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1. Descend Into Winter

Here comes the snow
Here comes the snow
Here come the Fallen
Here comes the snow

Seasons change
Yet my life remains the same
Wishing time would break the standstill
But hope cannot crush regret

A dying raven
Takes its final breath of life
Its blood will be washed away
Liquid to crystal

2. It

Formation amasses
Dark clouds roll in
A curtain of mist masks a sky that’s falling down

A violent tremor
Shakes the ground beneath
Expands and contracts as it crumbles from within

Two tattered claws, dark shrouded head
A shapeless form drags Itself from the crater
We assemble around It and we hear Its praise
It says we’re unique just like everybody else

Unending pain (Torture divine)
Our greatest fears (Pulse feeding vine)

We’re kindling the fire It creates
We’re programmed to be scared everyday
We’re blinded by Its viral fear monopoly
We’ll be enslaved forever
We’ll be enslaved forever
To the end

We will spill holy blood in the name of the Father!
We will tear down the gods as we watch the world burn!
We will rip flesh from bone just to feed one another!
We will all heed Its call, we have become the Fallen!


3. We Will Tear Down The Gods

Crimson droplets seep
Into the gleaming creek
It breathes heavily
And releases a sigh

We will tear down the gods

An old oak stares at me
It points to the sky
The Sun shines down
It shows me a face

Weighed down by the fog
The creek wheezes as night falls
It screams as dawn rises
Terrified of the Sun


Familiar gaze
In those eyes
They were empty
Exhausted and defeated

I imagine the fog
As it creeps into my lungs
And slowly suffocates me
Leaving my body behind
I envision the Sun
Burning me alive
Scorching me
Until only ashes remain

I hold in my hands
A pointed stone
I think of carving the final words
Into my flesh
Yet something always holds me back
And I pray
To whatever God there is
That it always will

4. Aspen

Heavy rain
Compacts the reddened earth
Her exposed face spouts tears
From lifeless eyes

I claw my way from the shallow grave
But I'm dizzy and unclear
I fall back in
Wishing I was the one who died

Through the fog and the black abyss
My mind still wanders there
I fear one day
I won't return again
Spectral hands lift me away
From the temple of loss
Body numb
I reflect on the time we had

[Chorus 1:]
Taste, smell, this sensation in my limbs
These are things I take for granted to this day
Sight, sound, silent whispers to the wind
Can be lost but not forgot

I bury my dead
Just to know I'm alive
Confined by reality
Wander across the universe

[Chorus 2:]
Taste, smell, this sensation in my limbs
These are things I take for granted to this day
Sight, sound, silent whispers to the wind
Can be lost but not forgot

I envy the dead
Just to know I'm alive
Escape from mortality
Wander across the universe

5. The Ground Beneath You


6. Roots Of Man

Throughout time
We think of the end
What lies past death
If nothing at all

Distant sounds removed from time
A swell of souls screaming in sorrow
Endless desire for mortality
Eternity akin to a nightmare
Cast out for a new creation
God playing man and man playing God
Castigate the sire of time
Erase the Earth from our world

Here we wait
Watching the stars
Praising the Sun
Eternal life

Human souls immune to time
Bane exposed, the idea haunts me
Skin still crawls perpetually
Aching bones turn into stone
Ardent faith, mystery concealed
Rumors survive vicariously
Abstract thoughts, like a lucid dream
Wait for the End, it never comes!

Body corrodes
Shadow dissolves
Now I’ve found the Roots of Man
Hiding behind all the faces of God!

7. From A Whisper

By your word
By your oath
But your spirit is crying

Say their prayers
For your soul
But your name won’t live on

Becomes one
With the Earth
May its waters run through you

Only son
He will build
A legacy

Leave behind what remains forever

Raise your head!
Raise your head!
Raise your head!

Man begins a whisper
Whisper makes him king
King becomes a legend
Legend dies a god!

8. An Altar Of Limbs

Ash covers everything
Black clouds blot out the sun
Drowned are the memories
Scorched remains of what once was

Eternal darkness
No guiding light
Ethereal wind picks up
Sparks drift through the night

Dive into oblivion
Ageless desolation
Plunge into obscurity
Relentless solitude

I’ll live one thousand years
Not measured in time
But in wisdom

To learn what I can know
And leave the rest up to my God

When I am done
I will lay down
Beneath the canopy

And watch as my body falls
With the Earth

I carve my sign into every tree
With force, with precision, with purpose
Neon aurora covers half the twilight sky
A gift from heaven to light my way

At the roots of the tallest tree
Gnarled hands build an altar of limbs
The alder torch weighs heavy in my hand
Ignite the final flame of man

Tanner Swenson ‒ Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals
Sami Sati ‒ Guitars, Bass, Vocals

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