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1. The Heralds Of Fall

Seduced by cranes' call

When golden mildness of August nights
Turn into desperate autumn rust
Doth harvest rot or crop decay
As the deeds of men trouble them once again
I inhale the dark depths of fall
The last glimpse of day, alas, drifts away

Swans spread their wings and head for the unknown
Rowans side to side bleed from autumnal souls
The glow of your eyes and the blaze of your heart
My saviour amongst the darkest arts
In the starry night thou possess the might over me...

Blade is forged to bleed
Heart is made of forlorn breed
Death wreathed to seduce
The sons of the northern gloom
Wrath born to be ablazed
Soul cries after maiden's grace
The curse cut upon the frozen stone
On the shores of this ice-cold sea

Your tears will fall for yesterdays
As embers become dark the sorrow shows the way
Wear the mourning gown, hear those celebration chants
Of the bride with the seven-flowered crown

I lay my head upon the doleful bed
Under dead leaves of the sacrifice grove
Or in oceanic grave will I forget my pains
As I glide into night of infinity...

To embrace frost on her velvet lips
Or hear the yearning from a silent sigh
I must reach for the home of the restless ones
Where paths bear neither end nor name
Groaning rain burns my weary frame
The last glimpse of day guides my steps astray

2. Unlit

3. You Dance

4. Bleakest Essence

Seek the truth from my eyes
Can you see into the depths of my soul?
Can you see the eternal sin?
The morning embracing the sunset

Hold your tears in my heart
Lay my arms enchanted tonight
Enslave your dreams to seek
For the throes of the nothingness

Lament your sorrows The throes of the sunset
To chase the moonlight from the darkest deception
Forever to capture the autumn rain
To enthrall your bleakest essence with tears

My soul is torn apart
From the presence of your everything
My heart bleeds forever
For the remnants of yesterday
Seek the truth from my eyes
Can you see into the depths of my heart?
Can you see infinite grief?
The morning embracing the sunset

Seek the truth from my heart to approach the darker reality
Seek the truth in my eyes, see the remnants of yesterday

5. Lucid Dreaming

For the fragile one I will encrypt my thoughts
The sinner's tears enthralled by wild agonies
The inner deception, betrayal of dawn
In the gloom's paradise you will inherit my scars
A wound of mankind, a spirit in blood,
The unfamiliar guest beneath the masquarade
Fight for me to dim the daylight,
To suffocate the sun, to justify your needs

Underneath the inner deception
I can reach your soul, I can reach your heart
Underneath the tranquil masquarade
There's a storm inside enslaved to darken the light

And in the end I have the universe in my hands
And in the end I have to realize that I'm not immortal
Before the night I have to dream my sorrows away
Will I see the dawn again after the bleakest night?

Can you feel the pain? The cancer grows inside you
Can you bleed the pain? The morning breaks your heart
Can you seek yourself? Will you ever grasp the pain?
Can you separate yourself from the lucid dreaming?

Why can't you be immortal?
Why can't you betray your life?
Why can't you believe the fame
Of inner deception, of inner pain?

6. Overture To An End

I would come back to say the words
But I dream of a little sacrifice
That will alter my destiny's place in life

I can see, the autumn leaves have fallen for me
In the end there's nothing but this solution
When destiny fails, will my pain fade away?

I see no point in going on
Will my heart encounter the trembling stars?

My pretended guilt bleeds for eternity,
For an obsolete, fragmented mind
Why can't I deny my frailty,
A crave for everything that is denied
Take me away, shattered illusion
To the settlement of the most
Bring back all my outcast emotions
Devastate my empty flicker of hope

I have no one in this life
I will congricate all my fragmented thoughts
With vacant stare I will burn them away

I have a feeling that I have learned to embrace
All the solemn but fragile ways of fate
The grotesque carnal pleasures of shame

I see no point in going on
When all else fails, nothing but death remains

Will you be beside me
When the prudence begins to fall
Will you belong to a thought
Of everythings bitter end
Will you be beside me
When the creation begins to fail
Will you belong to this thought
When nothing else in this world no longer remains but shame and misery

I will cry inside
My devotion to life
Is stronger than all my fears
I will fail inside
My sinister treasure beside
The fall of furious dreams

7. King Twisted

Hatred is my sceptre, instrument of doom
Armor made of cruelty, inhuman tortured misery
Deception's woven into my cape, I wrap betrayal around
On my throne I sit and moan and wear the crown of decadence

Have I found myself, have I seen the closer glimpse of truth
I ain't even slipping yet, I've got white soul to denigrate

With ravens I am glutting gore and one pound of putrid flesh
Only things defiling me are words no more no less
Long is the way and hard that out of light leads down to hell
There is something holding me it won't let go of my filthy shell

I will blind their eyes, sew up their liar mouths
Seal the coffin of the living dead and wait for rotten corpse

Oh, how hard I have to try to ruin myself?
Dedication for the twisted salvation
Exhausting me, still I must mutilate on and on
I can't even know myself, if I haven't tasted some blood

8. Innate 13

At times my empty and tangled eyes betray
To believe this I need more than mere faith
In this cold and desolate ward of mind
Intoxicated truth I bear inside

At times this shattered being is lost

For it all is gone I've sharpened the blade in my dreams
In alteration I have broken old entities
In a kind of mental subtraction
Everything fades and everything dies for a while

Come my fierce and lonely grave
Enter my bleeding dreams
Come and be where it all ends
Everytime when I surge inside

The bleaker desire, more painful demise
For aeons I've worn black spirit disguise
For all things to come I shiver inside
To taint the world with blood at times

This shattered being is lost

This endeavour is not worth all esteem
As a birthmark I'm stained with number 13
For a desolate mind can't be divine
All illusions can't last more than for a while

Carved is a number into my skin imprisoned in all these cages

9. The Doomwatcher

The oath sworn by the faithful
Decades of decayed thoughts, false belief
Crushed by one man with the sword of word
The chosen one is yet to be come...

Worship the messenger of the true god
And the pain, which flows from heavens
Hark the messenger of the messiah
And the punishment, final burning

Masquerade has been going on for
Too long, time to tear off disguise
The apostate crawling amongst the orthodox
In wait to swallow the fallen souls of ours

Archtype sunken into our existence
Archtype devours entire common sense

The legions of the hallowed land
Will follow the truth and holy light
The saviour invincible in jihad
Will you raise your voice in favour of messiah?

10. Ignifer

Words echo in abyss, the glow of rotten moon
Lights the path I stumble, from one misery to another
I just want to dream, to see through my destiny
The final blaze of heart, the hymn for torn apart

Burning, bleeding passion
I bear fire in my heart
Not in a state of grace,
But one of the Outcast in shades

Have I befouled this dress so shining and white?
Yet a feast to come, after the absence of light
Who told of wish to face me? Now unwrap the shell around
With the wandering gaze of thine, with the answer of prayers of mine

You're blessed by the same angel,
Possessed by the same demon as I am
Ponder this in your heart, while you dye this soil with my blood


This is symphony of shattered souls
Ave Ignifer!
And fire burns...

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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