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1. Flesh And Blood

Can't you see our hearts
We don't come here to fight or settle score
So get it out of your head
That you'll finish it out there on the floor
We don't fight flesh and blood
We're fight spiritual powers
We don't fight flesh and blood
We're fighting the powers unseen
Why meddle in vain agruments
Our war's not against people or a man
But the spirit behind a dark agenda
Is the real battle that we have at hand
We're not here for a physical battle
We're not here for a fist hurling brawl
Our fight begins when we wake up every morning
And with His strength
Not ours
We will win this war
Flesh and blood- we don't fight

2. C.E.B.

Pressures to the left of you
Hassles on the right
Pushing on through
The week with only one thing in sight
A time for you and friends to let it all out
No attitudes just energy
You know what I'm talking about...the floor is yours!
Rush the stage pile on
Grab the mic and sing along
Only one rule and I ask no more
Leave all the footballs at the door
This ain't about how hard you can hit or how many you knock down
No attitudes just energy my friends
Know what I'm talking about...the floor is yours!
It's your show let's tear this place down
I can't wait for the next show
I can't wait to play and I hope that all of you here all feel the same

3. My Beliefs

Some say that we should not be part of the hardcore scene
Whether you think what we say is right or wrong
This is where we belong
Never giving into pressure from the outside
Staying true to our convictions
Having been tested and tried
Hardcore family of equality?
No on viewed higher or less?
"doesn't matter who you are"
Unless it's Christ that I profess
I know you have stereotypes
Carved into your brain
Push them aside though we have differences
We have so much the same
I thought hardcore was about
Standing up for what you believe in
I thought hardcore was about
Standing up for what you believe in
'cause I would die tonight for my beliefs

4. Answer To No One

The only reason why
You're sucked into the lie
Because you don't want to see
Just live your life
The only way you find
A somewhat peace of mind
Blame your anxiety
On society
It's not your fault
Answer to no one, He's a myth and a crutch
Evolution not creation you've bought
But if there's a God then answer you will
For every single word and thought
Can you live with that
Can you live with that
Can you die with that
Can you live with yourself

5. Never Face Defeat

Once I fought on my own
And I couldn't stand being alone
Then one day I was found by the faithful and true
Who will fight right beside me
I'll never face defeat
I believed all your lies
Then truth's love opened my blind eyes
When I thought I was fighting for me and for mine
I was fighting for the other side
I'll never again face defeat
I defected from the world
I'll never again face defeat
Never again misguided
I'll never face defeat
A thousand armies you could send
I'll never face defeat
I know who wins in the end
I'll never face defeat
I might get knocked down but I'm winning the war
Won't listen to you no more
I might get knocked down but I'm winning the war
You will never even the score
I'll never face defeat!

6. All For The Color

I see the hatred buring in your heart
And your devotion to your so called cause
No matter what anyone can tell you
You're always right and they're always wrong
You say you're racially pure
But you were born in sin
Anger burns inside of you
All for the color of
How can you claim to follow Christ
When Jesus is the king of the Jews
God reaches out to despised and rejected
But turns His back on the prideful like you
All for the color of skin
Intimidation through a burning cross
As a bloody victim suffers your wrath
All for the color of
Malicious words that tear down the weak
As you devour everyone in your path
All for the color of

7. White Washed Tomb

You're nothing but a whitewashed tomb
Clean on the outside
But full of dead man's bones
Your soul knows no life
But you say no one should question you
No on can talk to you
There's just no getting through
Full of your altar ego
Spiritual fashion show
You're a whitewashed tomb
The Spirit's like the wind blows
How could you know which way He goes
Pretending that you have control
Of a God you barely know
You're a whitewashed tomb
You're a whitewashed tomb

8. Till The End

Running the race with endurance
Always pressing on toward the goal
I pace myself for the winning
Stopping only makes me grow cold
Sometimes I might trip
When I lose my footing
Or maybe when all my energy is gone
As the hard times come
And the hills get steeper
My minds say stop
But my heart says press on
Running the race with diligence
A main part helping me make it through
Always follow the straight and narrow
Encouraging others to run hard too
I'm not out to gain a prize
Life is like a race I run
Striving till the end
And hopefully hearing the words well done

9. As I Fight

Character never builds
When put to the side to grow on it's own
Like the sharpened knife
It once had to grind against stone
The life that I have chosen
I wasn't promised an easy way out
But when the hard times come
He's there for me
That's what He's about
As I fight I'm not alone
Through the struggles I have grown
I failed Him before
And I will fail over and over again
He promised me not to leave
And with that how could I not win
Disoriented by change
Hard times come that's one thing for sure
But He promises me that I won't
See one more ounce
Than I can endure
When I feel like I am a failure
That is when I should surrender
Never to the opposing attack
But to His guidance
Right where I am at

10. Tear Us Apart

I will not
I will not deny the truth
I will not
I will not be chained
I will not
I will not deny the truth
I will not
Watch my soul decay
The truth that lies within me
You may choose to attack
But there is nothing you'd say or do
To make me ever go back
If I walked in my own strength
Maybe then you'd defeat my heart
But my life is in His hands now
Nothing can tear us apart
Tear us apart
Nothin can tear us
Tear us apart

11. Pushed Aside

Brand new life
Traded away
For those games you play
Newness of life
Pushed aside
For the things you try and hide
No one sees you so you think
This double life that you now lead
You drag His name on through the mud
I don't understand how you think
Is it only lies you sell?
Because I can't tell
Make so I can't figure out
I'm not the one to worry about
I love you like a brother should
I just don't what I could say
We walked this over once before
And then you pushed me away
When I tried
You just pushed me aside

12. Death Grip

For messing with my friends
You will pay
You will be tormented
Forever night and day
The pain
Will be unrelented
You were the one
Who chose to walk away
You are the father of lies
And of pain
You've wrecked so many lives
I'm sure you're proud of your filth
I won't bust you my Father will
You will be thrown in the flames
I have been freed
From the death grip
You can't take me
Down to your grace
You've had your hands
Ripped from my neck

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