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1. Profound's Begotten

In the endless darkness of timelessness, between chaos and harmony,
Where the light is powerless as a slave chained to the wall
Daemons flew from everywhere, blacker than darkness,
Screaming and howling in silence of that greatest hall
The one who fallen angel, whose wings hath blocked the path of light
And shadow poured the mortals to death just for the devil,
Was cast into the bottomless abyss of night,
Where he could not enshroud people by his deathful veil...

He decided to call all the dark, evil daemons
And avenge their foes – light mind and people
For his bloodiest sweets, spilling the semen
And he whirling and lashing amongst vile spirits
He whispered his evil plan in their minds
To officiate for opening of portal to the worlds of light
And procreate the beast that will excruciate the children of light

After the first sacramental, he cut the boundless line by his claw
And the light poured in dense world of daemons,
Filling them with unbearable awe
But the fallen angel overspread his wings,
Barred the breach by himself, oh!
And let his letiferous shade ‘pon the fiends,
Allowing them to make the last ceremonial rite…

Mysterium magnum!

The beasts hath hoarded it and now squeezing out
The seed of evil, blot and rampant immorality,
Increasing orgies of their bestial insanity
Inhaling the essence of Orkus and made it into dust
To spray a rotten seed on common bed
Of genitors of Nero!

Nomen est omen.

2. Mother Of The Beast

"A me et Agrippa nisi detestabile et malo publico nasei petuisse!"
Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus

She had spewed out of carrion's womb...
Mark of the beast burned on her body!
Night after night, she fed mildew,
Preparing ditch to each somebody!
Her soul, screaming, sank into
The ground for the hundred miles!
She waited for the light from blue,
Had crucified a soul on piles,
And eager daemon looked for womb
Child's father was fulfilled of sins,
And beast inside her gan to bloom
From charred faith's peaks of burden's wings!

Hostis generis humani!

Mysterious, forbidding, she held a people's lives in strangle!
With lust for power, she-wolf ate the shades and wove the livid tangle
Of fates of mortals, trading it in her damned store at bloody crossroad
Doomed all to teachery and rot for they were poorly faulted

More and more she's filled with anger and self-hatred, esurient...
In contractions, begged the gods about birth of son as flint,
But the gods betrayed again awarding her a hailer
Of ardour and of lust and all the living's failure

Body's severed, and the light saw a dream with look of beast...
Hundred days she dreamed about creature, and this torment ceased!
And she said to ebon sky name of child, profound-begotten...
Beastly-mouthed Nero grew with the anger to all, tautened
Regime fell at killer's feet, sensed with smell of massive rabies...
Sank into the epoch's games where the victor kills the races!
Feeling cold of perfidy, flesh had melted, starved by power...
Born by greed, the dreadful butcher deadened mother belching fire -

Dum ego vivus terra misceatur igni!

She had spewed out of carrion's womb...
Mark of the beast burned on her body!
Night after night, she fed mildew,
Preparing ditch to each somebody!

3. Sage Of Evil

"Non vides, ut maiorem quamque fortunam maior ira comitetur? In divitibus et nobilibus et magistratibus praecipue apparet, cum quidquid leve et inane in animo erat secunda se aura sustulit."
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

The beast that was born of the abyss,
Fell in the hands of a wise intellect,
The young prince grew up with judicious eye
And he was wisely taught and recked
Nights passed, and the days went along with the woesome lives of innocents,
Tormentor grew and filled with drills,
Forged justice and his eyes, that were so clear, poured with anger, madness limitless!
Sage taught him, raised a decent lord,
But still out of control,
More seldom despot called the sage in his grey-drear abode
Inside the animal the blood was boiling lava-like, he screamed to heaven –
"...Ye my slaves, I am your ruler!"

The blackened streets of greatest city are full with vanity and blood!
In wise’s silence, bloody caesar sensed a conspiracy and mud
He sat before him on the throne as the hyena ripe to lace
Got sage to take the knife to write a manifesto of his death!
Old hand was shaking, but not from the fear of imminent outcome,
That's an outrage that flowed from eyes of emperor of Rome!
Blood leaves the thinker’s body, the air was sated with last moans
The dogs shall eat orator’s body and tyrant’s laughter shook the walls!

Jolly feast was funeral and wine turned sour bane
Tentative steps jarred walls, step by step, down lane
The master came, around him the jubilant salutions
And moans of protesters, betrayal’s blood, pollutions...
The court imbued with ochlocracy, claiming the new blood!
To vent from Orkus the filth of demons’ flood!

