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1. I Am I

I am I
Apothosis crowned with a black sun nimbus
Of seven Immolating rays
Risen from a sea of cacophony and darkness
And invested within starless night
With the left hand stir the serpent
Who slumbers before the throne of Ariemanios
Seven storm clouds of Typhonian winds
Ten horns to rend!
Poison for poison
Confound hymn of praise
Omega, Upsilon, Omicron, Iota, Eta, Epsilon, Alpha
From this sphere shines black illumination!
From this sphere comes wrathful fire!
Ebon Izevaot
Rush towards the children of man with the hand of Gadriel
And with the stroke Kasyade, strike the womb
of the genetrix
I am I

2. Supplication Before The Throne Of Tehom

Coil thy form above me
And guild me with seventy horns
As I rise from thy black sea temple
And pass back through the gates of
Death and the Abyss
To copulate with the Fates
And extinguish the stars with my hands
All stars but one
With serpents jaws
I feast upon the face of god
And drink the wine of his heart
I rend and burn his form
And unleash a deluge
Of blood from his wounds
To drown the world of man
Sphagia of the highest divinity
I give to a throne so utterly low
And from the chalice of Geh I pour the dark shadow of time.
An Irregular liberation of menstria to poison the heart of Sothis
As Akhekh devours the moon the Word of Truth is assailed once more
And thus the Circle broken
Saturn enters the subterranean mansion
Of a dread star whose course arcs through the nadir of the abyss
Then rises from the underworld
To be reborn as the blazing black flame of the Lord Enemy
Whose illumination is Death

3. Serpent Of The Midnight Sun

Sept-Dracronic star raised in culmination above the dying earth, at each point a devil crowned with a hundred blazing suns, like so many flaming spear points born from black oceans of naught. Sidereal phantasmagoric host heralded from the abyss by the resonance of the first cosmic Utterance. Fulgurous princes of tribulation enshrined upon thrones of burning horns, seated above visages of fury and scorn, the seven faces of the Devourer who slithers through the black between the stars.

I pray before the yawning maws of gluttonous ruin, the divinity that shall swallow the heavens and sunder the earth drowning all within the infinite ocean of darkness. I give praise unto the seven daimons of the abyss, the earth, and the twilight of this aeon's end. The lidless gaze of the Eye of Typhon, an ebon igneous orb suspended within the dark immensity of empty cosmos falls upon me. The Autarch of the First and of the Last awakens within me and I know attainment of the heights within the voidal perfection of deep Tehom.

4. Upturning The Seventh Chalice

"I" am the seed that must die in the earth. My surname is Drakon and I exhale my spirit two-fold under the sign of the Raven's Skull. Oh, igneous venom, I ingest thee from the fiery chalice of the Coiled One beneath a tumultuous sky of flame shed mercurial tears. May the Blooded Lion lay upon the sulfur that is my disgorge and be stayed by the poisons of my toil. Shackled in a coffin of Iron, heated within the flames of the Forge of the Ebon Sun. I seek the Magisterium through the gates of immolation. Sable daimons of the Gate of Horns be not unfamiliar, for I have slain thy brothers of the ivory pass with the reaving athame of Mort. The earth trembles with the resonance of the waking Devil's breath and the harvests burn and locusts gather with the opening of his eyes. Six spheres hat become thrawled under the baleful sign of Saturn. Seven sisters in conjunction wail the name of God and Quayin's black winged host exanguinates the moon. Seven trumpets resounding, the raging Theullai hath been freed from the abyss. Seven seals are breaking, disinterred Titans rise. Seven gates are opening, seven spheres of flame, I upturn the seventh chalice, and pass beyond the Seventh gate.

5. Excitium: Litany Of The Devouring Earth

Mouth of Semhazia rise up from the earth. Threat of sulfur and fire, I cast myself abject into thy Furnace of Triibulation. Prince of the Earth's Inferno anoint my flesh and b urn this carnal prison of decay. Lay me bare upon the lake of fire and baptize me within its scorching waves. Execution of the body of Eden's clay. Trial of the body of light and of the dark, the pillar betwixt the heights and the abyss. Draconic axis mundi! The Furnace is the Forge, and the Forge is the quintessence of the Swallowed Sun, a Sun that shines within the depths of Hell and illumes the gates beyond the Pleroma.

