Dark Lyrics


1. One Thing

this is your one chance at my one thing
so take it all back now

gonna take this back my one thing
you hear what you want i hear you, i can feel your cut
it's coming, do you want to fuel my one thing, god
blind these eyes please see my mind, and i take it
down cause its gonna be my thing, take this back

this thing, my thing, one thing, take it all back from

i'll do what you want you scare me, and you puch my
back cause you know my one thing, i can feel you now
my thinking, take this back my evil one thing, take
this back

this thing, my thing, one thing, take it all back from

you see in me, what i have left for you, you see in
me, why you think i left this for you, you see in me,
now that its' over, you see in me

and the farmer says to his garden, your gonna die
soong, and the doctor says to his patient, your gonna
die soon, and the leader says to his nation, your
gonna die soon, and the god says to his creation, your
gonna die now

why cant you try to take this one thing, my thing take
it and, i cant stick these hands up well, i can be

why me got me something, i can't fuck this shit my one
thing, my one thing

2. Pacifier

one time through the door, and on the floor, all i
wanna be is just a little whore, all i wanna do what i
wanna do to myself, i cut my ity bity self, i cant
think about you and what you wanna do, i should i
better stop myself cause you could be like you be like
that you could be like this old man that said, and
this is what he said to me

i dont wanna feel this way anymore, cause i cannot
take all this wont you save me

i dont need this shit to end this endless story, take
my savior take my pacifier

believe more in a core i've stored everything you
said, put my hell to bed now again, i am dreams bad
ones as it seems is why i cannot redeem, can't what i
do everything i do is just for blame sake, anyways and
this is what he said to me and anyway, and this is
what he said to me what he said to me

3. Lipstick

one time long ago i ripped myself up, put on my
lipstick said i'm gonna give this shit up, i fear what
i gots to fear, cause it's ntohign that i fear in
something, i am yellow piss ina pipe dream, this rocks
for you i meanj, i am this and you are that, cause
it's something what i have is nothing

i can't live in this world, time beats you crush your
soul, laugh at your breathing eyes, cut my throat
downtime why me

i'll wait there for you

that time was long ago i still rip myself up, took off
my lipstick and i didn't give the shit up, i feared
what i had to fear, still it's nothing that i fear in
something, i am little boy in a wet dream, this g.i.
joe it seems, ill share this and you share that, cause
in something i have nothing

kill myself on my knees, why i try my disease, i bleed
to take these pills, slit my wrist downtime why me

i'll wait there for you

this old man please die i fall deeper, toys of mine
broken i'll buy new toys, this bitch won't play with
me i could hurt her, this old trend dies one more
harder dont tell me i'm wrong you didn't live this
with me, when i have my own cause it could've been,
would've been this is my own

4. Undercut

sane closed my head shut now that i am painted black,
everything i am is gone like you pushed me , i burned
my hand closed now i close my soul from behind, now
every time i wonder if my sodomy's gone

repent my undercut (repent my lies), sewn shut nailed
to myself (sewn shut my eyes)

crushed ever deeper i am dead there's no belief, time
to try more to care nothing more i care now,
everything is done undone to keep myself a whole, try
believe myself believing everything i want

repent my undercut (repent my lies), sewn shut nailed
to myself (sewn shut my eyes)

time to give myself peace everything brought on leave,
i try my hardest and there's too much now, every time
there's no trusth all is gone this part of you, my
friend send my friendnow is gone but you'll seee,
stained black neck and bloody hands ohh i am, damned i
am, there's a dead whore at my feet there's nothing,
give me my head nothing more i am dead, see my fate my
soul my element is whole, every one done no belief
sadness and an open dream, unsure these books all read
death is fed through absent grief, all these pages no
one sees five years and a smoking gun, now my blood it
thinkens and it all stops now

5. Defaced

little boy, come play with me, go hide from me, then
i'll find you, he tries to find me, can he hear me, my
uncle touch me, run away from this

culture, i'll try more
culture, do it better hate more
culture, scream once and push it
culture threw it out the door
culture, talk shit fuck it do it every day
culture, one time why defaces me

while i wonder, come all so closer, you want to fuck
me, try and fuck me, i scream in pleasure, i scream to
nothing, i want to die now, while you rape me

[repeat chorus]

one time why deface me, tell me why rrrgh you raped
me, tried to ruin me, look what you rrrgh you gave me,
you can't face me

6. Self Punishment

gotta mind gotta fine mind

find out what im thinking what im feeling, my
confusing living blind mind, no acid pop dreams
lampshade dress me, tripping on greed, my own
delusions, table ready salt skull conversation demand
what's right, lying gold man, emotion complexion feed
your distress, wanting to be, a little nothing

remake everything, dont want me can't stop me everyone
you do is just about dead anyways, fight me tell me,
refake, fucked up everything, congressman dead oh
anyways, kill every mother fucker that stand in my
fucking way, fight me tell me

little porno adventure downward nothing, flight this
with me can't conceive this, ill love hate forever not
for better, worse than me dilated darkness, little man
what an image no more breeding, hand on my brain my
little blood stain, no backwards position my incision,
pissing blood tears please dont hurt me

[repeat chorus]

you've fucked jive everything, little slut to me just
a wannabe gotta mind gotta find mind

7. Hitch

recite, i feel everything, relight my own joy in this,
my own faggot fantasy, t.v. series lightbulb coffin,
reborn, skinless nightmare, no words only questions,
like me, only everyone wants, feel this feeling

nothing....do i care
brings me.....lie to me
can i......hate myself

push me through all closed doors, and i can't find my
way, i want to feel human, and i am what gives it
away, nothing can be done

ugly, i am nothing but send me to my crucifix, raping,
falling inside out, plaing what i used to be, would
he, collect his own mind, my own is not pure and
whole, piece this, less is what i am, love is a
wonderful thing to hate

[repeat chorus]

8. Useless

i laugh at you, as you cry with me, why must i feel,
hatred for you, uncle sammy tried to hurt, but he
knows that we cant break his lies


one more paper ten more murders, old man dart board,
innocent extinction, walk on my life, end ten thousand
more lives, but he know that we can't break his lies


i fear- exactly what you'll do to me
i fear- if i ever will be free
i fear- rip my heart out through my throat
i fear- a milllion screams i am one
i fear- sadist calling won't you come
i fear- faceles shell i am done
i fear- why see what you've done to me
i fear- you mother fuckin' wish you had

9. Perfect Person

i dont udnerstand this, all pain pushed inside, all
plastic frustration, why you cannot be you, i am
walking hate, all this surrounds me, i can't even try
, i dont udnerstand

why i hate me

you do not see, i dont udnerstand, i na mirror i see
nothing why dont i see something, my mind my own
prison, your face my own toy, i have no honest
reflection, i dont understand

why i hate me

see what i am, everything has changed, and i cna't
find my own mind, cause everything feels dead

i can't feel
i am numb
a perfect person

kill me

foudn out what im doing
i cant find my head

10. Communion

as time goes by and it's an endless deal, myself my
life think about my simple rights, just run away from
my only fears, contradict and compromise made to feel
like nothing

she...she wanted everything made me see where i fall
from behind

i bring myself under, time is an endless blur, i give
my soul to you, time that my heart is used and giving
is something you dont think about, lying is just what
your all about, please let my soul rest, i'll give
myself just a little while

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