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1. This Is Fucking War

Above the stars of God I'll scale the heavens
Set up my throne and the devils seven
I take up my seat on Mount Congregation
Command from the north and abolish creation
Ascend in the clouds I will be most high
To cast God out and to see him die
In the name of hell you are forewarned
Achromatic Angel decrepit wings torn

This is fucking war

The hour has come closer the moon has split in two
God's vengeance is upon me and I will storm the heavens above

Your ruined kingdom has fallen too far
Jesus his disciples ruled by bete noire
Devil did not sin at the point of my creation
I told my minions that there was no salvation
Obstinate evil determined in my sin
Beatific smile am smirk of my emancipation
Devotees of ungodliness progenitor everlasting
Bow to Heavens new ruler for I am now king

The hour has now past us but but I will keep hidden for in times of strife every soul will find they need Satan

2. I Hate Christians

You think because they fall to their knees
Servants will inherit just to be meek
Christians believe that a God is in the sky
Their fucking ignorance is the reason why

I hate Christians
The Nicene Creed
Capricious and deleterious
Disciples of Christ

I Hate Christians
I Hate Christians

It is time to rise and think for yourself
be strong inside and don't ask for help
The Christian cross has turned to a crutch
they preach salvation but it won't mean much
When the price you pay is your own dignity
to bow before a religious effigy
To all of mankind why won't you listen
I pray to hell cuz I hate Christians

If Christ is so strong why can I blaspheme
Can't follow faith but that is just me
I was born from dust and thoughtfulness bread
A conscious being when I am dead I am dead

I Hate Christians

3. Pyre

Death decay unholy night
Summon evil Satan's might
Upon the cross the sins of man
God can't help you Satan can
Foolish humans sick and weak
Bodies die unholy reek
Satan's hordes spreading fire
Souls of heaven fuel the pyre

God turns to hate
Lords deceiving fate
Christ falls from grace
Fear engulfs his face

Death decay unholy night
Satan won the final fight
Ashes bones the guts of man
Torn from him by Satan's hand
Holy cross is torn to shreads
God of man among the dead
Crown of thorns is barbed wire
World aflame in the eternal pyre

Angels fall like flies
Screams conceal their cries
Christ is a liar
God stacked on the pyre

4. To Defile

I am told to kill
The ones with Christian minds
To free their god and crush their soul
It is Satan they will find
Death across the land
It forms into the sea
A sea of blood the sins of man
It only strenghts me

To Defile God

With the seven keys
I open hellish gate
To curse your soul and damn your god
And seal your twisted fate
Now that your in hell
You see what my eyes see
The burning soul the evil one
And you will follow me

To Defile God

5. Immortalize

An offering of flesh
A gift unto my lord
Of hate and death
Gore blood to evil I am sworn

Immortalize your hatred in me

I beg of you my father
To use me in your fight
Take my soul
Consume my flesh possess me with your might

Immortalize your hatred in me

6. Ogrish

A loathsome crypt defiler
Lurk among the tombstones
Delightfully plundering graves
Feed on corpse and bones

Realize I am ogrish
This is what I do
When you fucking die
I'll do it to you to

Perversely cruel and infernal
Satanical wicked thoughts
Looting the loam filled burial
Devour the repulsive rot

Understand the fiend
Grown from a child
Taste the dying skin
Drives me fucking wild

Melt into the night
Headstone ripped
Hunger pangs
I enter your crypt

7. Unbaptized

I was not given the choice
To join the christian faith
Sick of Christ and all his lies
Wish that I could be

Holy water anoint my sin
Allegiance to the fucking church
Even though the christians tried
I would still demand to be

I don't believe
In original sin
And I don't want heaven
To let me in

Can't accept a God on faith
Nor do I ask for forgiveness
I do not care if Christ died
I just want to be

8. Hex

With this knot I seal this hex
You will not sleep, you will not rest
Knots of anger, knots of hate
Discord brings you to your fate
This second knot it makes two
Unhallowed thoughts and sickness new
Slander, schism, evil too
Bringing darkness straight to you


My gathered bones and frenzy of hate
I add potency to your hexing fate
With these bones I now do smash
Cursing my enemies to fall to ash
Candles burn and fill the room
Lighting your way to stagnant tomb

You are mine now (I put a hex on you)

This third knot, I do bind
Weaving chaos in your mind
A hex of anger, hex of hate
To bring you doom, I will not wait
Spirit abyss, hear my call
Most powerful one and all


Take thine enemy, take him smite
Break and scorn him in the night
Oh Lucifer the shining star
Touch and burn him from afar
You are mine, this is your doom
Screaming twisting in the room
Revenge now will have its time
Know thy enemy you are mine

9. Smell The Burning Churches

Let's light it up
First I urinate on the altar of your king
Pile up the hymnals, hear hell's choir sing
Candles all around, I burn the pews for me
Lumber through the aisles to the sacristy

