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1. Inferno

The clouds look black tonight
My will to redeem in spite
My thoughts look pitchblack tonight
To follow me on a journey inside
To climb down all the stairs where
The bad is divided from the good
And the crime of being me
Makes me burn forever

Set it all in flames
If this is heaven no angels sing
The clouds look black tonight

As I kill my leader, I kill my shadow
And I will be suffering
Until I see where I'm wrong, if I am wrong
If there is no right, there is no wrong
To be stuck in the middle is even worse
Your inferno isn't worse than mine

You tell me you know what I feel
Stop using me as an excuse for being you
When I look up I see your grin
The satisfaction of kicking me down

Set it all in flames
If this is heaven no angels sing
The clouds look black tonight
If this is hell no fire burns
Set it all in flames
If this is heaven no angels sing
My thoughts look black tonight
If this is hell no fire burns

2. Euthanasia

Are you down?
So down?
Slow down cuz it won't get no good
So low?
I know it can only get worse from here
It turns black from grey
There's no way of getting up now
Now when you are down
Cuz you see
I've got some news for you

There is no way of getting up
And this road will only take you to the end

So come on
It's done
No one is going to help you
And I
I lie
Yes I'd do it again
One thing you know will be there
Is your darkest fear
And now it's time for you to do what's right to do

It's just the way it's meant to be
There is no light at the end to see

Everyday is one step closer
Everyday is one step further down
And do you know where we all are going?
You follow me to the end of the road where we die

3. Watching The Train Go By

I thought I could here you
When I was standing on the ledge
Watching the train go by
I'm leaving you all alone
Hope made me paranoid
We must take the leap
So take my hand
Lets meet the time up ahead
Something's always waiting

Let's not wait for the future to knock on our door
To do what we can do now and not tomorrow
Let's cut into the flesh of our own
Just to see what we're made of
Watching the train go by
As I throw you a kiss on my way down

The angel is singing in my ear
That I should be content
With knowing that every battle we fight
Is a battle we know we can't win
There are no battles to fight
No voices to be heard
We're running into walls
Just to see what will happen if we try

So take my hand, the unknown is waiting
Something's always waiting

Another train's passing
Another day that's gone by

4. The Strategy Of Fear

Kneel down and prey
Innocence is gone
Choking on the ashes
Buried in debris
Drowning in a pool of blood
Cities in decay
Nothing left alive
This is the strategy of fear

When it all comes down to dust
Alone with no one to trust
We're standing on the edge of ruin
All we can do is�?�

An empty sky
Where birds won't fly
The world is caving in
Everything is left in ruins
Empty cavity
And the ground is crumbling
A strategy of fear
The strategy of fear

5. Discontet O.D.

I tried to put it behind but it just keep coming back
And I've done all that's possible
I can't keep up
And when I've done all that I can
And there's nothing left to do
I pick it up with my bloody hands
Even though I know that I can't win

With empty hands now I have nothing
The time right, the time is now
And I will rise
I conquer it all and take everything
Taste the darkness that I bring
The time is now

And every now and then I think that I'm really close
To get what I'm looking for
To get what I really want
But then there's always something
To remind me over and over again
That it's not worth fighting for
But still I try to

I try to find things to make it easier
I try to find all those things
I gotta have something to keep me up for just another day

There's always something there
Another day, another lie

6. The End

I can't remember when all of this began
It seems so long ago
Nothing changes I know
I thought that I had the world in my hand
It slipped through my fingers
And I thought that I could believe again
But I know
I know

Our days are running out
The voices still scream
To let us know it's time to die
Over and over again

And then I realized as I fell to my knees
That all this time I was caught in the middle
And I couldn't see
See through the lies through my bloodshed eyes
And all that I know is that life is bringing me down

As I reach the end of the rope (over and over again)
And I'm running out of hope (over and over again)
I get more and more out of touch
I lose my faith and await to die

7. Anxiety Report

In these empty streets...
Now this place gives me nothing
Still it's all I've got
There's nothing that can save me now
And it feels like I'm buried alive

Now I'm sad to say
I'm leaving it all behind today
Not going back this time
It's all been seen before
I cannot stay here anymore
No regrets this time

The walls are closing in
I used to call this home
Choking, empty hollow souls
There's nothing that can save me now
No direction or no hope
You know I gave it all
I had to push it too
To the limit
It's not enough
There's nothing that can save me now
And it feels like
This is my last goodbye

8. Cardiac Arrest

With open arms
I embrace my executioner
With a smile on my face
I welcome you
My last breath
I beyond the point of fear
Cuz I've been afraid too many times
And when the watching crowd fall silent
I feel alive for the very first time

I am breathing
And I'm feeling
At least it's something
Compared to nothing

These few last seconds that I've got
And you know
That I'd be nothing without you
This is the time that's only mine
And I know
I want this to last forever

And I can see their eyes
From that moment
It felt like time stood still
They decided
They reminded me
That life is far too short
And I'm twisting and turning
The whole world is burning
Set me free
I stand in line for the very first time
Take me away

9. 33

Today would have been our demise
If we turned thirty-three
As the prophets all said:
We made our choice
As if we ever had a choice to make
Nailed down to our hands

How much will it take to change?
And where do we draw the line?
Show me the way out of here
On our deathbed:

Created our mold
Bored and misled
Gathering dust with far too much that sink in
Nothing ever goes away
Everyday is just the same
And the choice we are left with
It's the only one we got
Is what we should wear to our funeral

I wanted my own
And time again
Now more than ever

Fade away

10. Them

Take me
Into the fire
The truth is bleeding
Like an open wound
It's buried deep within
You can't escape it
Wherever you hide
It's gonna find you
Behind the eyev
It's not forgotten
And all is lost

See how they arise from my memories
Up from the grave
They haunt me
They taunt me
They won't leave me alone
And no
It's seems like they are here to stay, no
Up from the grave
They haunt me
They taunt me
They won't leave me alone

I was kissed
By a razor
A touch of life
For a change
And so much said
But mouths are sealed
An understanding
But no wounds are healed
Last breath and quiet words
All is forgiven

The persecution is just about to begin
I feel their nails deep under my skin
This cannot be
Set me free

Into the grave
I must follow

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