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1. Creatures Of The Night

I roam among the trees
Caressed by the nocturnal wind
Flying between the numberless trunks
Creatures of the night
Come to me
In nomine tenebrarum
In nomine obscuri
In nomine umbrarum
In nomine noctis
Come to me

I hear many rustlings around me
Brillant eyes are considering my figure
Standing in a moonlit clearing
Creatures of the night
Follow me

2. Are You Ready For The Night?

Are you ready for the night?
Are you ready to be a child?

3. Turn On Your Light

You just have to watch the moond with wide-opened eyes
Let her light cover your naked skin in the night
Let her light pierce your organs and dilute your blood
Let her light feel all the deepest veins of your heart Turn on your light

4. Alone?

And the wind is blowing in the mist
And the mist is caressing the trees
And the trees are growing in the dark
And the dark is refilling my eyes
I'm alone in the night
Landscape is motionless
Atmosphere is quiet
But I feel something
That go over my back and my neck
and my head and my mind
I couldn't see you fucking human eyes
Fäerie in my heart I bathe in your light

5. Scrapheap!

Be aware before crossing the road
My little cat
Be aware before crossing the road
You nice dog
Be aware before crossing the road
Spiky hedgehog
Be aware before crossing the road
Long ears rabbit

Be aware before crossing the road
Frog and pimply toad
Be aware before crossing the road
Creeping caterpillar
Be aware before crossing the road
Little singing cricket
Be aware before crossing the road
Butterfly bird and owl

I hate you, fucking cars, cause you kill the animals
Grinding their bones, bursting their veins and making them agonize
I will crush you as you crush them, you will taste my lunar sword
You won't be able to run anymore, you will become a scraphead

6. Join Me In The Night

You watch this beautiful forest
It fascinates you night and day
Just a few steps to go
Could you leave this world?
Join me in the forest
In the shadows

It is really easy to do
No need to be junkie or drunk
Simply forget your body
And feel with your heart
Join me in the darkness
Join me in the night
Join me in the light

7. Enfant Spectre

Enfant form appears in the night
Mischievous eyes look at me...
Intriguing curves shape an attractive figure
Lying peacefully on a bed of leaves
Innocent moves, caressing my shell,
Enchant my body, my soul, my spectre...

8. Les Êtres De Lumière

Ce soir je vais aller loin dans la forêt pour rencontrer ceux que l'on ne voit jamais
Pendant que vous serez dans les discothèques ou bien assis devant la télévision
Je sais il n'y a rien d'intéressant pour vous, juste du noir, du noir et encore du noir.
Vous ne pourree jamais les apercevoir
Car leur lumière ne peut imprégner vos yeux

9. Dans Le Noir

La nuit dans le noir,
Les fées avec moi
Là-haut dans le ciel,
La Lune étincelle
Epée dans la main,
Rien ne me retient

Fairies and their whitish light
Are fluttering in the sky

10. Rêve De Nuit

Elle rêve de nuit, rêve de fait, rien ne pourra la détourner de la pleine lune et des étoiles cachées là-haut dans le ciel noir.

Elle va dans la nuit pour voir les fées, rien ne pourra l'en empêcher, la pleine lune et les étoiles vont éclairer les bois tout noirs pour elle.

Elle est dans la nuit avec les fées, rien ne pourra la détourner de la pleine lune et des étoiles juste au dessus de ses yeux noirs.

11. Fairies Fuck Humans

We are not like you, you are not like us,
We are from the night, you are from the day
Every day of life we roam in your world,
You don't even know that we're around you...

12. Never Be Like You

See not like you / in the dark
Feel not like you / in the night
Move not like you / among the trees
Be not like you, never be like you

I'll never see like you
I'll never feel like you
I'll never move like you
I'll never be like you

13. Osmose

I see the moon observing me
The wind is playing with my hair
I hear the song of the forest
The trees are caressing my skin
Fäerie always here to love me
In the night

14. Immature Attitude

Again it is another dream
Again the night is so bright
Again the fairies love me
Again the madness shal be

We will run towards the skirt of the forest
We will dance between the trees
We will throw ourselves on the ground
And roll in leaves
We will hang on to the branches
And climb very high
We will fuck everybody

Tenebras — Guitars, Drums, Vocals (additional)
Emilie — Vocals

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