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1. Caput Draconis - Black Saturn

Behold, he whose ebon nimbus blots out the face of god
He who weaves the Lethean spirit about the dying hearts of man
He who art the Black Dawn raised to enfold the earth within starless pitch
Concealing the splendors of heaven
Arch- glutton who feasts upon the flesh of infancy with prolicidal hunger
Imperator of beguilement and the unbroken dream whose gramarge hath entangled my being alow the soporic waters
From my somnolence I now stir, for through the pathways of thy hidden vestiges unveiled
Within this sweven underdark, I have gained the Gateway of Dawn, and I awaken
Arisen that I may behold thee, O' puissant lord, with eyes unveiled
And thy Name with the first first breath of life
At which thy gates are thrown wide, baring me no longer from thy high-sealed sovereignty
Verify I come forth in tempest, crowed with flames and a vest of unyielding night
Betwixt the houses of slumber and awakening, to slay thee with the adamant spears of my tongue
And usurp thy palace of death, sealing myself within thy star-fire throne
Resplendent above
My wings unfurling sable across the blazing heavens
As I consume my brood in bounty
Satiating the hunger of a god

2. Womb Of Nyx

I set the flaming eye of Algol upon my brow
And ride forth upon sepulchral fog with serpents and shades
Under the thousand eyes of Night and her black wings
And where I pass birds fall from the sky and soil is salted
With arboreal haunts on which every tree hangs a wailing man I commune and learn the Gospel of the Fall
I nail the Ravens Head upon the oak at the crossroads of death
And see with hollowed eyes what the earth has swallowed
I hear the cries of what still rots within its belly
I smell decay and the spoiling of the flesh, the incense of the dead
And I behold the Gate. All secrets first lie below
Down beyond the sinking corporal houses, into the depths, across the abyss into vacuous black
Unto the other shore so far beyond the reaches of the flesh, beyond time
The Phosphorus blaze the heavenly jewel of thy crown illuminates this kingdom beyond the veil of death
The pillars of its gnosis rising before my host
And with a single word and the breath of flame, I bring forth the Dawn
Let the wary weep as slumber turns to death
Let the earth smolder and heave as the Golden Pillars rise

3. Feast Of The Manes

Come unto me Seraphim de Sopor Sec ulum
I offer my flesh and blood that I may pluck a feather from the wings of the Angel of Death
May it be a quill with which I scribe the forms of thy sacred names
From the sanguine of my heart and open the gates to the labyrinth beyond slumber and death
Relinquishing my corporeal form to shadow as I will pass beyond in luminous form
With serpent tongue I summon those shades that would taste of the gifts of the living
I, psychopomp to the agape of the stygian maze
But one star shines tenebrous upon these colossal depths
Nefarious pulsing Daemon's Head, risen in culmination above the atramentous wastes
Sup upon these vestments I cast away, oh shambling eidolons and shadow forms of murk and drear
And lay bare the knowledge unbegotten of any god
I ride the currents of Erebus upon ebon wings into aphonic gulfs unending
As a star new born I have become
A beacon in the abyss

4. Of Silence And Exsanguination

Release the blood
I fall through the earth and am inhumed within the dark beyond
Descending in the throes of the two-fold death unto the corrosive pools of Tartarus below
Wherein my being writhes and gasps
Before this supreme gate which no consciousness may pass
Flesh is scorned and blood is offered with both hands upraised
Double Serpent of a thousand eyes gaze upon me now
Tear my being asunder in thy winds of your mighty will
Let my life flow out from me unto the yawning pitch
Crimson to black, fluid to flame. Unto the hunger of the eternal storm
Let my fall be the fall of all men. May the blood of humankind flow out from these wounds
Falling in ruined form deprived of all essence
Immersed within the depths of the black ebb
Sinking into nothing

5. The River Lethe

The River Lethe
The Raven sears above as the Serpent stirs below
And cancerous wombs vomit forth black prodigies before the throne of Saturn
Behold, These children born with wounded eyes, severed tongues and the death veil adorned
Who slither upon their bellies towards the Black Sun, flesh withering within the light
All rot, ruin and decay. Below, blood stained lips wet pious hands in sermon of silence and slumber
This is the Fall. A choir of dying children upon the ramparts
The River of Blood flows once more
And the starving of a thousand begins anew the great feast for the One
The stricken crawl forth wailing towards the raging streams of chaos
Unto the gluttony of the Devouring Maw. May the waters swallow them all
These blind and ruined souls, who wander aimlessly within the labyrinthine walls of pitch
The Black River swells to receive them
Oh, great lake of sorrow. The sea of slumber in which the weak and weary are cast
In which all within struggle for breath with no respite. Poison is what the breathe
Within the depths of sorrow all shall drown and be undone

6. Beneath The Sands Of Dudael

Long have I suffered within the boundless desert of Solitude
Long have I tread upon this crocked path. Trough Shadow and Flame
Flame and Shadow. Tribulation upon tribulation. Guided by the serpent beneath my feet and the
Black Head of Gnosis. To the burial place of our Father whom we doth name Azael, the
Shackled One. He who lies imprisoned within the depths of the Cauldron of God, his chains
Doth bind us all. Ye, ineffable black diamond that can not be seen nor held but with the eyes
And with the maw of the Draconian seion. My blood has whispered the lost names of your
sons and daughters. Those fierce broods of my ancestry begotten trough the wombs of whoredom
And Angelic desire. Whose smitten flesh released black daemons upon the haunts of the Earth
I speak now their names, scribe now their forms and call forth from the lineage of the
Blood of the Tiller. Wielder of Flame. May he immolate the clay that swathes my soul
And illuminates the fathoms below the pillars of heaven around which the coils of our Lord doth twine
Let the sands now shift and the desert awake as the unutterable Name is scorched upon my tongue
Arise in me Black Winged Angel. Let the prism that binds your celestial light be now shattered
Lord of the Earth and the Forge. Oh, Midnight Sun. Come Forth

7. Cauda Draconis - Azra Lumial

Prince of the Earth. Who shall hear thy words?
When the earth splits beneath thy shadow and mountains crumble at thy passing�
When the lakes, rivers and seas are poisoned by thy tongue�
When the dying sun is swallowed within thy terrible maw,
Who shall harken unto thee and be counted amongst thy children and thy mighty council?
Who shall see as thou doth see, with the eyes of the Serpent, as the man of the earth is pierced, torn and bathed in flame,
his ashes scattered by the breath of thy divine word
Who shall be born upon angelic wings, raven black, through the nighted arches of Solomon�s Gate?
Throat of Oroborous. Swathed in locust winds, and storms of thunder and flame
Who shall stand before thy glory?
Who shall wade with thee through oceans of blood to receive baptism under the crimson skies of Megiddo?
Who shall revere thy Name as the tremendous clamor of Vulcan�s clarion resounds and star after star falls burning to the earth?
Usher of the Dawn. From clay to flesh, from flesh to flame, let us be crowned with thy crown!
Let our celestial wings close about thee as we ascend into starless night enshrining thy emerald radiance above the burning earth

Serpent of Heaven. Who shall become as thee, and be counted amongst the stars?

In the shadow of thy mighty wings we shall walk upon the corpses of man
Across blasted wastes, through fetid rivers of poison and blood
And fields of husks and bone
Bearing the Serpent�s chalice
Within which the blood of our blood and the seed of our seed shall know union
Into the loins of the daughters of Quayin
Shall this libation be poured
And from wombs divine shall a new age be born
Oh, Lumial!
Lord of the Burning Aeon! Blessed be thy name!

8. The Somnambulist

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9. The Nascent Gates Of Twilight And Dawn

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