Dark Lyrics


1. Bending Light

The restless sea is breaking me
Fire on my back the ocean lights me
Watching through the eyes of a crow
I let it guide me, I let it in
The end is endless and washing over me

Reaching for me to tear me apart
I washed it away so long ago
But it returns to seed
I do see beauty full of pain
I let it guide me I let it in
The end is endless and overseeing me

Peeling the skin away reveals the heart

Feed the levee shallow graves
To dam the ever breaking tides
Free my soul from nihil waves
To forgive and to decline

2. A Shadow Memory

Rise over silence
Decry my own station
Seek refuge in forgotten songs
To carry me over

When life has exhausted
The casting of shadows
The coiled serpent, the eye in the circle
To a light that is clear

A distance fell
My head is full
The hole within me
Is my ever raging mind

To the madness and the fire
Of the salt made anew
Slit the throats of those who light the torches
Smother with their blood

My heart is worn
I searched in my soul
The sky revealed
A shadow memory

I will bury the secrets
In the waning of the moon
Break my mind of the straight lined roads
Walk in the serpent form

I'm still within this time
My eyes were frozen years ago
Our passing days become the the tomb
The angels left me empty

3. Fire Is The End Lesson

Bring me
Bound to barren ground
My cracked skull
We bleed it all into the earth
I washed you out
The seasons we must bear
I bled you dry

Another eye
Reaping celestial fire
The deepest cut
with cave mouthed dogs
With nothing left
The entrails of the mother lie
I keep love

Truth is a rising tide
This river runs dry
The mill grinds us down
With stones around our necks

My dissectors read
The ever angled cloth
A bringer empty
An empty bringer
I will not question
You in my mind
The wall is open
And man is blind

The fire is the end lesson

All returners bind me
I wake to the pain of all returners
While I descend those
Fall in and breathe
Walled in spirit

4. Broken Ground

The wood burns dark and cloaks the rain
See what we have wrought again
Shadows scrape across the bones
Speak only of stones and home
We seek the sun in endless night
And burn in its forbidden light

From the crown it came down
The beasts gather and turn to form
Another with in our path
Bringing the crystal view

Come on down to the sea
Where our fathers see all
See them all unto the road
Lead us then on the site
Of war outside the mind
To the world and to our own
I lower down to become this land

I'll bring a pale shroud
Let's drag it in the blood
We'll make them see him
And take him away forever

Waters wash what we have burned
The winter's ash the sky has turned
Mounds of earth we build on high
In barrows our remains shall lie
Trouble sleeps where dead men stare
Across the void we have fallen prey to all

Now I shield the fragile ones
I have offered my own skin
Time must now see this through
I'll do what must be done

The fear in our eyes is clean
Spider have burrowed deep
And the eggs are all dying
Leaving us within our own fetus

I will awake
Crawl down to you
Reach out my hands
It all falls away

5. Reach

I'll wait on the wall to see out again
Lay down my masks to what's born of my own
Long are the known to my wraiths alone

They'll never see all that we see
Trust in blood, live in water
Destroying me, be the ladder
My head is down, and I am with you

I grasp our failure, it slips through my hands
Our heartbreaking blindness seeks to atone
These vessels of suffering in my eyes
Head to the mountains and choose where to die

They'll never see all that we see
Trust in blood, live in water
Dreaming me, be the ladder
My head is down, and I am with you

The ice surround it burying me
I'm slashing to keep my head fixed
The ever changing psychic waves
Burning me
I'm crashing in my head
I'm freeing fire
The breaking of the last speech
All before me laying in waste
I left the rest of you to touch
The end of all we've seen
The reasons show us all
Receiving new eyes in the breach
I stood on the side waiting
We'll never ever get to rest
The visions are bringing horror
The snake subversive within our ranks
The sun surrounding the entire hand
Illuminating reach

Thanks to jdycus for sending these lyrics.

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