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1. Double-Edged Sword

I know what the plan of futures are
The cry and the march of shame
Crawling to the center of what remains

Look for the path to the shelterland
Crossing paths, conflicting times
Expansion never ending
Destruction mind is sending

Signals abound around us
They plant the seed of fate
Creating the undiscovered thought
Snapping the eyes to pain

Feeding, eating, bleeding, seeing
Healing to be broken again
Standing in the crossfire
Burning in the wind

Maybe one day you'll see what I see now

Step to the front the falling is today

2. Choice

Sacrifice your security
Sell your identity, integrity
Give till it hurts, give some more, give it all away
Sacrifice yourself

The choice I made is my own

3. Obsequious Obsolenscence

Do they deal in favors
So that time will roll by
And that peace will stand still
The television denies

They keep your life focused on their truth
To have their truth they must have your life

The illusion of freedom
That will blacken your heart's blood
And dull your senses
Plugged into deception

4. To What End?

'Progress' is not progress, it is everlasting destruction
Technology is backwards

Slave to MACHINE

Modern civilization, a contradiction in terms
In terms of survival

Man is made to obey the...
Are we nothing but living...
MACHINE - a dead hand, it's work expresses death
No spirit in it's skeletal framework
The falsification of Man, to what end?

Slave to MACHINE

Perverted ingenuity of Man
Fools, we've lost out earthly wisdom

Not the way of nature
In a man-made state of disarray

5. Tomorrow's Reality

We blame others for the problems
that we create for ourselves
Too scared to look inward for the fear
Of seeing what we see in them

The hidden guilt manifests

Neurotic symptoms appear as we hide from the truth
A pattern forms and becomes rule
Our lives become a host to the parasite
Of actions caused by our denial of responsibility

Tonight's nightmare is tomorrow's reality
You look for betterness in everything you see
But poison all hopes of what might be

Rewards of compulsion that only satisfy
The mental cancer that infects
Those who deny
What the self reflects

Look inside and find the strength
To face reality without fear
Look to yourself and you will see
The evidence is clear

6. Common Inconsistencies

Toiling our lives away

We learn to accept the petty rewards that we get
From the feudal system of our modern day wage-slavery
Setting goals for ourselves that cannot be met
Through this system of self-perpetuating misery
Always saying yes when we want to say no
Because we're committed to our roles of subserviency
Living high on stress, pretending that you're unaffected
While denying the reality that you're dejected

The eraser
will erase their
will erase your face

Face the inevitability of extermination
While you sit and passively watch
Our earth's contamination

Infrequent possibilities will
Pacify and rectify the inconsistencies

Common good shoved down your throat
And the common enemy is common sense

7. Insesitivity

see the suffering of their lives as you pass them by
Read about the daily tragedies in the paper
Get your depression fix from the T.V. set
It's all too real - can you deal with it?

Quietly whispered lies of happiness
Shouted the truth of being
Face the daily tragedies
with learned insensitivity

Sacrificed souls; preserved sanity

8. Blisters

I felt like I was in a cage
My body was numb, my head was fixed just right
Too sacred to speak for fear of what cuts me like a knife

It's a leech on my soul
Draining my blood and leaving me cold
Left with angry deflections of the feelings I have sold
Leaving me cold

Weekly bleeding in this factory
Takes everything away from me
One way out that I can see
This is what you have made for me


Tied to a cage to slave my life away
Openess makes me an easy prey
I buy the drugs to kill the pain
That this shit causes in my brain

Obedience to this tomb to which I was bred
Force-fed their lies, I'm choking on what I was fed
Destruction fills my head
When I wake to this day that I dread.

9. Life On Your Knees

Christ died nailed to a cross
Life on your knees get down on your knees
Now he's an icon to the spineless mass
Life on your knees enforced reality
Bring your mind forth and submit
Life on your knees stay down on your knees
Just let him take you away
Life on your knees assume conformity

Welcome to the world of your mindless life
Away from the reality of your lifeless mind
Welcome to the world of your lifeless mind
Away from the reality of your mindless life

He was no better than the rest of us
Crucified for doing what was right to him
And you'll do no better, we're all slaves
Let go now, look within

Break the chains on your mind
Don't spend your life on your fuckin' knees
The power is within yourself
Take a hold on your own life
If you spend your life waiting for heaven
You'll never get out of hell.

10. Pain of Mind

Your mind is restricted
From years of obedience
Thoughts are never your own
Your mind is a trap loaded with crap

Who decided your life?
Not you
Never had it to look inside
And be you

Living life in a safety belt - nothing inside anymore
Never crossed the line
Just content to whine - always pay the fine
Mind by their design

It's time to purge your brain
No question at all
They've constructed the wall
But you had the bricks

Ever increasing pressure fix
Pain of mind sickness of heart

Pain of mind sickness of heart

11. Grey

Fighting against the way we've been conditioned
Is the pain of life and mind
The more we see the more we know
The more we can't seem to find

A way of living life free of control
Without reality always being such a fucking hole
Where all we have to do is survive
With no restrictions on our lives

In this situation where forced to hypocrisy
We're made to set rules for ourselves
Distrust is taught as a way of survival

Follow your heart trust your head
We've got to accept that we're all alike
Facist is anarchist is life
One makes the other and the other is one
Just reflections of black and white

12. United Sheep

Follow the sheep
As the wolf drives the sheep to slaughter
Stand with the wolf
As the sheep eat each other

Crumbling at the roots
Fearing of the wolf
Love your fellow sheep
As you march straight into death

Follow the sheep to unity

13. Pollution

The corpse of mankind is floating down your stream
Raping everything but keeping the image clean

Is it will or is it gain?
The trick of being efficient yet undetectable
Keep the stream flowing and deceive the undesirables
Is it will or is it gain?

14. Day Of The Lords

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