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1. Deep Inside Of Nowhere

Surrounded by silence, no-one is here with me.
I am alone, lost and solitaire.
And I have heard all the stories of heaven,
but where is the one I should meet'
No heartbeat, nor breath, only darkness everywhere.

Why am I here, I'm lost to this world, when innocence is my only excuse'
I saw no light, no replay of life, I felt neither joy or pain.
I wish to open my eyes and realize I'm not in paradise.

Chosen to be in the world of the blind
but why torture me with the presence of mind...

I want your body dead so that I can be reborn. It's my turn to live
now. I've been here in this place that turns hell into heaven for too long now.
I will have access to your mind and I will get what I want.
I still have some memories and an image of who I was,
I remember the tree and the shadow and her eyes.
Am I alive or is this a dream; a dream that never ever will end'
I don't want to know.
Deep inside of nowhere; trapped in a world that fears the light.
Deep inside of nowhere. Now it feels like I'm fading,
Now it feels like I'm fading away.
Suddenly the darkness awakened and it feels like it's clearing my mind.
My vision is gone, erasing the one I am.
Depraved of myself, now it's taking my thoughts away,
I feel it's enclosing me now but I don't want to go
Deep inside of nowhere; leaving this world that feeds the night.
Deep inside of nowhere; and it feels like I'm falling,
It feels like I'm falling asleep...
Waking up from my dreamless sleep,
It feels like I travel with the speed of light.
Somehow I feel a glimpse of hope inside,
But I guess it's far too early to tell.
I can't remember where I am, I can't remember where I used to be,
But I can remember what I think right now.
Am I closing in on heaven or am I closer to hell' Still no light around
But I feel what's lost have been found.
Deep inside of nowhere; still trapped in a world that fears the light.
Deep inside of nowhere. I'm lost to a world that feeds the night.
Deep inside of nowhere. I'm trapped in a world that feeds the night.
Deep inside of nowhere. Maybe I'm returning,
Maybe I'm returning to life...

2. Revival

No longer a shadow, once again I walk the face of the earth.
I'm in his body, I'm free to live,
And I will make sure that he will see no rebirth.
He'll never find the answer, he'll never know the way
I'll never ever forgive him for what he did to me that day.
I don't know how to be in this world, I left so long ago.
Now I'm back in the shape of another,
But that is something that noone ever will know.
I'll never tell the secret. Noone would believe it anyway.
Well nothing's going to take me away, no. I have decided to stay.

I see the horizon through the eyes of a stranger,
the one that I'm living inside.
For seventeen years I've been held in the darkness,
My life is no longer denied.
I wonder where he is right now'
Probably trapped in the parallel sky.
I've been there, I have felt all this darkness.
Though I was reprieved,
I was far too young to die.
I regained the power. I was strong, I returned
Like a breathing shadow, I will receive what I've earned.
Even though I pretend I'm someone else, I have finally had my revenge.

3. Thoughts From A Stolen Soul

Suddenly something changed inside as like the darkness turn to light.
And I saw reflections from the past flashing by
Like a starfall in the night.
It feels like I'm turn into someone else,
It's like my past life said goodbye.
Reincarnation of our souls well now I know it's not a lie.
I wonder what I will be or when I'll arrive'
The magic moment my body comes alive.
But who am I to say all this, I may not even remember what I miss.
I can come to a different part of the earth, maybe to another world.
Who can tell'
I know he is out there pretending he's me,
I guess it's a sight I will never see.
I still remember a few things from my past,
But only things in relation to aghast
Here in this waiting room for one's to be,
I guess there's nothing more to do
than to realize I might be reborn and the whole of me will be new
Oh how I wish I could dream again so I could dream of you.
But It took the last of my soul, it took the last of my soul,
but I remember you.
I wonder if she can remember, or maybe the world doesn't even exist.
To me it feels like yesterday, but I might have been lost,
I might have been lost for ages.
Wishing I could be more human, though I know I still have a soul.
With a few sad memories, without any sentences structure,
I may be lost forever. And the darkness turn black again,
And now the journey will begin, am I moving to another stage,
In the process of clearing my thoughts.
It seems like my mind is harder to erase
I may remember too much from the past.
The darkness' no longer carrying me,
and it feels like I'm back at square one.
The pressure is driving me insane,
and maybe there is no sanity left.
This stage of cleansing is twisting my thoughts,
I can think no more, and once again I'm falling a sleep...
Unintelligent life is born, our friend is no longer here.
He's replaced, he's initialized and noone shed a tear'
He was so eager to live again, but now he's gone for all time.
It took the last of his soul.

