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1. Slit Throat Andromeda

Lock your heart in this matter, feelings without cuts,
Putting your faith in so called love from desire, there is a place,
A place within this tunnel of broken hearts, the place of serenity, the place of love & chaos...
Love's like a gunshot, Surrender to it,
I've bled my heart out on the wrong whore, you trespass in this battle,
Loving lust in your mind, love is as worthless as you, no one is as desensitized as you,
(Strike for blood)
Fuck what you say & carve out your fucking heart, cut your heart out & throw it away, you're too far gone
Your love of lies, there is a truth in killing, cut out blackened hearts, the surgery of what you are
Surgery of saddest days, the pictures of the ones we love are dead,
This love is the death of serenity, this love is the death of the design of our own murder,
I sold the tides for you, I sold the many places not left in you, I've sold it all for the simple state of tragedy
You will be raped by yourself, displaced by the truth,
You want & strive for love, there is no second chance, no second change,
You lock your heart in a box, torn from all the hope in my eyes
You lock your heart with the dead, you lack the heart you once yearned for,
Dig your own fucking grave
Life is dead, gone now, left alone in our lust for suffocation
Buried alive & I will understand, you pass right through to cut my heart out of my chest
& now, forever left alone

2. Scars Make Memories

Scars make memories, amongst brothers we'll take on the world
Trapped by our past like life is a choice, these scars mean everything
Amongst brothers we'll take on the world, these scars mean everything
Trapped by life, we're all set to die now as life is killing us
Suffer times when we were meant for, we are meant for more than this
Crossing our quest for something painful, our bruises are defined
This pain is temporary this pain is something fine
Crossing our quest for some compassion, our bruises are defined
This pain is temporary, this pain is something fine
You can't break me [x2]
Only death can stop us now, we've fought this all along
You push for something painful, You've deserved it all your life
Feelings in the way, push all of them aside, you search for nothing
Pain is all that we have, trapped by life, we are all set to die now
As life is killing us, suffer times when we were meant for, we are meant for more than this
We will cease our time together, life is a choice, now we pray for something more
Something that we love, these scars mean everything, this life is tedious
These scars mean everything to us, scars make memories [x2]
As we're failing in this life, Pain is something we can find
Tragedies were something for us believe
As we're failing in this life, pain is something we can find
Tedious were something for us to believe

3. In Our Dying Ashes

Love is life without regrets, love is life without regrets
Love is without regrets, live life with no regrets
A thousand years a distal suffering, suffering buildings crumble into ash of art
The tongue across your stomach, we lie alone in our dying ashes
You are more to me then life itself, the state of beauty I'll never have
Our dreams together are senseless, we will die alone in our embrace
A thousand years, we will suffer, I will never have you
& as the streets lay, wet your soul will strive
You search for insult in compassion (this burning lasts)
You search for insult in everything in our dying ashes
Sin for the saint, I will never have you
A thousand years, a distal suffering (our noble scars) forever away
(I will never have you) Destined to extinguish (& your noble scars)
Death is strength, lost in this embrace in our dying ashes, a thousand years I will never have you
You search for insult in compassion & die with the sick
Silent assault (distal suffering) of the crypts forever away & now destined to extinguish
Searching for something, destined to extinguish, love is life without regret
Buildings crumble into ash of art, there is nothing here for us
Pushing for a state that we can't possibly manage, pushing for something we can't have
We will die in our embrace & forever lay in our dying ashes

