Dark Lyrics


1. Choronzonic Chaos Gods

Firesnakes ascending
Uncoiled to bring Hell
From above and below
We come with Darkness cruelly

Strangling the world
Tightening our grip with each rotation
We slither around the throat of existence
And squeeze out all life

Spitting venom in the face of the earth
Feel the rush of Death!

Intoxicating all mankind
We are method to the madness
Narcotic terror
Triple Death and Dispersion!

Illuminating the blessed and the damned
With triple tongues of fire
Incinerating reason
Nothing will ever be the same!

Free of birth and dying
Elusive Evil moving unnoticed
An unholy hallucination
We were never here

Spitting venom in the face of the earth
Feel the rush of Death!

Configurated by Chaos
Our God has no face
We have no core, we just are
And we are forever

2. Blind Mad God

Blind and mad
Spreading Chaos and Death
Monarch marching
Reigning in the name of the Divine

Unbound and murderous
Morbid Messiah hungering for war
Unwilling to bow for anything
Kneel and offer defeat!

Devoid of mercy
Lives are just lives and mean nothing to me
I am God and spit at you people

Fuelled with fury
Compelled by the raging hate inside
Conditioned to conquer and create
My Will is the Will of all!

Peace I know not
Rage is my religion
Where cultures clash I take command
And feed the fire with black hatred

Cross-eyed gaze on supremacy
Expansion of the Elite
Centered at one vision
Backdraft of anti-human sanity

There will be death at the end of the tunnel

From war to war I grow in number
Parading in power
Utopia is within reach

Chaos Christus Vincit!
Chaos Christus Regnat!
Chaos Christus Imperat!

Contra mundum ad infinitum
Contra mundum ad absurdum
Contra mundum ad nauseam

Consummatum Est!

Asphyxiating the spawn of the impure
The Final Solution to subhuman life
Exterminate all!
My kingdom is One

From earth to heaven bodies pile
Megalomania knows no limits
Full blooded misanthropic
I am superior to all races

3. Darkness Undying

In Nomine Noxathanus
In Nomine Chaosathanas
In Nomine Zazazathanas
No god of order shall illuminate my soul!

On and on
For nothingness I go
Smiting myself down deeper and deeper
Into unalterable Blackness
Turn to the Night of Choronzon

Downwards with a sigh
Through the corridor of Da'ath
Sucked into the Invisible Light Which Is Darkness

My wings fly backwards to the beginning
On the rim of Dissolution
I spin out of my sight and out of my mind

I go beyond the crucifix and beyond its impotence
I go beyond thought and beyond Being itself
Beyond knowledge, beyond order
Beyond cosmos, beyond god


I become zero, empting of being
Unformed, deformed and unformed again
My anterior shape is uncreated
For I'm forgotten in my memories

Reborn inside the bowels of Nox
As I crawl along the shores
Of the foaming seas of Oblivion

Sub Noctes Nocte!
Sub Noctes Nocte!
Sub Noctes Nocte!

Here is where it all ends
Here lives nothing
Whatsoever has died
Goes on dying

Sic Luceat Nox!
Sic Luceat Nox!
Sic Luceat Nox!

Chaos is the Great Father
And I have returned
I witness the Darkness Undying
Hidden from all eyes

4. Zacar Od Zamran

Hail Choronzon hail!
Come Choronzon come!
I salute and conjure Thee
O Choronzon

By the chaos that moves me
By the madness that imprisons me
By the Power of Undying Darkness
I conjure Thee again

By the Word that opens ZAX
ZARZAX calls upon thee
By Three and by Three and by Three
Come unto me

Hail unto Thee
Who are Thrice One
Whose Name is the Second Death
Thou, who outnumbers the legions of light

Thou whose voice is the insane babble
Of a multitude of demons
Thou who screams "I am I"
Come forth from the Nothingness

Thou are the Master of Form
And from Thee all forms proceed
Thou who hath no face
For Thou hath all faces

Thy ways are methods to the Madness
Share my insane hatred
Against the supposed creator
And slay the son of man

Zodacare Od Zodameram
Zodacare Od Zodameram
Zodacare Od Zodameram
Zodacare Od Zodameram

Unsanctify this place of peace
That all righteousness departs from it
Befoul this planet with the stench
Of thy excrements

O Choronzon
Thou who art seated higher than the heavens
I pray that Thou bestoweth unto me
The knowledge of the world between being and not

Feel free to manifest
Feed upon the names of god
For Thou art Master of the Triangle
Come unto me

Come to life
Corruptor of all coherence
Set ablaze this earth of matter
Rise Choronzon rise

Lexarph. Comanon. Tabitom.
Come Choronzon
I welcome Thee
I am servitor to Thy Dominion

Zodacare Od Zodameranu

5. Insane Hatred For The Supposed Creator

Razors slashing
Grabbing beneath skin
Blood all over
I undo myself from face
This body I refuse
Must be sacrificed to my rage
For it's an insult and a blasphemy
To the Satanic Will

Hail Satan!
Hail Satan!

