Dark Lyrics


1. The End

The End is near!

2. Ritually Abused

Satan, He lives today in children who's minds decay
Their elders have lost their way
From Jesus to Baphomet, and worlds of Unholy
Are used to alter their brains
They're teaching them worship of evil
Not heavens in the sky

So wake up and see today some children have no escape
Or freedom, or hope to pray
They're banished from the normal play
Actions of their elders are focused on unfocused ways
They're learning ato live out their life
In sick mollific ways

Saddened priest of white religious worship
Fall to their knees in disbelief
Shattered hopes ot one essential worship
The lord almighty "Jesus Christ"
Time will pass though both religious last
The books of both will flood the earth
Future or past, existence of Black Mass
Has threatened the meaning of our birth

Weak little children six years into life
Are forced to betray the blessed cross
Caressing the Dead and tasting the blood
Tormented and ritually abused, so it is done
The words of the priest
The rings of the bell pollute the air
The chalice is drained, Satan is praised
A frantic orgy ends the Mass
Impression is made, a young mind is stained
The knowledge of freedom denied
First had come guilt the parents had built
A trouble mind corrupts the child
Involuntary use of Black Evil religion
Foul Witchcraft and spells of Demonism
Young mind amounting to a smidgen
A forgotton child of Unholyman's upbringing

3. Death And Innocence

[Act I]

Executed for something that you've never done
Your life has barely even just begun
You swear every last one would pay
You promise to return from the Grave
As a man of religion you will die
But the promise of God is lies
Your faith was given all in vain
Hope - mere illusion in your brain
Free from grace of Holy Rest
Absolute nocturnal death
Soon lie in the grave awaiting those to be repaid

The trial - how long you have waited for this day
Guilt is what you hope they won't say
But luck forgot your name this day!

Sent to Death
No delay

Now in your grave you rot, deep inside your cemetary plot
Your epitaph spells out lies, as a friend looks down and cries
Break the brace of certain death, return from your eternal rest
Strike out from your very grace, soon they all will be repaid

As you rot awaiting your great transition
Patience is a virtue in this plight
Hell's price for rebirth and reprisal
Long awaited
Many Full Moon nights

[Act II]

Now the time has ended, your corpse has fallen to dust
Your Blessed Death the jury's invitation
For you're falsified unjust
Now you'll gain the satisfaction of your unrelenting thirst
But the Hell that's expected now a violence getting worse

[Act III]

My soul is reborn with hatred and scorn
For vengeance of death and not prison
Beware of my toll I'll torture your soul
From the Black of Hell I have risen

The jurors die in cold blood in their bed
For the verdict that left me dead
And for the lawyer the went unsaid
A pathetic man from Havard now dead
The judge will be torn at his seams
For the hammer that smashed my dreams
Now they're all here in Hell
They learned a lesson I can tell

[Act IV]

Free from all the misery, I killed those who sentenced me
Sent to die at twenty-three, now I roam the fiery sea
A case with no evidence ends in Death an Innocence
Easy people are misled
Soon victims of Undead

4. No Morals

There was a man who had a plan that took a bit of wit
He took the earth, made human birth
And left it all to sit
With just one guide he's set asidein which we were to learn
To choose his path or feel his wrath and go to Hell and burn!

We all believe in this way
Believing that we should all pray
Life slips away
No more beliefs
As violence and death comes our way

Its all the same, quite like a game but not upon a board
A complex one, not for fun - created by the Lord
You cannot win by choosing sin kwoning Hell awaits
Just sing his song and play until you reach the Gate

Such a struggle always trouble, not what you'd been taugh
Turn to sin and soon begin to loose your train of thought
Now to you, nothing true - you've lost your sense of care
And now the game is not the same and was never even fair

5. Friday's Child

The night was dark/moon was full/fog was thick/the air
was cool
The sense was set without regret, all that come shall
not forget

They gathered here and all did follow
To greet the child of no tomorrow
To see the speed of life and death
To feel the strength of Satan's breath

It happens every hundred years
When mortals choose their strengh in fear
They'll sacrifice a newborn child
Bred to die all the while

Friday's child will die at birth, a test of faith to prove
their worth
They conjure Satan to bring him higher
The infant screams while bathing in fire

The Mass of Hoods that make the crows close to Death
Chants get loud....
The Witch is cast into labor....
She pleads but nothing can save her

Sound of birth - hear it cry
Soaked in blood - ready to die
Altar of Fire burning hot
This is Hell, heaven is naugh

Feel the fire, hear the call
The sickness of Satan fills them all
Watch the saviour take his final fall!

6. Off With Your Head

After the victim's final plea, from the scene you will flee
Then you wait until the night, keep yourself out of sight

Hiding out in the trees, cold sweat as you freeze
French come hunt you down, await the trial back in town

Off with your head!
Soon you'll be dead!

