Dark Lyrics


1. Somber Overture (Intro)


2. The Aesthetic Bullet

The echoes of desperate woes
The chants of self-destruction
The prayers of the lost
Are melting around my finger

Pull the trigger
Feel the memories stain the walls
The color of love and hate
The artistic way to leave

I am no longer afraid
I am not coming back
Feel free to curse my soul
The struggle was always mine

Pull the trigger
Feel the beauty burst the skull
Paint the scene with bloody shade
Dance around my corpse
And sing with your loudest voice

3. The Train Ensemble

Let me stand between your arms
I beg for mercy for the last time
Crash my body into a thousand pieces
And spread what's left of me
All around your iron rails

Orchestrate the ending
Caress my bones and shout
Deafen my eyes and soul
Blind my eyes and heart

Embrace my torture
I don't want to live for another day
I am taking myself to the last ride
Along the blue skies above

I can hear the choirs getting louder and closer
In this church of bitter railway..
I stand for the last time

4. Aphonic Prologue (Instrumental)

5. The Bridge Of Departure

It's been a long life
Nothing new to see, feel and hate
Deception and greed
Betrayal and loss

Down below
The voices inside will fade away
Crossing to the other side is just one leap away
One breath away
Nothing more will happen today

Let the winds carry my will
I'll smile before reaching the ground
I promise,
I'll fly away from all of you
You pathetic creatures
Let my hate scatter all over earth

Let the wind play my music
I'll sing the scream all the way down
I'll be the god of my own symphony
The god of all misery

When the scene is ended
Don't wish me peace
I got none when I was breathing
I want none out there

6. The Slit-Wrist Gallery

For all the tragic scars on my wrist
You are the written history
And every drop of bleed I shed
Fed me the strength to go on

All the blood around me
Are turning black as the night
Black as the falling sanity
The color of space and time

In the shadows of solitude
Cast your shades on this torn wrist
Spill the hope
Spill the dream
Spill the pain

In this full-moon dusk
Only one wish remained
I hope you all die slowly

7. Self-Slaughter Scenery (Instrumental)

8. The Hanging Forest

In the hanging forest
We tie the knots so tight
The thirst for peace is eating away
Surrendering to the force of gravity

I hear the birds weeping
While I am catching my last breath
Eyes can't stop rolling
Seeking for the end

I am joining the fleet of hanging bodies
Drawing an artwork with flesh and bones
Releasing all human emotions free
Merging what's left of me with the forest

I feel like I am the conductor
For these orchestral mourning trees
The birds will chant my name forever
But the ground will never devour me

The rope is now my only savior
The forest is my only home
I am turning into nothing
From Nothing to nothing

9. The Pills Of Salvation

I am so tired
I am getting old for this nonsense
These empty rooms are lonely

For those who left,
I wish you misfortune for the life to come
For the pain you dig inside
For leaving all these pages empty
Why did you leave?

For those who died,
I am coming soon my dears
I don't belong to this life anymore
I am packing my memories to meet you all

I am so tired
I am getting old for this nonsense
I've been waiting death for years
I am writing my own ending
God's version I don't accept
It's way too cruel

10. Suicide in Dark Serenity

[originally by Xasthur]

Dead was any eye, to see them die
Of these passing lives, screaming within

Drown within the streams, we once drank from

This death has no wings
To "Hell" we follow
A falling moon

11. Aghast Epilogue (Outro)


Azmo Lozmodial: all instruments, music and lyrics;
Fernando Garcia: agonized vocals.

Thanks to lozmodial for sending these lyrics.

Submits, comments, corrections are welcomed at webmaster@darklyrics.com


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