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1. Awakened By Twilight's Funeral

I wonder when they will let me go
But anyway they will always be there, so will death
Under my eyelids my eyes begin to dart and fro
Awakening will strike my lonely soul, so will their wrath

Dark morning, hooded sunrise
Come caress me, for its still midnight in the grave
Sun shines bright, I lie in the dark
Centuries have passed, longing for the sunlight

I am hopeless
In a silent coffin I await for the dawn
I am lonely
In a silent coffin I await for the dawn

Suddenly the coffin closes in around me
I feel darkness surround my entity
Haven't even seen the bright morning rise
The coffin is closing around me

I am lying twisted in this gloomy prison cell
In the morning's cold my naked body fear
I am lying twisted in this gloomy prison cell
In the morning's cold my naked body fear

The bell will start to chime again soon
Telling us all here arrives the doom
The infernal flames will heat my coffin
And now their singing echoes in my grave

Chiming the bell when the twilight hymns are said aloud
Lake of flames calls to those buried in this unholy ground
Damnation is among us, in the darkness it seems to be creeping
Awakened from my sombre sleep into eternal years of suffering

2. Demon's Lair

I don't know what lies beyond my grave
I don't know if I'll ever reach there
Everything have come to an end, met their death
I have buried them in the demon's lair

I have witnessed dark desecrations
Danced the unholy dance
I have been to pre-birth funerals
Shed the mourners' tears

The night dresses in her black shroud
When the sun leaves the earth
Sombre mist pulse above me, I call to you
Now life is meaningless in my dark room

Tears of frozen wickedness
Break into my dreams
All feeling rotten, swallowed by my grave
Nowhere to hide from your screams

The sun seems so pale
All my sight is fading
As your spirit disappears
Avoiding the sight of a dying sunset

Your eyes open wide but you can't see my anymore
You have sailed to heavens shiny shores
I carry what's left of you deep inside
To bury in the demon's liar

I close my eyes and gaze into the past
Through the grey of forgotten times
I see you staring at the dark sky
With dying eyes blacker than nights

If the darkness will resurrect you
I'll no longer lie in this spiked coffin
Awaiting your tomb soil to take me in
Here I drift alone in the demon's lair

3. Reborn Into The Night

The bitter sorrow of being left behind
As my cries are stuck in my throat
While they still dream on under the moonlit sky
Through the caressing winds of my final night

In the dark when the mournful screams are muted
Waits an angel calling to the spirits of the dying
And the nightly shades creep away from her
Leaving her in the sunlight, even in the darkest nights

Take my hands and lead my soul through
Away from this creepy resting place
Let me stand alone in the ruins of my life
Watching the other side's sun slowly die

Pale in the dark but shiny in the light glow
My eyes can still see you from over the clouds
A bright star I have already become
A shining pearl when you look up high

Ghouls of an undead love watching with pale faces
Staring at what's left of both you and I
Wipe away the tears in your beautiful eyes
For I am reborn into your nights...

4. Into The Beckoning Darkness

Again I feel drawn by my mystic subconscious
To be a part of the ominous sanctuary of the woods
Listening to the wolves revealing dark secrets
As I walk the shadows into the beckoning darkness

Again ghastly figures dance through the night
On the rocks which burn in a pale blue light
The great mountains send their winds on me
To chill my soul that seems to be living eternally

Now the birds sing their elegy mournfully
The owls scream to complete the harmony
Still the darkness hides something from me
That shall be told with the fall of sanctity

Hearing the chain sounds as the illusions reappear
Their invitation with chants only I can hear
Now echoes the scream piercing the night silence
And suddenly silenced by the densing darkness

The darkness spreads inside my head
But daylight has healed and the night has bled
Again on the soil I lie unconscious
After the journey into the beckoning darkness

5. Our Lady Of Darkness

When I feel you are away, I know where you are gone
As I look out and see there is no shining sun
I walk into the woods, under the great trees
And reach the shores where your bright shadow is

Our lady of darkness dancing on the shores
Pale moonlight with your pale beauty
I hide among the trees watching you
Waiting to be invited into your dream...

No matter if it blows so sweet
I can't change the way of the wind
Without the lady my nights are dark
So now shall I leave... to die?

"I am slaved in a world separate from yours
Here I await for my curse to die
We cannot be the moon and the stars
Shining into each other's nighttimes..."

"We cannot be the moon and the stars
Shining into each other's nighttimes..."

I stand here awaiting the lady to come
But if she won't return I'll no longer be alive...

6. Mourning Day Ravens

Mourning for my ancient life
They cry their funeral screams
Moonlight shines into the black eyes
Moonlight is bright when they are in the skies

I've got no feelings left pain
Shivering in the breeze of a cold autumn rain
May my spirits rest in peace
In the shades of the frosty winter trees

When the winter will come...

Forest snow falling before my eyes
Icy darkness seems blacker now
Hearts of the forest demons are frozen
Unholy darkness, they rule at night

Left for dead, my scream tears the night
Snowbirds fly away in fright
The moon winks an eye and burns my paradise
Rips my eyes and mutes my cries

I ride in the nightfall
Witness the awakening
Of a new age to come
Freezing my world until it's funeral time

Misty was the dark forest
Misty was the night
Cursed was the wind blowing
Cursed was the saint in light

Pale were the dreams that dwelled
Pale were the dead
Cold was the frosty land
Cold was the sand

Mourning day has arrived...

