Dark Lyrics


1. River Of Death

From their hidden iced world...
Too many bravemen came!
They came to search for wealth and lies...
But all that they found was disgrace!
Even the strongest fight and fall...
Before the powers of death!
And if you hear this just try...
Don’t wast your life in vain!

Maybe you don’t believe my friend...
Maybe you’ll never understand...
If you go down...down by this river...
The place of dying men!

If you hear this sound,
Maybe you’ll never fall...
Listen to my prayers!
Coming from the ground,
Killing all around...
The place of dying men!

By passing this tale we’re trying to release...
The soul of the brave men from dark!
Even the strongest fought and fell...
Before the powers of death!
Those from above are caring for us...
Praying for triumph and glory!
And now this tale is finally over...
The curse of the dead will go on!

[Bridge / Chorus]

[Lead Davis]
[Lead Gustavo]
[Lead Davis]
[Bridge / Chorus]

2. Doomsday

Dark factories lie ahead of us
A dark sun burns!
These false prophets never...
Told us what it has

Behind this
A dreadful symphony
Behind this
A hollow tree of seed
Behind this
Denying all we need
Behind this
Despiteful world we live

How could it be our tomorrow?
If there aren’t any shelters
How could they lie to me?
And if you say you know how
To live without sorrow
Then you are lying to me

There is no more time for me,
Many things I saw...
Many things I live
That’s my doomsday
There is no more time for them
Many things they know
Many truths they sold
That’s their doomsday

Foul words spreaded around us
A red star burns
Their false propaganda
Always lives

Inside your minds
Don’t think, just believe
Inside your minds
All truth you need we’ll give
Inside your minds
A lovely life to live
Inside your minds
Inside your minds if we need...you’ll start to kill

[Bridge / Chorus]

[Lead Gustavo]
[Lead Davis]

A dreadful light above us
A red sun burnt
Their lies never meant any threats
To take the world

3. Raining Fire

Flying to the encounter
Tell me what you feel
Certain death is coming
The end is near!

Natural born hunters
Stalking at their prey
Fighting for the freedom
We have no fear!

We gonna fly, we gonna live
We gonna fight, we gonna win
We gonna fight...We gonna live...
We gonna win, we will carry on!

Raining fire(X8)
Far from home...
The globe in blood...
Their brave deeds...
Will not fade away!

Looking to the counter
Tell me what you see...
Guns sound like thinder
The end is near...we have no fear!

Fighting for the skies
Killing machines
Undefeated fighters
They have no fear... the end is near!

[Bridge / Chorus]

[Lead Davis]

They had fought together
Their Great history untold!

[Bridge / Chorus]


4. Out Of Control (The Devil's Ballad)

[Lead Davis]

For one more day I stayed alive...
Trying to find another way
A path to sanity...
Like a shot from a gun I feel!

Conformation leads to ecstasy
I couldn’t find another way...
A run for guns, agreed!
Living in this world of fear!

Release me for God’s sake!

Now your time to die has come
Out of control
Beyond this point I go alone
Taking their lives
I don’t even cared about you
I’m out of control!
Out of control!

I will get you now my friend...
Don’t try to escape from me...
I’m the first rebellious...
Like a saint in hell you said?!

Resurrection leads to ecstasy
Never found another way
A run for guns, agreed!
Ruling in this world of evil!

[Bridge / Chorus]

Trusted by God I still believe
In the will of Heaven

[Lead Gustavo]

[Bridge / Chorus]

5. Before The Light

Here comes the fear of been caught
They come to me after midnight hour!
What is the truth behind
that ancient nightmare?
They have sadness in their eyes,
and shadow deep in their souls!

They come from everywhere,
And everywhere is dark!
The loneliness of existence
destroyed all my dreams!
I went beyond in the land
of ancient nightmare,
trying to stay alive!

(The dark path)
Their search for paradise,
lead them to dark,
eternal pain!

Walking trough a valley of shadows...
Waking up, screams of fight!
To contemplate a life of sins,
Staying outta light!

From darkness, they’re waiting, I’m not alone!
Their voices echoing, before the light!

(Eternal sorrow)

Waking to sleep...
and take my walk slow...
Thinking about my fate, I cannot fear...
I learn by going where I have to go...