4. Heaven's Death

Pray for heaven's death when the comfort comes,
Pray for all the mourning left for times like this
Separate from us, they wait to be clean, separate from nothing,
The blood will cleanse you no longer, No longer will it cleanse you,
No more, my doves descend, Comfort is your only answer, failing life as well
Try to pass for the ones who, who are innocent, I've waited for the day (staring into this)
Staring into pools of shame, I've waited for your judgement
I've waited on dismay when all my prayers are answered, Comfort is destroyed
Pray for heaven's death when the comfort comes
Pray for all the mourning left for times like this, separate from us, they wait to be clean
Separate from no one, I wait for tonight as apologies die in the air, I sit & wait for something
I tear myself apart, only the willing will stand to watch their judgement, take myself from this
& as you ask me to cleanse you & the cuts are pouring, tear myself apart
Knowing this, knowing your faults, I'll kill myself, I'll kill myself & take all love from the world
Take it all away for nothing, take this precious heart still beating,
You walk me & I take your hand, the words spoken mean nothing to him
If these words are true, then God is lovely, he takes my hand, he takes my hand & rewards me
Reward me with death, as life changes, he takes my soul to cold reversals of lies,
As they carry me, as life changes, he takes his own life to watch us fall apart from loneliness
Reward me with death, I'll take my death today, I'll face my death today, I'll take death today
Violent changes, I'll take my death in taste, violent world, the search for nothing
I'll take my death today, I'll face my death today
Lost for now in only violent changes, the call for something real,
The pale horse draws now nearer to rein decadence, I stand for nothing anymore, but myself
Reward me with death (Reward me) tonight (some drifting)
Why this present of hatred to you IS THIS

5. Tossed Out & Tortured

You aim right for the throat, seduction to win the crowd
The taste of nothing but your sorrow trapped again
Their forcing in ourselves, We will destroy again, torn from your thrown by the crowd
(The tyranny) living lies of desire, your fate is what we've come for
The fate of innocence locked down in full submission, you're so left out
In front of the stage of this fright-filled nation trampled & left for dead,
Left for that fright-filled nation so heartless, I've suffered the doubt, I've suffered the final crown
They are coming for me, I'm facing it my own way
Destroying the lives of millions, there is no solitude, destroying the lives of millions
Stop forcing it, tear down the walls of despair, living life as a pulex,
This will kill the arc, the arc of our new day, I can't fight the hatred in you,
But I'll stand by & watch as you push it, as it tears me down, I can't fight off the tyranny
Life is tearing us apart, we are truly set on drowning in something more than this
Something so beautiful, so beautiful, I can't regret, tear down these walls, face another hell in you
This cage I see, It loves me with torture, cages the failed ones now & lose your ground
You've changed the heartless words (so heartless) caged I've hurt for way too long
It's time to face the simple pleasures lost in my own face,
Craving for something not used with my face down on the floor,
Carve my name in something sacred,
Leave me lifeless, leave me bound & broken, leave me lifeless [x2]
Tossed out & tortured

6. Part 1 (That Which Comes Between)


7. Part 2 (That Which Comes Between)

Trapped in ourselves hollow & defenseless, they would love to see us fail
Tremble inside, dismembered lust scenes covered in blood, kill the fraud extract
Sent from sense, burn the risk term of life is enough to find yourself seek your life
This is your life, the blood that's on your face, the scent of her hands
The life you want, the life you can't have, trapped by your lonely eyes
Protruding honesty eternal comfort loneliness, trapped by the lust inside
A test for you place in honor, WE FIGHT FOR HONOR, we fight for honor
We kill the lies, putrid hate bound diversions, liars that walk in their own hell
Their own hell be not what they want you to be (a drug) your feelings of distance
They tear & bound you, the feelings of the perfect life live with us
Tremble through this assault reminded place of where you belong, the only thing you want inside
Dismembered on the fucking streets, life for me so pristine, so precise killed by pride
Forcing life into lust, you will learn what this will become, Think for yourself, think for yourself
For your place in life, for the blood, for your brothers, For your own
Think for yourself, no one else

