Dark Lyrics


1. Lex Talionis

Deep beneath the forest
An old shrew is in slumber
Holding the twines of life in
Her shivering oppressed hands

Branded by the elapsed eras
Sallow and gasping sitting
In a cave in which
The final breath is slowly hushed

An old saying tells us
Treat as you want to be treated
Seems to be forgotten
And replaced by scorn

Like a sword stroke
Deep in her heart
Our mother is dying
Forlorn and weak

The yarns are cut
Fenris free
I see what you can’t see
Mother earth has died
Brought down by her sons

And our course is straight
Straight into the abyss of eternity
The last battle of Midgard
And our destiny is to die

The last hope is gone
Evaporated to dust
The reason for her call
Is the aftermath of us all

2. Arminius

In the forest of Teutoburg the lore began
When a young boy was taken by a plague
Smaller than a sword at the Romans side
As mercenary forever the foes guide

Arminius was his name
What we will never forget
A fighter for freedom
The hero of our land

In a cold autumn night
A bold plan was born
To deceive Varus, tormentor of Germania
And avenge his own blood

In the cover of the night
He gathered the clans
With the forest as their shelter
For the capture of homeland

We will banish them
Without regarding death

Avenge our ancestor’s blood
With the tenfold smash

Arminius we vaunt you
Shelter of Germania we honor you
With the sword in his hands the hero of our land
Risen up high and ready to slay

In the year 9 A.D
He wrote history
Killing an eighth of the foes army
Wrangling Varus’ ignominy

3. Under The Serpent Sign

Once upon a time a young knave
Was born under the serpent sign
Thirsty for lands unknown
He armed for a quest into the forest of oath

In the dawn of the night he escaped
Far from home into the forest of death
Days and Nights he strayed around
Till he came to a place never’d been found

A cave so dark
His shadow unseen
For goblins apart
A bad place to be?

Awaited for days!
Surrounded soon
By dancing creatures
In the nightlight of moon

A young girl took him by his hand
Whispering words he couldn’t understand
She gave him a jar and a bottle of mead
And they danced and sang till the midnight heat

We’re ruler of the forest, shelter of the weak
We welcome you in the realm of treat

Sit down friend and be our guest
But abuse our grace
We set fire in your chest

The amiss virtues avarice and greed
He yield soon and began to seek
The treasure of his well patrons
Stole their gold and their loveliest maid

After years of fortune his young face changed
By a curse of the elders
Days faded, of weeks became years
His body was now frail and gross to see

We’re ruler of the forest, shelter of the weak
We welcome you in the realm of treat

Sit down friend and be our guest
But abuse our grace
We set fire in your chest

An old doter in the bloom of his years
Once to proud to heed the caveat
So try ever to deal justly
Abort the virtues avarice and greed

4. Einherjer

Nun steh ich hier an deinem Grab
Die Fackeln brennen wie dein Geist unverzagt
Die letzte Ehre steht bevor
Wonach du ziehst durch Asgards Tor

Verbrannt mit Hab und Gut
Mit Schwert und Frau und mit Heldenmut

Von den Wallküren getragen um in Asgard zu speisen
An Odins Tisch wirst du verweilen
Dein Tod, stolz, mit erhobenem Haupt
Mit den Ahnen vereint, Ehre dir verlaut

Der Nebel stand tief in jener Nacht
Doch am Morgen die Sonne bereit für die Schlacht
Mit blanken Waffen blitzend wie wenn Feuer auffacht

Im Getümmel der Schlacht gefallen
Von Angesicht zu Angesicht Im Kampf um Ruhm
Erlangst du die letzte Ehre nach dem alten Brauch
Hinaus auf die See zieht dein Ascherauch

5. Shadows Arise

6. Blackened Sky

Days of thunder ere roaming the land
Haze so grey, hiding ones hand
For the diviners a mystery
Deathbringer from no man’s land

The bones in blood hid the truth
The scare yonder times below any roof
So they send a messenger
To abort the pain
Tormenting them

Over mountains and seas he was sent
To find the ones to protect the land
Guardians of the forest thy were called
Avengers of wrath
A dead man’s squad

We are determined to kill
Our prophecy we fulfil
Against Attila we will fight
Without fear the heads up high

The fourth century anno domini
Brought change and grand diversity
Over the pass ye Carpathian woods
A Storm brood enslaving liberty

The certain death was waiting
Sneering in the face of the foes
Huns sans the sense of grace
Approached on their high battle steeds

Füget euch ihr Knochen im Blut
Gebt uns Rat und Heldenmut
Offenbart den Weg unseres Volkes
Gedeihen oder sind wir des Todes

Füget euch ihr Knochen im Blut
Gebt uns Rat und Heldenmut
Hildico so rate ich
Gebt sie fort mit Zwiegesicht

Now the moment of vengeance was near
Careless and proud he lay beside her
Hildico his virgin bride
Took revenge in their wedding night

