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1. Fools Never Die

Trading their lies on the TV-screen
Telling us all what to be
Act like they're gods, egos inflated
Can't believe you'd fail to see

Other lives on the great divide
And hungry you swallow their scheme
Small-minded fools, all so conceited
Don't you know that they're never quite they seem

As weird as if a dream

Another fool, one more crossing the line
Won't believe, a mad man leads the blind
So follow your heart and hear them cry
Because fools never die

Crawl on your knees for your world to grow.
A round of applause and you go
In with the freaks, swallow our poison
Never thought you'd stoop this low

2. Never Trust

I tried to leave you
But there you are
Feeding me your point of view
So why'd you come here
To smother me
When I can't make you disappear

And you, will never betray me anymore
It's true they say, that time will tell, what parts we play

Never trust a stranger
No more trials and endless wars
Never trust a stranger
Before your final day,
Then come what may

We did it your way
Now look at me
Then tell me what you really see
I know it kills you
And I don't care
I'd like to drag you down here too

3. Still Alive

Like a thunder storm it's breaking out
Won't take another blow, and,
I'll let you know
I'll never kneel or falter
'cause you are not the only
I'm not crawling back again

I'm still alive
Though I'm old, trite and weary
And I know I'm alive enough
To stand my ground
So there is nothing to revive -
I'm still alive

I tried to wash away those filthy lies
Betrayed and lead astray,
I just walked away
In my darkest hour
I still hear you breathing
Well, you won't get the best of me

4. Something Undefined

Here we are, travelled on forever
Thought we had it all, never got that far
Carry on: tell us what we're fighting for
Free us from what we are

Why is nothing meant to last?

Forever and ever
Trying to leave it all behind
We're all afraid to walk away
Forever, wherever
Trying to find our peace of mind
Fighting for something undefined

Hollow one, on the edge of never
Thought you had it all, in the barrel of a gun
Point the way: shoot those blanks into the dark
Tell us we're moving on

In the future or the past?

Leave it all behind...

5. Our Wasted Days

Man is but a liar
A coward and a thief
The things that we aspire
And hide behind belief
We claim it's for the maker
And do his righteous deeds
It's time for all us fakers
To solely name it greed

We all know it's someone
That pulls our weight
One fate, the final hour

Brave new world, depraved new ways
While the piper plays on through our wasted days
Brave new world, still unheard
Crying out for more, I am god

Welcome age of reason
Teach us to conform
Wise men call it treason
Straying from the norm
So buy that costly promise
Shove it down your throat
Choke up on their slander
Buy that precious vote

As the clock keeps turning
We know it's over now
The walls are closing in

6. Cuts Like A Knife

There it comes the ship of nails
Down the river it's setting sails
Now I see why they're all so pale

(I carry the dead and the bizarre, I am Naglfar)

What would you recommend?
Could you help me to comprehend?
Will this mean I'm forever condemned?

(Well, that's what you get for killing your best friend)

Don't get me wrong
I killed him all right,
But he stabbed me first
I'm not the one, but that's not the worst...

It cuts like a knife
(An eye for an eye)
It cuts like a knife
(I've come for your life)

I don't know, what to do
Can't you see what I'm going through?
Here I am, if I only knew

(I'm back to reign again)

7. End Of Our Rope

I've been too blind to see
It's not the world I know
You promised me
But sometimes we hide
Who we really are
You say you're not sorry for all that you did,
For going too far

While we are trying harder,
Falling deeper
But we are only what we are

Nothing can help us from falling
Hoping we'd come to the fore
I'm not afraid, and I won't be
Your slave anymore
No one can stop us from trying
Hoping we'd settle the score
We're at the end of our rope
At the end of our rope

What's left to know on the other side?
Maybe it's time I rest my troubled mind
Well sometimes we fight
What will never die
Seems like we know that we're trying
Too hard, it's sucking us dry

8. Never Ending

Follow the light, do as they say
It's never ending
Unlock the beast you keep inside you

Swallow your breath, wait for the call
You'll walk the thin line
Welcome to our destiny

Do like the others
You won't be afraid
Fall to the ground and pray again

Never ending
They're all waiting for the call
One step away from it all
Never ending
Always trying, never finding
Shelter from the storm

Wake up the world, all playing god
Won't feel so hollow
The silent voice is there to guide you

Slipping away? Reach out your hand
They'll give you shelter
Welcome to eternity

9. One By One

Ease the pain, no more dying
It's the answer that takes you higher
Just find your voice, that inner fire

Break the rules, and, point that finger
They're all trying to pull you down
Just walk up straight and let them know
You lost your faith

Never turn and walk away
Just spit back in their face
Forget those games they play

We're hungry
Until we come undone
We'll travel down
Those empty highways
There's no way
Before it all begun
We're falling one by one
One by one

No more fear, no more hunger
Let them know that it's all in vain
Now who are they to tell you
What to think and say?

10. Deliverance

It's like you said,
The world is growing colder
It's in our eyes, we know
That it's dying
No return, the weight is on
Our shoulders
So who do we turn to?
Where do we go now?

Their empty hearts,
Two faced and brazen
They turned their backs and tried to,
See it through
We know they'd all agree,
Tomorrow's a memory
And it's all because of you

We are calling for deliverance
Because we know it's over soon
We are calling for deliverance
And we know, yes we know that we all
Wait for the call

It's like they knew,
The world was going under
Here we are, left, torn asunder
Now that all is lost,
No one would disagree
That it's all because of you

11. Fade Away

[Japanese bonus track]

Tell me who would not be weary
When hours turn to days
And all we are, just rats within a maze
So who justified the hero?
That broke out from this cage
Spoke to the madness, then left and burned the stage

Nothing can save us
We're fading away
No one can help us

Fade Away; we'll never be the same
Playing this foolish game
We're destined to fade away
There's nothing to reclaim
Playing this headless game
That's why we all fade away

When the hourglass is broken
And all is plain to see
That is when we're asking to be free

But It's all a grand illusion
It's already too late
Nothing can stop it, no, not even fate

12. Under The Ice

[Japanese bonus track]

The sinners are waiting in line at the doorway to hell
As they're rubbing their bellies and pushing the crap that they sell
Now send us your money and we'll give you blessings by mail
We're building empires and no one will stand in our way

And they know, you're walking the endless mile
Your colours are fading, the hangman they smile

Cause you're under the ice
And now you are fated to pay the price
While heaven is waiting
The sinners are laughing alone
You are under the ice
Just like the others have been before
While heaven is waiting
You're all going under the ice, again

Follow the masses, obey like you're puppets on strings
In the eyes of the world you are sacred, it's making us kings

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