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1. Damnation

[Lyrics B. Vallé/ O. Eriksson]

So, spit in your hands
And get a grip of yourself
It's far too late to clean up your act
Last chance to get your sins forgiven,
On your knees and pray,
This is the last time you ever will

You better run before the walls
Come crumbling in,
You cannot hide while everything
And everyone is falling apart

Take a gool look now,
It is the last you'll ever see.
Take a good look now,
These are the last days of humanity

2. Nice to Get Aquainted

[Lyrics B. Vallé]

Walking with your head in the clouds,
The little boy has grown old and tall
Hey you up there! Do you hear me clearly?
It's me, remember? I guess not...
Well, I've got a question for you
How can a man of your size grow bad?

Hear me out - just this time,
I've wanted to say this for a while...
I know that you know, that I know what I know
But does it make a difference?
No, you won't change

Careful where you put your feet,
Or you'll step on someone smaller than you
Maybe a little boy who became a man
Maybe a little man just like you
But who remember those days now, anyway?
And who could care about it?
Well not anybody like you, apparently, but...
Maybe someone just like me....

3. Getting It Out

[Lyrics O. Eriksson/B. Vallé/J. Lindqvist]

Gotta get it out
Right here, right now
Gotta find the pace,
No time to waste.

Dedication or simply pleasure
For me to know, for you to find out.
Stumbling on the answers
Finding out, getting out.
Don't you look in my eyes
For some kind of expression at all
The faces I'll make might not stand for
Some deeper kind of analyzing

Gotta get it out...

One step behind or leading the way
Feeling is nothing without nothing to say,
Call it what you want - maybe I'm out of it.
Still I rather shoot straight

4. This Have to Be My Masterpiece

[Lyrics B. Vallé]

I told you that I would never lie,
That was the first time that I did it.
And it's true, you've always wanted to believe.
And you do
Ans I'm lying
And I'm enjoying this.

"But this won't happen again...
Never ever
And I won't let you down...
Never ever."
When all is said, all is done
This is the outcome
This have to be my masterpiece
It's the greatest lie so far

Time with tell if I'm right or wrong
But I'll tell you right off it isn't true.
But hey, don't get too upset now,
Cuz this won't happen again, now do you hear.
And I'm enjoying this.

5. Misanthropic

[Lyrics B.Vallé]

I had no reason
To even think about it before
I didn't expect to suspect this...
Now I know

Led by the misanthropic.
Something that leads me down
If I had a choice I'd choose
But I can't choose...

A former enemy
Turned out to be an ally
Do you think it was my own choice?

I never thought it would come to this
(But what the hell do I know?)
I thought that I believed in something... Different

I am misanthropic

6. Who Threw This Lump to Swallow

[Lyrics Henrik Lindqvist]

Who threw me this lump to swallow?
Who passed the lies along the table?
Eat up - pass it up
Living the life
Eat up - pass it up
Living the lie

The same time I die.
Over and over.

Chew with mouth open
So everyone can see
Be a part of something
Never to forget digestion.

...of the dying progression
...of the dying possessions.

7. The Lecture

[Lyrics B.Vallé]

I'm sorry if I have trouble participating I'm sorry it makes me feel sick.
You know, it just doesn't feel right
Call it what you want, but I won't be apart of it
What's wrong with a mind of your own?
Cuz I've had it up to here,
You know I've had it to here.

I just can take this
"Better than you"-mentality
Nothing seems to be what is
I'll remain and you'll be gone.
And there will be no trace at all of you.

I might agree to a certain point
But a certain point it just gets too much
At a certain point it's just too much for me,
It's just too much
Call it what you want, but I won't be a part of it
What's wrong with a mind of your own?
Cuz I've had it up to here...

8. Futureshock

[Lyrics B.Vallé]

This will not do
And how could this be?
This is not a drill
It's red alert
Our system has found an error.
This could be a global threat
How could we miss this one?

Define, perfectionize, mold and clone

(This is a malfunction)

See! There is a different thought!
This specimen looks disobedient
All systems on annihilation,
Before the situation gets out of hand.

9. Making Way...

10. 990 II Series

[Lyrics B.Vallé]

He had a vision
That was greater than you and I.
He had seen the creation and the end
"Think for yourself" he said.
"But what I know will affect everyone,
So listen very wisely now"
He said:

It only takes one spark to start a forest fire,
It only takes one die to make the rest fall down.

Don't know what it was
Thought about it for a while
Drew the conclusion that he was right
Although he was dying,
Although he was completely mad
I felt it in my heart that he was right

It only takes one spark to start a forest fire,
It only takes one die to make the rest fall down.

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