The puppet wrapped the puppeteers in frightened rags of rue
He tramples them into the dust of Roman era, new
He does not want to wait… for hour of his time (it’d come!)
He burns all wretched human frame, in veins of him a grime

The law of emperor is blessed! And lawlessness – a law!
He knows it, but soldiers’ yelling: «Ave Nero, Ave Rome!»

4. Fall Of Light

"Salve Vesta Mater!
Accipe hoc sacrificium factum meo artificio
Purga mentem. Purga corporem. Purga animum.
Ita est.

Lux lucis cado!
Lux lucis cado!
Lux lucis cado!"

He saw a bloody corpse of mother
And smirked and touched her bleeding limbs,
Light fell - a carnal daemon's singing his foul hymns!
Then came the age of doom of lord
Bestowed bread and gold to plebs,
Which turn in throats to liquid dirt -
The ceasar's madness webs!

And despot did not know that war between his mind and pride's been furoring inside!
It ran through veins and deadened every cell
A hundred souls burned alive with screechings: "Die, die, die!!!"
And sinking into tolerance the actor changed Great Rome
Into the greatest theatre of crowds missed a home
Of funeral where emperor bathed in the blood of swarm

He played the songs, and sowed the darkness, and bathed in night of glory
And female blood poured out from wombs, and brought forth caitiff story!
The great, the only winner walked and shook all divine's rapt
The laurels fell and weakest bodies of all, raved covenant!
In animal skin, butcher attacked alive, raped, tore their flesh,
The branded believed that racked by paws of beast,
But it was their father and his atrocities

...And with shade of confusion his mind was clouded, and strength's no more to fight with larvae,
And anger captivated body, awoken from the darkness the ceasar realized that he
Had killed his hopes of flesh and light!

Plebs killed the plebs, and skies fulfilled with human flesh!
Blood gushed through streets of Rome - the flood of violence and trash
The bigot bathed in blood and went mad from the glory that he loved,
Slaves were in silence, when senators applauded Nero, "dirty-gloved"!
And all was silent, only pyres were lit by fiery tunics!
The merciless was maddened highly - the daemons howl many shrieks...
Mane et nocte...

Without limit, the conductor of misanthropic symphony
Pined in his own sap away, but all beat timpani!

All colours merged into grey Mercury, the living became dead and lords were slaves
He leaned against a pool with dust, and shouted: "Here is my drink, I give it to ye - plebs!"

Mali principii - malus finis!

5. Madness Of The Tyrant

My evil despite to your good
Will eternally torment your sons,
The excesses, bringing to me a sweet tremble,
Will gorge flesh and honour of your daughters,
You will behold my face by your close friend,
That hides fire behind his back
Ritual, executing on your altar,
Betraying you in honour of my evil,
Setting on fire your false world,
Father of slaves-sons

Poor black blood on yourself,
Guzzle down it to a limit,
Wash your pure souls,
For the sake of me and in honour of my evil

Your executioner is named by you 666,
Shout my name louder in the Nyx,
In order your father hear it clearly
From servant to foe, severely!

And you will understand shine of jewels,
That glitter contemptibly from mournful fires,
Where your bodies burn down slowly,
Shouting my name each time stronger

Your tribe has skinned you,
Dressing in a tissue from rotten good
Owners of lies, sacred hypocrites,
Cover your bodies by white shrouds,
Unsight your eyes and lead to profound!

Your executioner is named by you 666,
Shout my name louder in the Nyx,
In order your father hear it clearly
From servant to foe, severely!

Where they sprinkle the earth with boiling fat,
Blackening heavens with smoke dense,
Singing prayers that muffle your desperate shout,
Shutting eyes to my riots.

6. A Perfect Saturnalia Of Vice

Close your eyes and open your tired flesh for dark
It's crowded here, but thou (cursed one) shall like it...
Lets see on what their flesh is capable
And how pleasant to stab these creations!
Follow to the world of seduced,
Pleasures wander among doomed,
Their bodies wriggling, will crave for each other,
Being washed slightingly by sap of buried slaves...

Post mortem nihil est...

For Death it doesn't matter neither sex nor age!
Houses and squares are filling with bareness and lust
We intertwined in madness and excess,
Everybody's loyal to the order!
Go carefully through copulating medley,
You can interrupt their last dream!
Glide on shouts and on ecstasy' path
You see, how eyelids are filled with blood,
And streets - with roar, you are doomed!

Fiat iustitia, et pereat iniuria...

I'll show you city you dreamed to be born, but you will die
This palace was built on those who believed that the first was the "word" (oh aye!)
This place will rise from human tissues!!!
We’ll call it in honour of the Father of human collapse…
Lets set up wooden bed, impregnated with desires,
All doors are open to those who tempted with salacity!