Bloody and red!
Corporation Pull-in

Evidence piles high, jury looks you in the eye
Primitive society, convicts you - you're guilty

From your window you will see where your figure is to be
You can't sleep, you can't eat 'cause you know that you're
dead meat

Time has come, you will die - see the fear in your eyes
Drop the blade, hear the chop - now your life and all will stop

Off with your head!
Now you are dead!
The blood is so red!
Off with your head!
Off with your head!

7. The Henchman

I was born "The Master of Death", creation of Hell
"Lucifer's Breath"
Sent to kill drifting through time, entering souls
controlling their minds

I killed the King, I shot the Pope
I raped your wife and then make her choke
Once as a priest I killed a goat
Now in the night I cut your fucking throat!

Day after day, year after year
Breeding the dead, the reason I am here
I never die - I'm Death it selves
I fill the ground and I fill the shelves

Electric chair - I pulled the switch
And in the past I drowned a Witch
I killed the Jews they threw in a ditch
I put the dead into their crypt

I stalk you/I hunt you/I chase you/I rape you!
I shoot you/I choke you/I stab you/I burn you!
I beat you/I axe you/I drowm you/I chop you!
They bleed as they plead as they cry and then die!

8. Pirate's Night

Cannon balls are waiting - heavy, hard, and black
Waiting for the time, in which we will attack

Jolly Roger is flying high, seeks you like a scout
Treasure, death, and piracy is what we're all about

We climb abroad your ship to penetrate your neck
To leave you in the blood spilled across the deck

And if we let you live you'll have to walk the plank
You know you can't survive this homicidial prank

With vultures above and serpents below
Out on the high seas there is no place to go
It's Pirate's Night, Pirate's Night
They're out to kill, they set sail tonight

We'll sail up the coast to rip a little more
And leave behind the helpless ships
To coat the ocean's floor
Blackbird and Captain Hook
A few that keep the faith!
We all stand together
Though each other we hate
With the heavens above and Hell below
We still pledge to kill, to rape and to rogue

9. Turn Of A Screw

The Devil's dungeon has trapped inside
Your cynical thoughts of death
Endless suspicion, driven solely
To trouble your knowledge of release
Twisting and turning I'm urging
Questioned oppression that you deplore
Searching for answers, there are none in store
All leading to reasons of when you will die

Soundless hysteria echoes so loudly
Through channels of your brain
Shredding your lucidity
Caused by the constant driving crave
Seeking and searching you look for the key
Too clever, so never will you be free
Harassing and haunting

Excision of mercy, all ceasing of soundness
Confounded you lose

The foolishness of yourself has found you
Locked up in a cage
Discretion of your brain
Has left you knowledgeless of your Age
You know not yourself, you know not existence
Your insight on life is unknown
You trouble yourself with Theory of Death
Inversion in you has shown
Your mind is in pieces, your conscience is dead
Your activities are restained
You've hounded yourself with Theory of Death
You've driven yourself insane

10. Kiss Me, Kill Me

I met there by the stairs
She seemed to catch my eye
An unkwon love sent from above
The last before I die
We carried on through the years, getting worse and worse
As time went on our love was gone, never ending course

I couldn't see why she left me
All I could see was death
I'd made my mind to leave behind
My body, my life, my breath
I'll buy a gun, have some fun

Blowing my brains out the back
A helpless try to make her cry
As I perish into the black

She kissed me, she killed me
The love that onve filled me turned black inside my heart
She kissed me, she killed me
Life no longer thrills me - death to me my only friend

Soon to be just a memory I sit and stare at the gun
On this night, a silent night
My life of death has begun
On to my lips th cold barrel sits
Aiming for my instant death
I pull the lever, its now or never
As I breath my final breath

She kissed me, she killed me
The bullet that fills me will stop the sorrow and hell
She kissed me, she killed me
You know I go willingly leaving this world behind

11. Rigor Mortis

Asleep at dawn, awake at dust
Arise in the night time my right time for lust
Morbid dreams, unreal it seams
Down to the morgue as our Lord lies asleep

Creeping in unleashing sin
To invade the decayed corpse within
I love the touch almost too much
Sensing a thrill from the chill as I touch

Stiff and cold she lied
Her life has gone to hide
Her fluids have all dried
The smell of death inside
Reeking, leaking
As I plunge deep inside

Searching for love that I knew I would find
Down at the morgue there are stored at this time
Bodies that rot, lie dormant till their time
Awaiting the seeds that I bring
Relentless affection, perfection, injection
No presence of mercy in sight
Love after death, no heartbeat no breath
the contents of this horrid plight
Losing my mind falling in love with the dead!

12. Murder By The Minister

[CD Bonus Track]

Skip McGullam ‒ Vocals
Eric Seiller ‒ Guitars
Tom Brander ‒ Guitars
Jeff McGullam ‒ Drums
Rob Charrier ‒ Bass

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