Dark Lyrics


1. Stones

Stone, burn, walk, inhale decay
Spine, void, break, I will fall if I stay
As I lay in bond, embrace the crown
Defeat the face, walk in gust
Let them all go but keep it close
Endless pace, clouds of rust
Let it all go but feel it grow
As I lay in bond, embrace the crown
As I lay in bond, embrace the crown

2. Pyroclastic Flows

The air breaths slow ash
Pyroclastic flows burn through
What once was turned to embers
In the valley of ten thousand smokes

The fire burns below the water
Floating in the black light
The smoke screen that hides
Threads that weave the flames

Survive fires burns weak
Lights of the world grows thin
Bones spins that sparks
Like glistening tar from the mouths of the gods

What was never ours we laid to waste
With cinders we begin anew

3. Tumskruvar

Alla skriker/ ingen lyssnar
Reflektioner i kunskap
Speglar och rök
Vi solar i vår historia

Högljudd tystnad/ ekar i etern
Masken blänker/ mänskan glöms bort

Falska sanningar/ tom tro
Blinda tämjer/ ny kanon
Döva sväljer/ andra kräks
Upplyst pöbel/ bränner häxor

4. Mare Tranquillitatis

The swarm is a chaotic source
Projections and movements
Moving pictures of violence and hate
A grind, the endless grind to consume emotions

A fire split in two, leaving the ash
A spark that turned into arson
Your house of venom needs to burn
The purge to eradicate your plague

A celestial ocean of collective future
A new universe parallel to the hive
In a slow fall I fell into this calm sea
With heavy eyes I drowned you in heavy water

Your house of venom…
Needs to burn!

5. Only the Dirt will Know Our Graves

There is a dark star rising
In our name
There is a black hole hiding in its shadow
For we whom stole the light from their hands

Into chaos
For we are but dust

In time the wolves will claim the crown
In time only the wind will know our names
In time only the dirt will know our graves

This line is a blade that
Cut right through
As the fabric rips, it all pours out
This line is a blade that
Cut right through
Hear my sirens! Like thunder
Like lightning!

Your god weeps as the
Sky crash down

6. Ourang Medan

We fell to the ground from the silent blast
Disoriented, cold – trying to stay awake
If this isn't the first time, it must be the last
The mouth a desert, the eyes a void

Harsh rain like nails to the skin
Swiftly thinning air, seconds went like days
Chilling the marrow, freezing within
From parting waves to parting ways

Suddenly, a presence
Could it just be the wind?
Boy standing straight, observing everything
Some kind of slumber will embrace us

In this moment, frozen in time
Looking for direction, starry eyed yet blind
The sky awakes, pointing fingers at our flaws
We've been sleeping days now

No ocular damage, breathing through mud
Boy seeking shelter, moving slow, scouting slow
On the deck, sleep through the flood
We belong to someone else now

Where is the tide when we need it the most?
The muffled silence, the rumble of feet on hollow wood
Losing grip, drifting into blackened light
Boy seeking refuge in a blaze of white

We rest our heads on the freezing deck

And we re-create the features of our loved ones
As we venture further into the fog

Thanks to zedisius for sending these lyrics.

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