Dark Lyrics


1. Murder The World


2. Devil

I live in the shadows I have no name
I seek no faith I burn with rage
Unforgiving my art is death
Darkness my oath like a disease I infect
I will make you suffer and regret you were born
No fairy tale ending you will fucking pay
My master is the devil and I am here to carry out his will

Liars thieves takers of innocence I will come for you I am the truth
Minuscule weaklings I know you all mass murder I will destroy this world
In a sea of fire I am reborn strongest in darkness I defy your world
Will you surrender to powers that be will you fight or remain fucking weak
Your words don't mean shit to me fuck you and what you believe

3. Complete Despair

I hate this fucking world in perfect harmony
I sink into depression I reject all warm I loathe you all contemplative and alone
My only emotion is disgust for everything I have come to know.
I hate this fucking world I will not be controlled so keep your fucking prayers
Because I am going down in flames

Incessant and cruel I am callous and full of disdain
Without solitude I am nothing there can be no remission
No resemblance of normalcy complete fucking despair everyday
Everyday is a struggle and this fight goes on forever
One thing is for certain some days I win and some days I lose
I will never compromise what I know to be true time is killing me

4. Life Means Nothing

The storm approaches do not look back
Learn and bleed but dwell on nothing
Turned to stone you cannot break me
I am what you wish you could be
Spineless worthless you are all the same
Cannot think for yourself God is to blame

Greed breeds ignorance it manipulates you
Controls you your voice is poison
Just play the game every day the same
Waiting to die you wasted your life
I bleed like you but we are not the same
You do not speak for us I have my own voice

5. Unholy Crusade

They only have the power that we give
Step on their throats and they die
No icons no gods there is no one watching out for us
Strike fear in their hearts splatter the blood of the lamb
If you threaten my life I will kill you

You never taught me to be a man you only told me to live in fear
Serve yourself
The beast within me rises I am human no more
A lifeless soulless killer with the compassion for this world
you made us doubt every fucking day,
Do you blame us that our hearts beat with hate.
Serve yourself

Tear down the statues burn every church the word of the Lord is treason
There is no God Father I ask why have you forsaken us?
Father I ask why have you forsaken us why?
No gods no saviours no heaven we are all alone

6. No Saving Grace

I have witnessed no miracles there is no saving grace
I lie awake thankful for nothing
I was born to murder the world

Dark lord I beg of you please embrace me like your sodomized son
My only faith resonates with misery
Dark lord I am the one you seek I have survived your suffering and despair
Satan I hear you speak but they are my words that you say
Take me I do not belong here I never have

You were never there I starved and bled
You did nothing so you are nothing you fucking coward
Now here I stand at one with the darkness
If God exists he is nothing to me
Can you hear me God? You are nothing

7. Today You Die

I would cut your throat just to watch you bleed
I will never let this go and this world you have to leave
Low life scum hiding behind your words
You are dead weight mother fucker
I am your final nightmare

All you had to do was just walk away but you had to prove you were tough
And then you got fucked up childish games will get you slain
You wasted your time because today you die
Mind your own business show some respect
You do not respect shit and that is why today you die
You cannot fucking change this disgrace you call your life
So I will finish this and that is why today you die
What the fuck did you think now no one has your back
I will wait for you until you pay your dues
I wear my scars with pride but all you do is hide
You wasted your time and that is why today you die

Somewhere someday our paths will cross again
I swear you will remember my face you will remember my name
Forever in this world who can you trust everyone is out for themselves
Do not put faith in the human race live as a wolf or die as a sheep
Life is too short for your fucking games trust no one

8. Godless And Without Fear

Serpents unholy forces they speak to me wolves among the flock
They have stayed with me never turned their backs on me
Yet you have betrayed me now I turn my back on you

Godless without fear forsaken hopeless
These words I speak this oath I swear
Never will I return never will I feel again
Endless misery paradise a fucking dream
Weakness and apathy fuck your prophecy

9. Legion

I do not need your fucking prayers your kind reeks of arrogance
I am the master of my domain shredding through your flesh
Breaking your feeble bones tell me now who is your master
No one will grieve for you they will not even know you are gone
Now I turn the blade on myself ripping the flesh from my bones
Sadistic power fills my soul I do not stop at the sight of blood
My body dies but I am forever human life is worthless the pain carries on

Unworthy of life disgrace to mankind
You fucking sheep you forever disgust me
I am Legion vomit the body of Christ
The strength of hell within me the devil exists in us

Devon "Smugs" Shefchek – Bass
Kevin Coleman – Drums
Leon Mallah – Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Joe Bonaddio – Guitars, Vocals

Thanks to nirajpandya for sending these lyrics.

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