6. Goblet Of Sulfur And Poison

I upturn the chalices of flesh upon the serpent laden altars
Of Ophion's wrathful aspect and lay vigorously
From the gathering vermilion pools,
Beneath the blood-born caul,
Shrouded within the shades of Nehemoth
I bare the funeral lamp down the corridors
Of Somnus' spiraling tomb
And trespass beyond his muted gates
To stand before the dim throne of Moth
That I may drink from the cup of his left hand
the sacred wine of the abyss.
Death-grail of sulfur and serpent-blood poison
That slays the body and eclipses the soul.
I shall drink the essence of the Drakon
And in death be inhumed and reborn.

7. The Coils Of Sevekh

Shilyat, devour me seven times in seven maws and carry my remnants within thy belly through the gates of the Abyss. Rahab, entomb my soul within thee, that it may become a black seed germinating within thy womb, adorning thy flesh and filling with the blood of Tannin. Ophion, expel me, into the chthonic depths beyond celestial illuminations, that I may call upon the tempests and summon the Fates of gather about me. Reborn, I unfurl my coils before the deep throne of God, nighted and inversed and rise from his oceanic temple. Shedim, enshrine me in my fury as I call upon the Storm and draw up Leviathan.

8. Nephal: The Seat Of Pan-Daimonium

Wnen thy nations become as the long nighted Gomorrah
And the curses and profanations of provenance dims the stars of heaven
And the therion skulk within the ruins of the kingdom of Adamus
I shall adorn the skin of Belchira and speak with his mouth the terrible utterance of Black Metatron.
And I shall place in thee pneumata akatharta, that we may gain the gnosis born of fire, earned in strife and woe and become Legion, or in fire be consumed and diminish.
Into fathoms of infinitesimal dark these words shall cast thee down.
Only the radiance of Heosphorus' infernal orb shall grant thee vision to return from the black of Sheh-ohl.
Ye, serpent marked, know new form and harken onto the high-seat of Dawn, to stand before the golden throne of Helel.
He who sits enshrined in fury between the might of Gog and Magog, resplendent before the Daimonium.

9. The Utterance Of Kasab'el

Grammaton four-fold, writ with star-fire upon three tongues
Three tongues sealed within the mouth of god
The mouth is the chamber in which is housed flame of Creation
What sentinel and binding spell sought to bar thee from this radiance?
Through what way and by what means did though pass, oh black winged Kasb'el?
Through tribulation and strife ten-thousand fold or ways nighted and unknown did thou ascend?
Virile was thy respass unto the atrium of the Catholicon.
Glorious was thy theft...long was thy fall.
Cast upon flame and pitch, forbanned and bound Aoratos!
The NAME silence, and unspoken...
Where can thou be sought, oh black winged Kasb'el?
In what prisons aphotic were thou sent abject beyond the illuminations of tyrannical thrones?
By what ordination was they tongue made silent to all worlds and aethers?
Doth thou await me, in patience unequaled, oh black winged Kasb'el?
I seek thee now and forever...

10. Fount Of The Nighted God-Head

Faceless one adorned with a hundred thousand masks
To whom a hundred thousand tongues give a hundred thousand names
Ineffable adversarial triune
In conjunction at the center of the cross
Birthed from a womb with dragon's teeth
And raised in deific spledor as three roaring serpents
Three serpents from one
To coil about the four pillars of the earth
And slay the sons of man
I now drink from the first cup and pray for the last
Disinterred, the slain sun that lies transformed within the abode of the dead
Rises dead and black, I now eat of the final harvest
A feast of slaughter, sickness, and woe
As black illumination rends the heavens and spills across the earth
Dragon of Old
Maw of Reclamation
Devil of God and man
Bled by the Cosmic Sword
Yet unconquered
Indomitable Enemy of Creation
Thy blood corrodes the sigil of the Time-keepers
Divine nepenthe and poison
Thy wound is the fount of the profound abyss
The grail from which I sate the thirst of black gnosis
I tast of all offerings from thy table and thy cup
And dance in jubilation as darkness in apotheosis forms
And enter now the world.

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