Dark Lyrics


1. The Blood You Crave

In spirit she sees hell sprung agony
Dream of your dark eyed king
Beneath the trees this blood red land
Hell surrounds me
Flames inside me
Preach and deceive
Hell surrounds me here
Preach and deceive
Burn me alive from the inside
My nails will dig in your eyes so you see only black
You can see only black
Eyes can see only
Pity, sinner, star-nosed mole, deeper
Pity, sinner, darkness falls, deeper
The light of the sun drench me
The light of the sun heal me
Look me in the eye
I see shit in your heart
Overanalysed and misread
Eat me alive
Does it taste good?
Wear my teeth around your neck
Tear my flesh
Scum at your feet
Debris of human skin
Piss on my grave
Does it feel good?
Only sorrow deepens me
Hatred, fear, thin air, poisons us
I will only sleep when you wear the blood
The blood you crave
You wear the blood

2. Doomed and Damned

The armies forming
Night in death's darkest skies
Forming to fight
The ravens turn their wings up into the sky
The sign of evil burns inside
And here I stand
Burning wings will fall from the sky
Doomed and damned
But I can not
Bleeding now
The bluntest demise
A thousand miles surround us
Doomed and damned
No pleas
No wake
Last words unheard
Last sounds the scream of the witch

3. Perfect Agony

I thought I lost you but I didn't know why
Falling off with a stone in my head
I'll bury ourselves with every little fear
Sits above and below and all between
Death is a familiar face
To those who light the way
With caged fireflies in the rain
So I'm held
Wait 'til everyone sees
The world won't hear us
Irrelevant scars
Full swan dive into concrete
Blood grows underneath nails
A harlot burned alone
Your fingertips melting in the embers
Scatter it all
Being burned by your touch
Perfect agony
You're the one I wish would disappear

4. Souls Lost in the Frost

The night falls down cold
My path shifts obscured
Gathering winds that howl
Winds that roar deeper within
Deeper within my mind
Remember my breath I feign myself
The weakening storm
The light all but burned out
The menacing storm spreads its demise
The cold writhing night
The almighty force
I open my lips to rain
Carve my veins in turmoil
Flood rains. Frozen. Gone
Breathless. Shivering. Seizure
Voices grate on my brain like sharp sleet
What am I
Acid eyes sees corruption and deceit
On my brain like sharp sleet
What am I
That hollow feeling
Your echo
Choked echo
Sanctify apathy
Souls lost in the frost
Our God is the North Wind
He waits to devour
Soon it will be time for us to heed his call
Deprive and separate ourselves in the storm
We're lost through our thoughts
Separated from myself
We will fall towards you
Thinly veiled, masked, behind
Walk towards your spirit
Why do I fear you
Is it my soul breaking through you
Why do I fear you
Endless lifetime, death eternal
Why do I fear you
Death eternal

5. What Once Used to Bloom

Misguided desire
Just leave me
I'm empty
I just want to feel something
Awaken desires in me
Are with me
I'm broken apart
Still at war with myself
Pieces of me cease to be
I remember being made of light
I looked inside forever
For a time I was washed in rays
Radiant beams sunburst
War with myself
Saw his soul
Grind his will
Sunless day
Starless sky
I hope the night is too dark to see
Spare my eyes
Sink the needles
Shed my blood drain it away
You can see my ghost seeking
I release into death
What once used to bloom
Smells like death and grief

6. Wrongful Death

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