I am Chaos
Made out of Madness
I carry Insane Hatred
And yes, I know not god
The supposed blessing from creation
Has been withheld from me ever since I was born

And yes, I know not god
And yes, I know not god

My hatred requires more and more blood
Each time I rip myself to pieces
Bound to become bleeding
Bound to become drained from all holy

Molesting god's gift
I slit myself clean
This carcass was Satanized
And it's terminal!

Salvation through self mutilation
I cut myself red
Purification through putrefaction
God rots inside me

Until all righteousness
Latent in the core of my being is exhausted
Scraping all human from my soul
Which is black as pitch

Cut off from god
Ceremonial separation
Removal of father, son and holy spirit

Agla Eloim
Agla Jehova
Agla Sabaoth
Agla Adonai Mathon
Thou are fully and utterly aborted

Unclean spirit I cast you out!

6. The Jesus Sect

In wormholes they gather
Human maggots singing praise
On their knees beneath the ground
Hunchbacked for the feast

Coffin flies amassed
Congregated in gluttony
Hungering for sores and other holes
To multiply mongoloid larvae

Digging their way
Through cracks in the soil
Tunnelling down to their dinner
Jesus is waiting

The flies are starved
Unearting their holy host
To feed over his carcass
Jesus is served

Snorting up the stench of salvation
As love exudes from their rotting messiah
A swarming stampede high on decay
Exultant as they excavate

Maggots come, maggots come
Crawl up the cunt of Christ
Cave him out from inside
Infantile sect of insects
Inhabit the corpse
Clean up the skeleton
Eat the rot to the bone
Jesus Loves You
And receives with open wounds

7. Intoxicated With Death

I lie hidden
Enshrined in Darkness
Stiff and silent
Waiting to awake my Self

I appear dead before my own eyes
Staring coldly at my vacant face
Gaze fixation on my own corpse
Which is now a grave to rot in

Deadly unbalanced to Outer Negative
Infinite Blackness of body and soul
I realize
There is no life inside this body

Broken from the world
And broken from my Self
I lock all access to my conscience
And welcome catatonia

Out of this dying death cell
With walls of flesh
Bars of bone
And me in between

Bound and loathing
Razored and restless
In my wrappings of tissue
Slash this prison of skin

From embodied to disembodied
Exposing my soul
To the full onslaught of Chaos
I shall be liberated

I am becoming Noxul
A terror to my own psyche
A terror antagonizing my body
I shall be completely Chaotic

Branded to reach Omnipotence
The secret knowledge
And the forbidden wisdom
Will be mine

Fangs thrust my soul
As I call upon the Risen Serpent
Drugged with infernal injections
I receive the acid from Amenta

Intoxicated with Death
Struck by the Triple Tongue of Fire
Fragments of my Self exploded together
I am born

8. Satan Ex Machina

I come
From the living centre of Hell
I will fix and I will finish
I solve everything

I am the helping hand of Armageddon
Inspirator behind the cleansing
Genocide - Satan Lives!
Genocide - Satan Lives!

I dictate what needs to be done
To save this shithole from surviving
Listen to me
I am the Way

Disrupting the total equilibrium
All balance must be banished
Peace ripped to pieces
All is good when all is dead

I will bring the world to sleep
And leave it with raging Chaos
The end and perfection
Of the Great Work

I will not disappear
I will only get worse
Inexorable Evil
Everything bows before Satan Ex Machina

I will swallow the soul of the Earth
I will swallow the soul of the Earth
I will swallow the soul of the Earth
I will swallow the soul of the Earth

Darkness. Blackness. Death.
As I help creation to get rid of itself
Rewinding the life cycle until nothing is left
Let's celebrate the end of existence!


Always aversive
Doing evil in the sight of the lord
Judas among twelve
I'm the corruption of all commandments
I am the scourge of all that cures
The hands of Christ never heal

I travel on the scythe of the Reaper
And suffocate the skies with rot
There is no Hell which I am not
Unravelled incursion upon god
Forever persistence in what is absurd
Disfigured by wilful perversion

I blast through the soft flesh of cosmos
And beat the heavens down from the skies
I am ever more monstrous
Playing dice with the universe

I am the Void that shadows suns
I am the Black that swallows stars
I am the conflicting rhythm that quakes the spheres
I am the pulse of Black Chaos

I am nocturnal storm
And the nuclear blackness within
Eight rayed Terror unfurled
Chaotic Will over Order

Drawing all forces inward
I am the magical engine of occult power

I rejoice on blood and ritual death
I regenerate by fires fed with human bones

I am the Names upon which is called
Before the sacrifice is made

I am the spell in motion
The ritual words as spoken
I am a thousand curses
For a thousand blessed saints

Intellectual subversion
I am the door in the soul which opens on Hell
Chaosmorphosis of the holy spirit
Let there be Madness

Many limbs and many teeth
Arachnid Archon lurking at the Crossing
To swallow all consciousness without a trace

Weaving funnels from Zero to Nothing
None shall pass
Weaving funnels from Zero to Nothing
None shall tell
Weaving funnels from Zero to Nothing
None shall return

I reign from infinity to infinity
And I reign out of control
Uncreated Father of all things
I am the Living God

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