My final words were spoken dark
Brought away with the wind
Ravens returned and raised me to the sky
Breaking the spell of a hundred years time

When the moon tore my dreams
And broke ravens' wings
Desperately I slept alone
Without their song and my grave forlorn

Now the mourning day has arrived
Fly high blackest ravens
Breaking the spell for another century
Mourning day ravens are saviours of me

7. Dust From The Aging Funeral

Freezing the pain in my screams
Dark figures get closer without a sound
Winds caress the gates heaven high
And storm my bones underground
I am not dead but I lie in the grave
In the damp soil why do I rest?
Have I lost myself deep in my dreams?
The time is running so fast
Past is an ocean so vast

When all your beauty is gone... gone
I know that the winds will carry you up high... up to the sky
And when my funeral will be left undone
The night will become one with your eyes, watching me from the stars

Sombre mist free my soul
I can hear the wolves howl

Dark figures get closer without a sound
Winds storm my bones underground

Winds blow the dust from my aging funeral
Winds blow the dust from the past
Ashes will burn into ashes again
Dust will fall over the dust
I call to your soul tonight
To take me to the dark side
Winds blow the dust from my aging funeral
Winds blow the dust into you...

My broken corpse, I saw farewell
I reach the gates of Hell

8. On The Shores Of Endless Worlds

There he was floating, up in the air
Shrouded by a black cloak
In the moonlight I stood enchanted
Hearing no voice but the murmuring wind

A twisted finger pointing into darkness...

Then I saw a path lighten before me
Passing through the moonlit woods
I caught glimpses of running shadows
Among the trees and into the night

With my first step into this forbidden track
Words lost their meaning and voices had no sound
Colours were fading and the dead were to haunt
Dark majesties had returned from the grave

Hours were passing by but the night was standing still
Winds were of winter, the chill, I couldn't feel
The moon was blood red, full and wide
From its soul possessing beauty I couldn't hide

In eternal silence, lie myself to rest...

As sombre winds faded away
I found myself standing on a shore
Where the waves meet the silvery sands
And the night seems so peaceful, so it pretends

I saw a boat coming towards me
An empty boat sailing on its own
On the deep blue crystal waters
The waters that seemed depthless

And there I was sailing in the boat
Travelling across this gloomy ancient lake
I saw creatures' black shapes in the depths
Dancing, twisting, they must have been in pain

The silvery moon glow was spilling on the cold waters
I thought about the life I had left far behind
Driven forth from the life they think is beautiful
Who would have cared if I were dead or alive?

I fell asleep drowning in my thoughts
Nightmares haunted me in my restless sleep
When I opened my eyes, the boat was ashore
And then I looked around, I saw dreams had come true

On the shores of endless worlds...

9. Cloaked In Mystery

Flying through the clouds of the morning red
I chant the songs of the pure black
As their souls seek for the divine
I sacrifice their future on the altar of time

The bright morning sky suddenly turns black
Entering the dimension where all angels fled
Screaming winds strike with hatred
From all ways, all the time

Everywhere I feel their presence
Closing in around me
Immortal demons of legends
Cloaked in mystery

I've brought them the chalice
In which they find life
Blood of the sacred he
Cloaked in mystery

These lands are cloaked in mystery
No man knows it here but me

I get them what they want
And they pay me my price
Prayer and holy symbols are hurled
Now it's time to leave for the mortal world

Next time I'll bring a soul with me
A soul hiding in the body of a newborn baby
Maybe it will be yours my fearing child
But I'll promise you'll be grateful as you die

Grateful to those cloaked in mystery...

10. Nothing In Remembrance

Sunburnt landscapes slowly buried by the snow
To the deep red horizon the light seems to go
The night returns, creeping out of the graves
Clouds leave the rain, dancing in a deadly haze
Withered morning won't show up ever again
Leaving me in the dark, leaving me in pain
I am baptized in hellfire, I am baptized in sin
Washed in the bloody rivers in the light of the moon

As I walk among the black ancient tombs
The setting sun casts a spell to raise my doom
I breathe in the somberly mist
And smell the stench of the rotting nature

I am desperate to see the shining sun again
To remember the falling leaves as the autumn came
To stand alone as the rain comes and the winds blow hard
To watch the sky redden as the day goes dark

I praise no light when the night is around
I praise no saint when the demons haunt
Now there's no peace left within me
Nothing but sadness left within me

When I'll return back to my sleep
I know I'll be all alone
There will be no mourners weeping
Or no lovers remembering

I've lived to leave nothing in remembrance behind
Until the day I died
And as centuries will cover the ground
No one will even know where I lie...

11. The Shadowed Land

Meet me in the shadow of the living gargoyle
The howling of wolves will surround us tonight
With their mystical beauty their voices will possess
Dragging us into the darkness of our own souls

I'll show you the moon as it sets and a heavy darkness rises
'Til the dawn of black sun we'll travel along this shadowed land
By the first lights of sun we shall be back at where we've met
So walk faster my friend and I'll bring you to where the candles burn black

Pray your sins now in the darkness of the black flames
In this unholy church you are the priest of yourself
Baptize your sinner soul again, dedicate it to hell
Wash yourself in the bloody, cold unholy water

Here is the path that never ends
The path of sins with no repents
Demons call you from so far away
Once you walk the path, no hallowed soul you have

I'll show the temple where the tyrants ruled the night
Now all are gone but evil spirits guard the door to dark side
Climb up the stairs leading up to the horrid darkness inside
But never enter the chapel of night when they pray for a sacrifice

A cursed soul enslaved in the dark dungeons of a nocturnal forest
He will beg you to unlock the door to his own eternal freedom
And then you shall walk past him to save your own soul
Or you'll be the one to be enslaved and he will be so far away

Here is the path that never ends
The path of sins with no repents
Demons call you from so far away
Once you walk the path, no hallowed soul you have

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