if they suffocate my Eden
With their presence

I’ll tracheotomise ‘em to breathe again

Your ailing mind cast unto oblivion
Bygone burden to burden dominion
In kevorkian comfort of sins unborn
That morbid fear of dying will be forlorn

Frolicking through our picturesque
ruins (with) newfound relish
As I see the scripture of Darwin

forth in its true bearing
Decoded I see,
not heresy But salvation,
A social prophecy

Time for you,
To stand and be counted
Get off my lawn; concentrate in new camps

Keen, space-saving
New role to thrive on

Since you like
Your dreadlocks so much
You’ll savour our concoction of dread

Life is your Yoke
Biding good riddance

Do not worry
You won’t have to linger
Anon furnaces burn to move you along

Your alternate search
Finds definite end

For our glory
And your salvation
End dalliance; perish for our parish

Just one more drink
At my table rotund
Then I’ll pass you out

3. Welcome To Misery

I fear the writings on the wall
That became my horizon

I stand behind and dare not catch the gleam sent across

(I'm) Epimetheus
of modern days, I wallow in
pandorian gifts
And act surprised at poor outcomes
discount the brother
who blazed a path to his own bonds
titan of yore
still exists, in fragmented dwarfs

who hammer
at my forced
fort as sparks flare up,
I cower
from inscribed
and illumed sparks.

We built a wall to build this wall, why oh why
should it all be torn down now

To lose this generous host?
Invite the opposition?
to parley and lay out a
blood red carpet?

I rather
a banquet
of certain sorrows
instead of a meager meal of false progress

A meager meal that famishes into a last supper.
I prefer, instead the definite starvation the siege brings
behind our wall. For if time immemorial could change
And I could climb to see beyond it all.

I'd surmount the wall to see beyond, but would see, That beyond is but death, disorder, the downtrodden. I'd tread upward and burn underneath a sun that is too close,
bemoaning the absence of shadows.

I would see all the truths
In writing and illumination

I rather
a banquet
of certain sorrows
instead of a meager meal of false progress
my system could never have processed

4. Knowledge Is Ignorance

Gently kindle the flame of enlightenment, spark it as
Winds of wisdom caress, groom it into godly strength
so one day it may set ablaze the world in kind warmth.

Expand the mind, take in the whole of the world.
a cascade of sensations
utterly overwhelmed by strangely gentle hands.

I Transcend Leave this petty existence,
Expand the mind
Purify of weakness, rise and render obsolete
and mortality
To renounce
what's all too human (to be) beyond a god

All I know all this power won't grant me
what my soul most craves.
I plunge into darkest despair,
As they mock my name

defiant ignorants who bathe in what I miss.
Why can't all this might bestow me bliss?

The more I am buried in these beloved books of mine,
The more I grasp about nature and the arts humane,
The more I doubt, I riddle, more I know, more I control.
But of all the words, these still ring the truest by far:

“Habe nun, ach!“ [er sprach] „Philosophie Juristerei und Medizin
Und leider auch
Durchaus studiert, mit heissem bemüh'n

Da steh' ich nun, ich armer Tor und bin so klug als wie zuvor”

Da stand ich dann, ich armer Tor und war so klug wie je

Scio enim
quia non habeo quod

the ultimate curse,
to cage one's mind

harrowed the grandest
creators of all

(yet) they overcame,
let thoughts sever

though no subject is uncursed
perspective bears the key
that awakens the dreaming books inside

Un enfer est
crée pour
l’orgueil et la puissance,
pour tous mes
aspects d’ivoire
un concerts

5. In Burial Clouds

Rage against the dying of the light.
Mankind should burn and rave at close of the day.
Let snow white hearses remain vacant,
So caws the birthright of mortality.

Though wise men,
At their end,
Know dark seems
Right.to them
Soul returns
To its descent

I wonder at bells that rise
Name - I still echo a cry,
As for a firm flash Ifully know
deep at heart
a fearful trip has begun

A trip caused by the black milk of daybreak (you and) I drink
at nightfall.
The chill, the stupor, the letting go, is to be feared or craved?
Would there be cheer or commiseration from empyrean heights,
If you should die and I should live?

Time will
Likely just gurgle on
with - deep desire to dwell.
On a
startled lust for life;

will to doom,
the allotment a riddle

Somebody’s sorrow is making me weep.
I see uncaring skies where grief’s smoke now reeks

A vapor which ciphers, As death kindly stopped
for somebody someone.

Somebody who sang the sun in flight.

Someone who saddened as it set.
passing rays evoke discordance
Vivid eyes that fade in fire,
Blinded gaze to blaze like meteors

Stars that deform
then will reform
Find any destination to reach a path

It may be a way of ground, or air, or nought, or plain
beyond images and words - An occurrence sui generis
And as my cloud atlas keeps greyin’ I’ll surely drift,
But then nothing is ever found without something somewhere getting lost

6. Molotov Cocktail Party

Invite em all

My blindfold aside
To stare down your truth

My bonds broken to stray
Beyond this world

Bless the dagger that strikes the back
Betrayed blood bans apathies freeze
Nevermore reflection’s spark to lack
A dewed mind demands fiery breeze

A Molotov cocktail
To toast to freedom

Building to bonfire
To warm a cold soul

Feel the black line fever
(To) get this party started
Olden structures shake
until they drop it like it’s hot

It ends now!
The entire modern world

it all fades
Culture demands collapse

the social contract
End it most decadently

Thanks to the anarchist cookbook
It will be well done
So dear society

You are most cordially invited
To the mandatory attendance
Of your own cremation

Bless the dagger that strikes the back
Betrayed blood bans apathies feeze
Nevermore reflection’s spark to lack
A dewed mind demands fiery breeze

Form enslavement to debris
Through obliteration
From debris to enslavement
The end is where it started

7. Leviathan

“During the time
men live without
a common
power to keep

Them all in awe,
They are in that
condition called
war; indeed

And such a war,
As if of every man,
Against every man”

Like a mouse to a cat - trapped in a sphere of mere potential
The purest form of might executed – to reign through allusion
The mind - chained by the masses
the masses - chained due to arrested minds

In eternal grasp we coil
Beholder of all
Dreading yet never to suffer
Your final blow
Might that can and never kills
In perpetual hold
Forever to be the plaything
Of true might

Strife for a higher plane – stilled by the touch of our liberty
The purest form of angst experienced – a subject to volition
Freedom - halted by this deadlock
deadlock - holds due to burdened freedom

Pitch black comfort calms the heartbeat's rhythm -
Dominate us all
Firm hand desired to forge heart, mind and soul -
tranquillize us all
In chains we seek our emancipation -
pacify us all
For inner discord grants inner emigration
Free us all

Living is the sole ambition
Dreams are obsolete
Fearing our very own thoughts
Moribund mind inside
Stolen souls sold back to us
An Infinite cycle
Forever to be the plaything
Of true mind

8. Tod Und Hass

9. Convinced By Superior Firepower

10. Dalai BlaBla

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