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1. At The Temple Doors

Release me from the load I bear....
Deliver me before the altar flame....
The unrelenting chants have brought me
To the temple doors
The world above I'll witness nevermore!

The pieces of my iron will
Lie scattered in my grave below the waves
I hear the call of destiny, now glory waits for me
I take the faithful step
And I am free...

Like a mystic ship of gold
From the farthest shore of night
Rose the temple, and its lights
They called.

By unearthly voices lured
Ancient wonders I beheld
Dreams of madness took my soul

I hear the songs of fallen gods
Chanting their forbidden names
Severance of reason's bonds
Step beyond reality

I alone - the worthy one
Final duties I complete
The temple windows are aglow
Now they beckon me!

I thread the abyssal plains
Halls of splendor await me there
Lift the veil of ageless death
Lay your mysteries 'fore my eyes

Overhead - the fatal waves
Lays oblivion on my name
While around me spirits rave:
"Open up the gates"!

2. Mountain Womb

Demons haunt my every hour
Drag me down in a world of stone
Stranglehold on my thoughts they cruelly
Stick their claws in me until
I'm gone

I feel them breathe
And their ghastly hands -
They reach for me
Caress my heavy head

Frozen still in hazy sleep
We are at one - "them" and me
Whispering into my ears
with glee:
"Escape within another dream"!

A man stood upon the rock
Inhaling his own death he called
The green-eyed lady of the woods
To take his breath beneath the moon

And she took care of his lusts
They danced below the forest arch
Up high - the stars, their blissful shine
He painted with his gleaming eyes...

3. The Seraph

Saintly father, seraph
Of (the) holy orthodox
His worm tongue sharp and deadly
On his quest for "truth"

To fill his gaping inner void
He turned to god
And then he took his righteous
Vengeance on the world

He preached
For healing of the soul
And death to sin
His lust for tender men
He bravely kept within
He pressed his wit
Sophistic poisons to concoct
To let his demons loose
His oh so noble thought

Upon this rotting world
The vulture gazed
On those who sought
The deeper truths he preyed
To take their eyes away
From higher paths
He fed them with
Another pious lie

And so his brothers cared
His legend to live on
From beyond
His loving hand
Still guides the flock
His well-fed masters hold
His deed in high esteem
Eternal praise forever
Given to the saint!

4. Impure Days

Memories rise
Feel my immortal call
Again my shadow falls
To prey on your crooked minds

Stalk my paths
I lead my pack of demons
A crippled lord of night
I'll hunt you in your morbid fears

Your will I'll steal from you
And I will make you mine
For now it is my time
The sacred time of wolves

Master's calling
The moon is up high and our time is nigh
To reap our harvest
To enter your dreams and leave you in fear
The cross vexed us
While warriors of old drank from our essence
The hunt is on
The glow of our eyes shall forever leave scars
On your soul

Your shell I'll crack in two
Possess you with my power
And you will hear my howl
When I take the sun from you!

5. Curse Of The Watcher

Inside the cell I built on my own
The white walls I stare upon
With every breath they come closer again

When does it end?

Hope, the whore, has left me alone
I cannot move, my will is gone
Before my stare the tides change

And I am the same!

I nail myself unto
The cross of my own stillness
My world had grown into
An endless unreal vision
I bear my curse with pride
As if it's my one possession
It seems I'll leave behind
Only an empty confession

6. Absence Of Faith

Dance around, helpless souls
On your strings - dance for me
All the while your fate I move
Your time is coming near

All your games and lowly lusts:
Paper towers on the wind
In your eyes - lakes of fear
Seas of silence - dance for me

Time has come - the end is nigh
Fill your hearts with last desires
So dear - our empty lives
Fear has come to take His throne

Holy men robed in black
Will absolve us of our guilt
Punishment, taste the whip
Now we all believe

Why is god deserting me
Why does he hide in silence
Is he just the fear in me
In a hollow wandering called life

Dance around, helpless soul
On your strings your dance you did
Answers you won't find with me
Only calm and silence here

You sought truth but did you see?
Now it's time - we all leave
In the sunset, on the hill
One last time - dance with me!

7. Second Birth

Let the weight slip from my shoulders
Like a weathered drape of sin
For too long the chime of hollow words
Had pulled me down
For too long I sought yet could not see

And the winds will blow through my hair
And the raging sea of life will take me
I evoke the spirit of the Earth
Show me Truth!

Let my eyes lay upon you
Holiest of mysteries
On your sacred seal I put my final hope
Enlighten me - the learned fool!

Rejected by the force I beckoned
Great nature hid from my eyes
Equal to the gods I'm not dreams of grandeur
Empty rung my knowledge, I will feel again...

8. Beneath

Down, 'neath the crushing waves
The serpent stirs the waters
Primal womb reopens
Devouring the tired breed
That fell

Down, in the roaring depths
Ancient wyrm arises
And in these coils - the Earth
Titan youth - renewed

Sunk the rusted monuments
Of depleted might
Their glory rests
Under liquid skies

Sunk the fragile spine
Of the dead empire
From below - phantoms gaze
At the liquid stars

9. Flaming Sword

Heavy are the great winter chains
Years of desolation rape the land

Light fell 'hind the mists of night
Skies spill their bile

To the dust the ancient spires
As the wolf is free to roam
And the flames of eternal fire
They dance with relentless joy

As prophets saw thus it came
The flaming sword of the end

The yawning gate reveals its timeless eye
Eternity turns back

Upon the waves of cosmic seas
The battle took its place
And terror struck the living
As the titans' wrath they faced

And in the clash the elements
Raged as it was foreseen
The fiery realm and the plane of mists
Drowned the sparks of being

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