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1. Enuma Elish


2. Apsu Dethroned

("And the forgotten gods will rise again, forever kings of the empty world, forever kings of everything in everywhere, taking of belongs to them, overthrowing every thing remains today")

Inglorious creator of the primordial earth,
God of the temple of tears,
unleash the hell from the abyss
The sordidness will gobern the earth

You wander on the edge of the void,
destined to defeat the skies,
you have sullied the sanctuary of blood,
lord of dishonorable sepulchers,
king of the black cript of pragmatism,
guardian of the spiritual beliefs.

Seeds of darkness, planted in the chasm,
cultivated between pagan rites

The wind crawl the stench of the death deity

Apsu take my voice, my will,
spread the truth across humanity

Lord of the great twelve kingdoms,
bless me with the breath of the eternal life

by fire or by sword , darkness light my way,
bring me the head of God.

The wind crawl the stench of the death deity

3. Decrepit Human Kingdom

("And they take the word of God as an easy auto response to the questions and designs of the natural order. At which point the man lost his connection with natural... At which point he rises as a cruel assassin against the Earth... Humanity is in a new age, the age of fight between mother and son.")

Can you feel that stench?
Is the human life, their bodies rot slow in time

Deification of mediocrity, exaltation of the rotting flesh
Glorification of pettiness, idealization of feelings

Oh! Shamash lord show me the path
The real sense of the human's life
Slaves of hope, blinded and weak
Embraced the torment and agony

Proud and frail, insolent men's race, owners of all things

As disease infecting a body, like a parasite feeds it's host
Arrogant and feeble, pathetic error of the gods
Ungrateful universal disgrace, unworthy animal
Your eyes reveal your misery you are the stigma of the earth

4. Tiamat's Crown

Trapped in the black veil of the night
Beholding the rupture of his dark sky
Indelible, immortal
Queen of the abyss
No order, no blame, no glare
Ancient inhabitant of a sterile land
Smilingly with contempt to the earth

His might is so above as below
The oceans shine in their hands like a gleaming sword

An evil older than men
And more extensive than the universe

Wake up and take your crown, mother of the depths

Show me the secrets of the ancient times
Give me the will, give me your throne

An evil older than men
And more extensive than the universe

5. The Rising Horns

("..And they rot, in a delicate and subtle dance, their lifes aren't more than a fleeting and insignificant sigh in the history of this land. There is no place for the weak in the natural order, just the strong and the brave will govern the Earth")

The clouds are moving in their whimsical dances
The wind sings an old song of war

The temple is shining between oil lamps
Prayers are flowing into the air

The vault in heaven is illuminated by the stars
The birds disappeared from the dead sky
Megaliths are raised to the firmament
Offerings are piled on the altar stone
Full of sculpted symbols of ancestral gods
It's stone glow under the silvery moon

Ivy bare walls keep out the enemy
No fear to the spear or sword the honor comes with us
Shamash is awaiting me in his golden throne

Terror is made for the slave
The glory accompany to the brave
Empty man lacking courage
New inhabitant of an unmarked grave
Forever the shame will pursue you
Forgotten to the eyes of the real gods

The path of the just is stained with blood
You march with bare feet on thorns

In the depths of the earth, in the highest point of the sky
You can hear the sounds of the horns of war

6. Halo Of Repugnance

The empires fall down, transformed in useless ruins

Nobility of thought? In a material world inspired by desires
The dead hands of religion sterilize the wisdom

Mass of confused beings vanish in an atrocious fanaticism
Avid for love, needy of forgiveness mired in ignorance
Abstainers of the eternal pleasures, victims of massive fraud
Blinded by the faith for a puny god

Glorious ability to enslave a depraved animal
Through immaculate awareness

Redemptor of puritans, proclaimers of self-deceit
Orators of fraud with hypocritical complacency

Under the yoke of a fruitless falsehood
Commanded by the enthroned liar
Embraced by his eunuch host
The ice age of religious thought comes to an end

Sing praises to the wasteland
behold a forsaken and inglorious earth

("Faith means not wanting to know what is true."
—Friedrich Nietzsche)

7. Egregor


8. The Splint Of Destinations

Universal laws, enjoy your own suffering
Pathetic life, live on your knees

Govern all things, spread brutality

Weak-minded man, like an atrophied tree
Nazarene on the cross, filth larvae
You will be forever vassal, scourge of abject
Like straw on cyclone, disoriented beings

Design the future, yield all things

I raise the banner of the impure, sign of inexorable invasion

Glory to the strong they shall inherit the Earth
Cursed the weak they inherit the yoke

Destroyer of false hope, you are the real savior

Blessed iron hand, death to the weak
Worshiper of the gods, sheared sheep
Each verse is a bonfire, every word a flame
Abundance to the strong, poor moldy-minded man

Victory is the basis of all right
The truth sets to all men's free
Glorification to the mighty, free of a stifling dogma

("Cruelty is one of the oldest festive joys of mankind."
—Friedrich Nietzsche)

9. Eidolon

Bring star of the morning
Lords of the worms and flies
Proclaimer of death
Emerge from the depths of the west
From the north sea
From the icy mountains
From the deserts of south
Devourer of deads
Reaper of youth
Defiler of corpses
Decimator of life
My body lies
On plain coiled snakes
Your wings surround me
Like branches with thorns
Come and crush the seven gates
The dead will rule the land
Wrap in fire my ulcerous body
Pulverize my bones
Sacrifice the beasts
Consume the forest in flames
Poison all the waters
Infect the air
The eternal flames of might dwells
In the impious flesh
Look at my eyes
I'm your creation stained of blood
I walk on whirlwinds as servant of hell
My body lies
On plain coiled snakes
Your wings surround me
Like branches with thorns
Ereshkigal queen of the dark dressed in silk
Honor me and receive my mortuary offering
Mother of violence and vengeance
Enveloped in shades

10. The Adamantine Doors

("And men, drunk of vanity, will know the day in which proud admire their own extinction.")

...and I could before the temples falling down
It's old monoliths in ruins

Their flags burning in a blackened sky
Blue rivers now run red and the burned turf looks back

The gloomy moorland a perfect dead landscape
A deserted earth, mired in dark

On the battlefield the corpses rot
The lightings illuminate the sky and the crows eat their dying meat

They remaining as torn flesh
In the wild and arid Earth there is no glory for the dead

11. Divine Xib'alb'a

[Bonus Track]

12. The Adamantine Doors [Orchestral Version]

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