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1. Fragmented Oblivion

Conscious travels through sub-conscious realms
Lost in abysmal insignificance
Convinced by impossibility defiling any method or proof
Deciphering the inconsequential matter naturalized inside of our manifestation
Unconscious of comprehension
All life forms comprised
Internal tomb of senses
Decay unto the emptiness
Traces of Understanding
From any basis of theory
Eroding explanation
Visions falling inside visions
Spreading itself across a sea of minds
Beyond dualist elements controlling images
Induction of connected energy the cause of this condition
Collective alienation
Reasoning and rational a deficient acceptance of ends
Convinced the future resembles the past
Molding reality to refuse progression disconnected from origins of being
Repeating these cycles of life
Swarms of perception melted together normality ripped and reformed
Limiting comfort to a claustrophobic shell comprised by our own delusions
Instincts deviated by fear driven by brutal aggression and hate
Embalmed ruins of the ancients crumbling monuments of fatality
Cumulative ideologies the convergence of intentions
Deny and despise conviction the annihilation of all significance
Forced schizophrenia by these vast abstractions of life disguised by false utility
Left with nowhere to turn
Trapped inside virtual captivity
Unable to transcend from this fragmented oblivion

2. The Endless Regression Of Mind

Prophetic visions of nothingness coming to terms with extinction
Fears of a forgotten existence decimating habitual methods and ways
Massive conception perversed in distortion social prosthesis physical manipulation
Intoxicated by difference
Forced into separation
Gluttons of appearance rotting from within
A new meaning of worth
Mutation of the flesh contortion of self
Finite reality proposes a force
A new quest of superiority to strive for the unique
Flaws of evolution imperfect formations of man
Manipulation by social device hiding from the unknown
Through synthetically manufactured answers
An endless regression of mind
A sickening essence of reality
Victims of our own failure
Unable to comprehend truth
Deceived by infinite complexity
Molding the physical realm
Convinced by false powers we hold
Into a deficient conclusion
Validity of knowledge will fall
A new meaning of worth

3. Dysmorphic Avulsion

Grievous reflection shown
Repulsive depiction consumed
Transforming the flesh to feed this proclaimed hatred
To fulfill a prophecy of formulated images
Malformation of external structure created by human lust for scraping off pieces of infected mental cavities
The obsession to disfigure

4. Vile Progeny

Forced into existence no regard for a will of the born
A selfish act of mortality emulation of god through creation of life
And on�
We continue this trend without questioning why
Eternally bred
An act of power disillusioned divine
Amongst this inescapable cycle of life the future is constructed from broken reason
Through empty wisdom our world is created
A frenzy of unraveled insanity
Detached from earth we breed its demise
True destiny lies in death
And on�
We continue this trend without questioning why
Eternally bred
An act of power disillusioned divine
Progeny of lucre and filth
Descendant of maggots reproduce and consume
Trapped in a void of disgust concepting an answer as to why
Progeny foresees will for divine eternity
Replicas of a vile existence.

5. Conjoint Species

Perceiving the stopping o time as the world devours itself
Beings are trapped and suspended
Disintegration of existence
Walls of reality collapse portals of torment are opened
Internal remnants spewed desolate psyches constructed
Decimating all structure nullifying human conception
Disembowelment of earth infernal feastings
Ripping apart lucid figure conscious framework ruptured
Mass of contorted minds
Forms of mortal breed
Renewal of self
Deformed visions altered through time
Converged flesh consumed by the void

6. Nux Vomica

What once gave life
Now lies ruined
When all is devoured they turn on each other
Inscribed this misery by death of seasons
The truth can be shown
Foretold its fate resting in hands of withered talons
Pre-cursed to poisoned seeds
Earth;s left to re form from past conquests
Old kingdoms
Structures unending as life exceeds
Erasing the mark of man

7. Gestation Of Worms

Laying in a pool of shit
Worms crawling out of your severed remains
Still breathing in consciousness
Feeling every wiggle of your gestation
Parasitic spores breeding in the flesh sucking up the nectar of decay
Caracial fluids mixed together with the remains of your bowels
Scaps of intestines as the dry out in the desert air tender pieces soaked into the ground
Feast on decay

8. Subcortical Desiccation

Excretions or sight sphoned from the soul
Resisting expulsion from the cavity within external forces attempt to grasp what cannot be let to bleed
Extracting the spirit dismantling the inner mind's womb
Staggering forth across barren lands
Patterns of the dunes spread across the sky
Images fall beneath tyrants of perception splintered across an open mind's chalice
Cycles of thought grab hold
Bringing this reality encased in its mental experience
Force of re-creation takes back this harnessed energy
All thoughts consumed into a matrix of variation
Dimensions dictated by false divinity escaping the confines of the earth released from mortality
As the physical life is drained the mental capacity grows
Enhanced by death this spirit becomes a witness to its inherit diminishment

9. Domain Of The Eternal Paradox

Through feindish experimentation to create an eternal domain a technological civilization finds a way to escape its demise
Convinced by the science they've discovered they believe to have control of their ends
Regardless of possible outcomes naive to inevitable effects
Nature's coding will never be conquered
Trapped inside their vision
Harvested within the shadows of life
Conceived beneath the senses of man submerged in darkness it slowly comes into form
Its means on existence devourment of life
Conceived Torment Conscious Dominion

10. Collapse Of Recreation

[Featuring Ron Jarzombek]

All existence is lost
Through the force of this being relentlessly consuming perception pulled from tranquility
Impossible to contain through defense
Determined to conquer a disincarnate future of earth the cause of its conception decoding framework stretching its essence over regions throughout
Mirroring the images of mutated life structures surfacing upon this future earth reliant on technical systems overrun by human kind
Giving rise to this hunger and allows for its feeding to flourish
A storm of destruction that cannot be stopped
Until the cause of its creation meets certain extinction
Supposed progressions of human achievement an ironic cause for complete devastation
As the earth then lies in its own barren waste this parasitic being is yet unfulfilled
Its only recourse is to turn on itself
Life is now a discarded perception
Internal engorgement of matter implosion of conscious reality ingesting infinite boundaries of mental and physical realms obliterating any memory of all that was known
As the source of all reality within this universe is consumed and forgotten.

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Thanks to certifiedpet for correcting track #3 lyrics.

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