As I masturbate on the holy religious vestment
I reflect in my mind why I was sent
To burn and scorch the pestilence of the holy land
Your sacred vessels are crushed within my hands

Light the fucking fire, burn it to the sky
Crucifix in flames, let's all fucking die
Crosses to the left, in front of me the light
Burn the fucking church, feeling Satan's might

Smell the burning churches

Smell of smoke and ash
The crackling of fire
Steeple is now aflame
Kindle my desire

Vomit in the goblet of Jesus Christ
Christians has ruined my way of life
Church once stood containing all life's trash
Now it lies before me in a pile of ash

Light the fucking fire, burn it to the sky
Crucifix in flames, let's all fucking die
Crosses to the left, in front of me the light
Burn the fucking church, feeling Satan's might

10. Face Of Evil

For all souls that are taken
One more thorn in the head of Christ
This christian liar
Why do you follow him

With the face of evil
You'll serve me well
In the face of evil
This mortal hell

God won't win, I'm in control
With your mind, body and soul

With the face of evil
You'll serve me well
In the face of evil
This mortal hell

Rot in heaven, serve in sin
Summon fire, call to the beast
Twisted fate, satanic feast

11. Lucifer

The bodies lie for many a days
And begin to turn to dust
Such wicked souls spawned from hell
An evil God they lust
Red blood and misfortune
The horned one calls my name
To sacrifice a virgin heart
For this torment it is Christ we blame

The dark one our lord
Has made his place in hell
To the brethren our legions
We summon these words of spell
To Lucifer we cast this chant
With each satanic verse
To condemn the lord in heaven
With each vile curse

12. My Evil Concubine

Up from the depths she comes from the earth, I am hers to attack
Fire in the sky brings passion to my heart and surrounds me in black
With unholy hell burning in my blood I turn up my lustful hate
To sell my soul to evil, I unlock hell's rusty gate

This Devil she wants me, she knows she can
Cuz fucking for hell is my unholy plan
I have the skill, I have desire
To fuck this wench to death with hell fucking fire

Dependant on this wench, how pitiful is my plight, I'm all alone ... the altar lamp
My sole companion burning through the night

It is for me but not everyone
To crush my blighted soul I allow this evil one
She makes me angry, she makes me sick
But when she lies with me I am satanic

The days and months speed swiftly by, too soon I shall be old, I have nothing ...
Her beauty gone, the glow of youth, shriveled, pale and cold

13. Slaughter The Heavens

Deep inside the walls
Of Sodom
There lives an evil
In me
The sight of which
Was sin
All I need are souls
And I am set free

Slaughter the heavens

Tonight I'll rape
The heavens
For a virgin feast
I bleed
From my veins
It pours
The ones to die
Are weak

Slaughter the heavens

14. No Place For The Cross

Being born, infant scorn
Inside this infernal blackened room
I'm the master, I live faster
Come into my dank and secret tomb

Sorcerer, sorceress
Follow me into hell and you won't get lost
Fuck me, fuck you
But in here there is no place for the cross

Power flows, evil grows
In this dark stagnant womb of sin
Come to call, down the hall
And I will fucking usher you in

Fucking hell, cast a spell
Don't give a fuck about the fucking cost
Pentagram, foul man
And still there is no place for the cross

15. Rebuilding Sodom

It was once destroyed
But the time has come
To drain the Dead Sea
And rebuild Sodom

Rebuilding Sodom

Let's clear away the sulfur
Brought by heavens might
To defy the christian lord
I bring back the Sodomites

Let's rebuild Sodom

By brick and stone
Wall and well
Return this city
From the heart of hell

But there is another
Gomorrah is your twin
Together with these cities
We return this world to sin

Help Nunslaughter rebuild Sodom

Immorality and vice
A gift unto this land
Fornicate and revel
That is what I am

16. Riders Of The Apocalypse

Famine's horse is black
Fallow ground 'neath his track
From the sky it rains hail
Lack of food from his tipping scale

Conquest he is the antichrist
Riding a steed of white
Striking with militant drones
Killing souls from his mighty bow

War he rides on red
With a sword he takes your head
Contempt of life
Creating chaos and strife

And behold there come four chariots from between two mountains
Famine, Conquest, War and Death

Death's stallion is pale
Standing on top the hill
Ancient ways now restored
Unlock the demon horde

17. Power Of Darkness

Power of darkness fills the land
This evil incarnate the devil's hand
Minions of hell blacken the sky
Christians of god are about to die

From the north, ice and flood
From the south, holy blood
From the east a witches curse
From the west the end of the earth

Burning bodies on the ground
Sadistic curse a horrid soound
The ones of Christ, I summon your death
Destroying your sight and shredding your flesh

From the north, ice and flood
From the south, holy blood
From the east a witches curse
From the west the end of the earth

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