Over mountains and seas she was sent
To find the one who torments the land
Hildico she was called avenger of wrath
The god sent Goth

7. Victory

So many times you’ve heard those lies
So many times you’d like to cry
Dazzled by their wrong words
Perverted by their feign believe

We are calling can’t you see
We are the storm which was set free
To break the chains they create
And enforce the dawn of a new day

We are the void you couldn’t find
Follow us into the light
We are the crowed you’re calling for
Follow us once more

Sing with me my friend
And pass by the dark end
Come with me, I will you guide
Trust me I’ll fight your strike

I feel our victory
And see those bastards slain
Our wrath is unleashed
Stoked by their deeds

I feel our victory
Savor our agony
I see their misfire
Brought down by heathen might

An institution built on lies
A site of sand in the abyss of the waves
Lord of the feeble tormentor of the weak
Bastards of the cross I call you
Die! Die! Hear my spell
Burn! Burn! In your hell
Feigned and lied

8. Warhorns Of Midgard

The clouds in the sky begin to hide
The land for years Ive called mine
A war unknown to the worlds
Calling the last fearless hearts

Gathering the clans to fulfil our fate
Ready to fight till the dawn of the day
Brave wolves in the heat of the hunt
Well rise again when the morning comes

Blow your horn
The horn of war
Hoist our banner
Tattered and black

Side by side the arms up high
We form a wall of honor and pride
Uncertain to see them alive
Your home, your son, your own wife

50 thousand men are glimming afield
Every stride and chant quakes my shield
Upon the hill their war machinery hushes
Waiting to kill

Black raven circuit the field
I see their eyes greedy starring at me
Descendents clucked by death
Foreboders of our fate

The bones sliver
Steel bursts
Blood creeps
Men fall

Fight for honor
And die for pride

Warhorns of Midgard the forecast of war
Warhorns of Midgard will never fall silent

9. Spirit

I take a look to my empty jar
A sense of sorrow thrills my head
Five new jiggers and five new jars
And I fall down and watch the stars

I brood about lands far, far away
Where the rivers are full of wine
Till the end of our days

The brew nestles against my throat
We celebrate till the morning light
And drink and sing the entire night

I reached a time
I lost my guide
Everywhere I see
My demons alive

Nowhere I find
The light to escape
The end of the line
So endless and wide

Like in every battle singly the strongest survive
They face their demons and gloriously pass by
So I take my jar and my lovely bride
In a circle of friends and party tonight

Kling! The horns clash bright
A song thrills the night
The Barrels appear
Filled with mead inside

Come on drink my friend
And take your whore by her hand
Forget tomorrow we life now
Show yourself what’s a dressing down

10. Ancient Heritage / Modern Warriors

From time immemorial
Old values reign the world
The oblivion is straight ahead
And the wisdom soon lost

My legacy
Are your ancestors words
Regard my call
Swear the oath

Loyalty in the brotherhood
Force in combat
Truth to your sword
And honor in death

Modern Warriors
I call you
Ancient Heritage
I praise you
Elder’s Wisdom
Will arise
Glaze at the sky
At the darkest time
Elder’s Wisdom
Will arise
As token of devotion
Carried up high

Till the circle of life has closed
You have to pass times of war
And times to celebrate
You won’t assign
Cause you know our heathen legacy

Everyone can choose

The rings of his chain of fate
But act with care
Even steel can burst

At the gates of Asgard
You will see them all
Recollecting your lifetime
Proud and strong

The ancestor’s legacy
You have regarded
Now affiliated
Into the circle of the brave men

11. Rise After Falling

In moments of fear
I bleed within
Death’s so close
But still to far

I stroll through the time
Into distant lands
Once I’ve called mine

My sense of life
Lost long ago
Oppressed gasps
Are my only words
I set into the endless night
The burial site

Oh my heart, heart blood is black
Heading towards the end
At the edge of time I recollect
Everyone can rule his fate

From now on
I reaped the reign
Bout mind and time
About my life

Enslaved destiny
The serpent sign
Grew within
The decisions were mine

Tonight I will be free
The reign of life I can feel
So many years I wasted time
In the abyss within
Ignoring the sings

12. Ragnarök

The fimbulvetr prays the blast of death from north
3 years of frost, 3 years of night
The final breath evaporates to the sky
To the stars up high

Skali and Hati chase the moon
Stars drop from the canopy
Fenris crashs his chains
Naglfar appears during night

The end of all no one to escape
Muspells sons are on their way
Odens son, Thor awaits them
To fight – to strike

Þá kemur inn ríki
að regindómi
öflugur ofan,
sá er öllu ræður

Þar kemur inn dimmi
dreki fljúgandi,
naður fránn, neðan
frá Niðafjöllum;
ber sér í fjöðrum,
flýgur völl yfir,
Niðhöggur nái.
Nú mun hún sökkvast

Viktor ‒ Bass
Daniel ‒ Guitars (rhythm)
Rosh ‒ Keyboards
Dom ‒ Vocals, Lead Guitar

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