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EP: "Towards The North 2010 Tour" (2010)

1. Shadow World
2. This Is Fucking War
3. Demons Gate
4. God Has Lied

1. Shadow World

Dead this world is dead
Wrong so many wrongs to
Right as I write these words
Can not kill but I can
Kill in the shadow world

I kill in the shadow world

In your slumber I creep through depressive nightmares
Wield the death axe I strike at your contemptuous head
Your are reviled by me but I now I am defiling you
I am the lunge in the dark my hands around your neck

Blind this world is blind
Faith can’t help your faith and
Hope I hope to hate
Can not kill but I can
Kill in the shadow world

Life seeps to nothingness night consumes all
Through lidless eyes I watch mirror without reflection
Day devours night I slip past the trees
The edge of my hollow hole I seek the dark

2. This Is Fucking War

Above the stars of God I'll scale the heavens
Set up my throne and the devils seven
I take up my seat on Mount Congregation
Command from the north and abolish creation
Ascend in the clouds I will be most high
To cast God out and to see him die
In the name of hell you are forewarned
Achromatic Angel decrepit wings torn

This is fucking war

The hour has come closer the moon has split in two
God's vengeance is upon me and I will storm the heavens above

Your ruined kingdom has fallen too far
Jesus his disciples ruled by bete noire
Devil did not sin at the point of my creation
I told my minions that there was no salvation
Obstinate evil determined in my sin
Beatific smile am smirk of my emancipation
Devotees of ungodliness progenitor everlasting
Bow to Heavens new ruler for I am now king

The hour has now past us but but I will keep hidden for in times of strife every soul will find they need Satan

3. Demons Gate

Blasphemy a way of life
For I will never serve
Lord of weakness holy light
Grant what we deserve

Deliverance to evil take my soul to sell
Blast my flesh unto my death so I may reign in hell

Belial Leviathan Satan Lucifer

Incestuous carnivorous the lust your God forbade
Our father your weakness the prince of hate conveys

Jesus Christ you've lost
The treasures of your life
Bleed for me O weakened one
To your heart a knife
Lord of darkness hear my call
Your evil spawn awaits
Adorn my skull in the hall
Of hell the Demons Gate

4. God Has Lied

Flailing winged angels come to help
Capture of light turning tears to stone
Angels trumpet a violent call
Facing mortality you renounce your cause

Death coddles your inner child
Old age claims your thought and breath
Bedraggled life cast aside
Debilitating pose for all to see

God has lied
Our father who art in heaven
God has lied
Hallowed be thy name

Serpent is more cunning
Eat from the forbidden tree

God has lied
Thy kingdom come thy will be done
God has lied
On earth as it is in heaven

Through one man sin entered the world
Thus death spread to all mankind
You have free will and you will be free
Never to be bound by hypocrisy

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