Dark Lyrics


1. Nuclear Blitz

I have sought forever it seems
Yet I haven't found any reason for your existence
You are all of the same greedy flesh
All pretending to care as you stab your neighbor in the back
Foul is the human race and so must its ending be

A nuclear blitz of relentless death
That only leaves a faint memory of and endless trail of dead bodies
I have set out to ruin you, to destroy and plunder your abode
I have come to bring an end to you and your existence
An existence that for so many years

Has brought me nothing but bitterness and hatred
Lust and apathy, greed and hopelessness
They are my allies, they are the only things that can be trusted
And apart from death the only rules of life
I long for the day when I will cut you down
I long for the day of earth's destruction

I long for to see your children cry as all they have ever known disappears
I long to see you cling to your lives as I take them
The realization of your weakness and the punishment
For you pointless existence
I live only to watch you die
With ever breath comes the thought of killing you
All without hesitation or doubt

2. Divine Terror

Exit now in flames as the world is burned away
No more tears to shed over earthly misery
Crosses dropped and cries of pain fill the boiling air
All is falling down in vain
Flee and disappear

My last regret is that I never turned away
Holes inside my head
All the blood of yesterday
I mourn no more what has passed

Our time to kill is here
No more living dead
With steaming blood and burning fear
I wrap myself in death

Hatred is my armor and terror is my sword
Arisen from the hell beneath and fallen from above
All will die today and you will never have seen the light
Oh beautiful holocaust of righteous might
There is no longer life

All mistakes rectified by one last thundering war
The pain of living as dead has cleansed my soul
Washed all doubts away
A piercing light cuts through the night and races across the sky
The holocaust is mine and the afterlife is already dead
The final night brought to an end by artificial suns
All pleasures of the flesh summed up in one act of divine terror

Let demons and angels wed and reign
Let the worlds collide
Let there be eternal war
Let there be an end

3. Atomic Night

I cannot stand humanity
I cannot stand hypocrisy
I cannot live in a world such as this
Where all is material and spiritual life is forgotten

I cannot respect human life
Nor can I accept that it has any value
Any value, any value at all

I want to vaporize this planet
And I will do my utmost to realize this wish
I can see no point in the existence
Of those billions of redundant people that populates the earth
People whose only desire is to breed
And to feed upon what the few creative give them
They are the mindless mass
Their existence isn't justifiable in any way

They must be destroyed
They will be destroyed
They will be hunted down and killed

Kill all human beings
Murder is justified by its own self serving cleansing purpose
Murder is good
They must be destroyed
And shall be
Will be

Their upcoming death is all I can think of
I am obsessed with the slaughter of these leaches
These pawns in the divine chess game
Kill them all I say
Destroy them and pulverize the filthy planet they inhabit
I want mankind to die
In a storm of burning plutonium

In the roar of atomic thunder
I want to see them die
To see this planet die
A death so great that not even ashes remain

They must be destroyed

4. World Pulverization

In the light of the new day
The earth still dead
Remains laid to waste and buried
Yesterday all is ashes, ruins now
I stole life away
I was lead by hate and misery
By the hour of flames consuming ground
Holy fire killing all around
By the human quest for freer life
It has fallen by the nuclear knife
No human wisdom could ever be enough
To lead us into brighter times
All evolves and then it ends
Trading hell for worse
Our death was due since long ago as I wanted
Life is dead and gone, final battle
We have crushed and won as I wanted
Even sun blood red, world pulverized
Earth is now dead
All I wanted, inner peace
Peace I never found
For the human garbage blocked my way
But the vengeance came at last
My own day of light
How it crushed and took your lives away
I have conquered
Yet I die with earth
My brief triumph
I have seen the birth of the New World
There is no one there
No more living
No more cross to bare

5. Totalitarian Might

Totalitarian might
Our forces gather now
Our time is coming now
This is the day of retribution
All life will end
The world is ours to slay
For global death we fight with pride

This is your burial
This is your funeral
This day we crucify
This day your gonna die

It's our victory for darkness
And for me the hate spawn to divide
Turned into genocide

War is in our hearts and is on our minds
It's in control of everything
To conquer there must be a war
But war always leaves a live victor behind
And as long as there are any humans left on earth
I will be unsatisfied

We stole the light from day
We turned the blue skies gray
We killed and raped them all

The weak that had to fall
No living nor undead
The ground with blood
Turn red the axe upon mankind
No trace of life to find

This is your burial
This is your funeral
This day we crucify
This day your gonna die

It's our victory for darkness
And for me the hate spawn to divide
Turned into genocide

The briefest moment of totalitarian might was mine
If so only for a second
I held earth's destiny in my hand
All is now gone

Man as a creation is dead
This earth has ceased to be
And so have I
All is dead
All is dead
All is dead...

6. Plutonium Love

We have made ourselves a beautiful tomb in this supposedly civilized world
Such a murderous and vile place must be celebrated
The cross you carry with pride is but a symbol of your weakness
It means nothing more than fear of death
You I despise for who are you, oh mortal fool
To try and direct my journey into the afterlife
I am in control
I ma not about to turn away from my ideals and standards
Where does it leave you and your feeble and distorted mind
Have you no wish to understand anything
Or even try to find a single shred of enlightenment
You are of no use as well as the human race
All must be destroyed
Hold on to your futile existence
You weak unworthy fool
For I shall do everything in my power to steal your very life
Bow down in prayer to which ever master suits you
This world of earth with earthly battles fought
Hence it abides rules of flesh and down it falls
Our home
Our temple
My world and yours
Are crashing into the abyss
Into sulfur, into rot, and into punishment

7. Genocide Mass

Rejoice all friends of Armageddon
For the time of the eternal eclipse has come
I now await the genocide mass
As it comes, all in its way is bound for death
All of earth will be shattered by it
And all lives taken as a raging nuclear fire
Caresses and melts away the very ground
We stand on hell on earth
Will be reality even though just for a few brief moments
It will seem like a thousand years
Fire eradicating all and annihilating everything
This is my dream this is what keeps me alive
The holy thought of witnessing the realization
Of this my most beloved fantasy
Is the only thing that sustains me
It is the very essence of my being

Hail Armageddon
Hail the new age
Hail the apocalypse

I await you night after night
I wish for nothing more for you to whisk all life away and leave the world in ruins
I will give my life for you
I will fight for your arrival although it is certain
Come now and cleanse the earth of naive and secular beings
Let mankind's thousands of years of struggle be but a waste
And take them away with relentless fury
Grant me the dream of witnessing earth's demise
And I will gladly go with it
Down into the empty space beneath

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