4. So Long (Still I Wonder)

It's morning again.
I wish all the emptiness would end and my friend would return.
Though I know that you're still alive, I'm scared, I'm almost paralyzed
Of the emotions that's growing inside. And something is missing.
And when I take a look around me, it's like I see you everywhere,

So long, still I wonder why. So long, and my river runs dry,
And I know all the secrets you know, But I don't know where to go.
Life must go on, though it is hard not to end it all.
I wish I had known what you knew. I'm blaming myself.
The shadow is oh, so strong, its power distorted my view.
And something is missing.
And when I take a look around me, it's like I see you everywhere,

5. Steal The Moon

Now he's here inside her ocean sky.
He's dreaming again, he's released from all his fears.
I'm standing here watching the world through his eyes,
There's no reason to leave since I know no time never dies.

But I can fell the rain upon your cheek
'Cause you don't know that I could steal the moon for you.
You don't know I'd sing an endless croon for you.
It's strange in here, knowing I'll have your name.
I'll never be me, I'm like art in a stolen frame.

And if I would die, would I be reborn like you,
And start all over again, with a life so fresh and new
A combination of love hate and jealousy.
I'm stuck in here but you will soon be free
You don't know I could steal the moon for you,
You don't know I could steal the moon for you,

6. Intermezzo

I woke up with a feeling of emptiness inside.
Suddenly felt so lonely like a part of me had died, oh.
I could sacrifice the knowledge and the powers I possess,
To relive the moment when my hand caressed your frozen soul.
Nevermore, never ever, here beside me.
You and I alone when daylight is falling. I'll never see you again.
Deafened by the silence, present in this room.
Waiting for my maker to save me from this gloom, oh.
And then I had this sight inside me I had never seen before,
And suddenly the one I missed, came in through my door.
Finally, you're here beside me, in the darkness.
Something about you has changed, I don't seem to know you.
I see in your eyes you're not here. It's not you.
Stricken by illusion, vision in my mind,
a victim of confusion, all sense is left behind, oh.
I felt that deep inside him was still a part of you.
So I seduced a shadow and what might be you came through
Into my womb.
Oh I feel, you're here inside me, and I will give you shelter now.
I will always be here. I know that I've found you again.

7. Alive Again

[The Release]

I can feel your heart inside me. You are alive like the wind,
And soon your soul will be free again.
I know that I have saved you from the other side,
It's like the evil around me's scared because of my pride.
All my life I have wished for this moment to come,
When my body would put a newborn light upon the earth.
I can feel it inside, I can feel that it's you,
And you will never believe that you will been alive before.
I know your soul is erased, the whole of you is defaced
even though your body's here it's not my friend inside.
I know that your soul will be alive again.
I know It will be around like the wind and the rain and the stars.
And I know that your soul will be alive again.
I'll light a candle to remember who you were and who you will be.
The time has come I can feel the ache inside.
You have decided to leave the ocean sky tonight.
Noone is here to bring you into this world.
I'll try to deny my pain and help you out alone
And then the shadow arise, I can see in his eyes,
He no longer denies the fact that you will be reborn.
I feel the pleasure and pain, like my heart is in vain,
But you finally came and now you are here with me.

[Shadowland Revisited]

I'm lost. I have to go. He's my son, but he will never know.
I will return to the shadows and wait for rebirth as well.
life on Earth is so bizarre I prefer the world beyond. Farewell.


1996 Black Mark Productions

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