8. Kyrie

I've failed this life as it buries me, curettage, lust, laparotomy, extrusion
I plead for myself, my thoughts are coped in misery, wrap my face in this will with all my pain
My forgiveness, I'm nothing this lust for torture is the only way,
Serve my life to not to your hands, I sink through the lines below shelter of mangled bliss,
A fake source slight, None find real sight in us, sacred the holy pain of distance
These tears are, these tears are my own, rest in them, I never thought death could be so beautiful
Nothing ends like this, nothing less than a false advertisement, I can't forget all the days
The torture nothing taken apart & left to die, take this apart & to hell it all (away)
Gone away, take this life & tie me a simple life, cries to bleed deceit the final scar of what we are
Possibly I would die for what he has shown me... the final scar, random movement, cumulative
Disasters in you, the holy vibrations radiant light, he removes our sight, our display of art
This is art, this is art THIS IS ART, so beautiful

9. Internal Holocaust

These pages of dissection, the broken rules, your life is constant ridicule,
I've constantly pushed & I still fret for all the sense in you,
Life is war, it's war fought in our hearts, truth is in our heart & our minds, stay true
We live for us, for what we lose in this, the sight of murder in a lifeless still
Cut the throat, cut your face off & appear so ill, something for you to pass as,
Constantly push & I still will fight for the killjoy, lifelessness, life or insanity
I choose lifeless, the emotionless sun of no one, I'll kill this for you, try to structure your life
Not logical, can't you find its not real, pass through this alive, then say there's nothing
The skin, it boils the hatred, the ignorance sworn from life, the end we're truly passionate of
This life, no passion, the lust for suicide, burn this curse & learn to die, fret for the fight at hand
For the vein we live in everyday, with the love in your heart, with this in your mind
Fight desire, fight with blood on your hands, there is an exit here, new path of order
Watch your back & your heart, with these words in mind, powerless by neglect, fight with me
Truth will be strong, we will pray for this to change, it boils the hatred, the ignorance
Sworn from life, the end we're truly passionate of, this life, the hatred, the lust of suicide
Burn this curse & learn to die, there is an exit here, a new path of order

10. The Aftermath Of


11. When Everyone You Love Is Dead

Live & die, we are hung by the wings of oppression, our saints fail us fast
Dress for times of disaster as we take our last breath
Look of life passing by us, we say our last good-byes,
Crush my life in a moment, kiss your life goodbye
Death will come for us before we kill ourselves, living this life of passion
Waiting for death as everything is taken
I will be there waiting, our foolish pleads so quiet & everything I love is gone
You will burn until the end takes your precious descent into the crypt
Take all your punishment & try to love it
Time won't mend, you will destroy yourself
Black & white surroundings vast, the times unwinding the patience
Will reveal the pictures of death itself. I will bless myself with reason
I can't mend myself, hope for the best path of reason as love kills itself
Destroy you fucking love, as I plead for you to leave me innocent trust myself with
Thought surrounded punishment, tears of will pouring into my hands
Trap myself in life, the Roses rest in bliss, everyone that I love is fucking dead
Dress of murders of your past life, dress for you, dress in death,
The ones we love, we'll lose their faces, comfort us
The victims falling are the ones we love, dress for you as I'm sure you will leave
Part my lies only for you, only for you as I'm safe from the ashes
Safe from the tears that are worn on our precious things
So dear, while I'm watching the faces of vanity with death of today
Nothing so precious in this instance can look just as lovely, take this love from me
Take it away, everything lovely is taken away, kill my life, ashes away, kill my soul
Kill everything... Nothing sacred in this world, can't be taken away as you force through life
Love is a dead display, I am left alone, is my heart still beating?
Nothing left for you, nothing sacred, tear my world apart, serenade me
Life's only truth taken from you.... as tears taste of death's sweet problems left to me unsaid
Live for this, I strive with everything
SECRET love was left unsaid, I'm here alone to warm you
We live by our passion, we live by our rules now, the only thing left for us is death
As I pled for you to leave me innocent, trust myself with thought surrounded punishment
Tears of will pouring into my hands,
Trap myself in life, the Roses rest in bliss, everyone that I love is fucking dead

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