[Lead Marthus]


6. Alone In The Dark

7. Threads Of Fate

[Riders’s Voice:]
We’re gonna play God forever?
When we’re gonna learn?
To live our lives without regrets,
And always be the same!

On the threads of fate wise men walk...
From the threads of fate dead men come!

Wicked voice:
The chain of life has come to end...
Dissoluting void!
What came to be a human?
Look inside yourself!


Evil Voices:
Blood...feed me now!
Your life belongs to me!
You’ll never rest in peace!

No! I have no tears to cry,
when I close my eyes...
The shadows tell me to do what they want,
have no choice!
I’m condemned by the night...

I feel like burning in hell,
far away from light...
The shadows tell me to do what they want,
have no choice!
I’m condemned by the night!

[Lead Claudio]

Wicked voice:
Staying outta human cycle...
Awakened soul!

Rider’s voice:
Fading outta life!


Evil Voices


[Lead Davis]

8. Easy Rider

It’s time to take off
And live the life at fastest speed
And feel the fire, live the pain
Sorry pal, but I gotta go!

There are times you let go,
But there are times you must stand
ground and fight!

Living on the edge
Growing up in flames
And feeling!
My pain!

Burning tires, wheeling flames
Riding outta hell, I’m an easy rider!

But now it’s time to return
To get back the things you’ve lost
And live in fire, heal your wounds
That’s the pace of life, my friend!


Burning tires, never tamed
Riding outta hell, I’m easy rider!
Burning tires, heart in flames
Riding outta hell, we’re easy rides!

[Lead Davis]


9. Evil Intentions

Twisting minds and souls of people
“Holy preachers”
Victims of own schemes!

Envy, lust, geed, gully,
not shall rob or kill,
Deny this path and you
gonna find the guiding light

Landless lords manipulating
They’re abusing
We’re victims of their sins!

Envy, lust, geed, gully,
not shall rob or kill,
Embrace this path and you
gonna find the darkest light...

see the grasp of the damn...
in the still of the noght!

Death and glory they found
Feeling the taunt of time
where this glory was found!

Frightened people called weaklings
They are their herds
Victims of their schemes!

Envy, lust, geed, gully,
not shall rob or kill,
Embrace this path and you
gonna find a twisted light...

Mesmerizing and controlling
Spreading their words,
Always living with fear!

Envy, lust, geed, gully,
not shall rob or kill,
Embrace this path and you
gonna find the final light...

Feel the cold of the dawn
In the still of the night!


[Lead Gustavo]

Purest evil...

[Lead Gustavo]
[Lead Davis

10. Hammer Of Gods

Born in a royal family of gods!
A steady warrior, he rides the wind!
Crossing the skies, so fast and so high..
So high as the Spirit of war!

Thunder and bolts are coming from skies!
Striking their hearts, shattering their souls!
He fight, he is proud, he is a pillar of gods...
Defending his kingdom from hordes of Hell!

A sign of might...
And it will remain...
Remain until his kingdom’s fall!

(A father’s pledge)
From Rainbow gates...
Gates from stars!
He came to fight...
I came to fight trough the worlds
and timeless plans!
He came to kill...
I came to strike!
He came to fight...
I came to fight trough the worlds,
the hammer of gods!

(Repeat first verse)

Despite his fate he kept on fighting...
A terrible foe, a gift from his brother!
Death like reward he didn’t care!
He defended his kingdom from hordes of Hell!

[Bridge / Chorus]

Unholy, unholy
Unholy alliance from Hell

[Lead Davis]

Destroy them, and crush them
No mercy for these bastards

[Lead Gustavo]
[Bridge / Chorus]

11. Damnation Of Gods (Ragnarok)

12. The Metal March!

For my country I walk on the rain...
Bringing the death and leaving the pain!
Riding steel horses and striking at night
Fire and torches, blaze in our heart!

(A desperate fight)
Arrows crossing high
Flying through the skies
Listen to their cries...
Lord, please save us!

And take their lives...
We came to win and not to fall!

Marching we go
through the batlle we fight!
We fight with our heart!
Death and glory we’ll find!
Steel believing in power and might!
Might of the Metal!
Hail and Kill!
With leather and spikes
we made the Metal...

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