Ad restim res rediit!

As the curtain will fall before this feast,
Everbody will turn back in mad creations!
Praetorians will add the blood in bowls, dependent on belief, diluted with wine!
Father of Chaos looks from the throne at a swarming rags and dirt,
Mankind is burning at his eyes!
On columns instead of lamps the decaying scum burns!!!

7. Executors

Non licet esse christianos!!!

We are warriors of light, darker than the soot and tars!
And we’re dressed in your blood and your screams,
Blood’s everywhere – on your flesh and your eyes,
Without remorse we devour your dreams!
Weapon of murder will not take it long,
The torment will force you to think about God,
And the fear shall lacerate vessels!!!

Odium humani generis!!!
Odium humani generis!!!

In the name of Jupiter and Emperor (that gave us lives), we go to war!
We take away your souls with firm step of the boar!
We weave the loricae of skin, anoint it by hot pitch!
You came to take away our minds, and with Talmud to teach,
But die with your lewd faith!
For you we are the heresy and dust and dirt,
So choke on our steel, for it you shall be burned!

Nero – dominus et deus!!!
Dominus et deus – nero!!!

We’re born in the name of your death and not let the cry of the beast!
Nox came – we go to fight with our swords and shields!
Your burning corpses will hang along the bloodstained streets!
Now is the time of suffering, the fire and death-cries!
Die one by one, there’s no way back, the viles...
Soldiers swarm the streets – your ears hear: - "Die!"

Fight will last until there’s mortal with the faith!
Day by day we’re growing stronger by order of the great,
But the flesh is torn like a wetted thread,
Under weight of anger our souls are red,
Drown in the blood of the rotten dead!

The earth will quake in fear and the fire will inflame
When we’ll tear their bowels in the Nero’s name!

The Sol goes down, but we cannot sleep!
Preparing a trap, unleashing the beasts
We chop, tear and burn, we fatten the field
By ashes of odious vulgus, we wield!
Fulfilling the will of our Caesar we’ll live
Forever! But you are the weak and the thieves
Hiding behind your fiction that’s blight
We’ll bay ye to Theatre for the delight –
The bread and circuses we shall provide!

8. Torch Of Humbled

When morning comes, that you await...
Praetorians wake with anger in hearts!
Into the lattice lions’ trapped...
Craftsmen have hammered torture’s arts!

Damnatio ad bestias!

The day will come, and you’re again
In search of food upon the streets
Not knowing that you’re under looks
Of darkness’ soldiers sniffing shit!

Discipulus est prioris posterior dies...

Evening, entering the threshold,
Shall not grant you welcome rest,
March against the weak a-thunder…
Eyes and ears’ full of pest!

And the night shall not release you,
Pray your god, but beasts will start
Tear your bodies and disease you…
You are scum, you’re gashed apart!

Ubi omnis vita metus est, mors est optima...

You were hiding in the dark,
Served your idol, but the torch
Quenched by twilight’s deadly spark,
Scream when seeing burning church!

Dogs of War – against the holy! Burn and cut!
You ask for mercy? Hit the dust and choke with blood!
Every soldier sweats in armour and they not overshot...
Legends of the humbled shall turn to useless dirt!

And skins from animals are torn to make your festal clothes!
Your lives are doomed, and death is smelled by pack of hungry dogs!
Coliseum’s before you, and there’s no futile hope!
Diabolical revenge roars from the stands and top!

Exitus letalis!

9. The Cursed

Enjoying revenge and pain that hurts inside
On servant the lord perpetrated his fun,
Eternilized the memory of man his awful sin,
Forever he thought to make branded him
Find those mean minds were not afraid to slant the truth in favor,
Evoked in their thoughts his artful story-pavor,
That shall leave scar on ones’ forehead
More deeply than the sharpest blade...

Curse fell on the living as Nenia,
And lord was cursed, envenomed by fruits of his deeds,
Hhe turned to ash inside that’s
Flying in the darkness like the ardent leaves

And he heard his despair
And the cries of the mob tore his flesh

Around him a trap, conspiracy are lurking, enveloped shame afresh,
And heavy thoughts perched on his shoulders, murmured:
«Run, run and hide you from yourself»

It was too late to hide and cornered
By hounds on his heels and self,
And there is not the wisdom that rescued him so ever,
It died from its own wicked hands and sins forever,
And owned thought’s hysterically screaming:
- Kill! Rather kill myself! Wherever!

Denigration veined by old men,
Word of mouth, from scroll to the eyes,
And the lie as timeless curse, penned,
Laid on puppet of fallen foul mind

For ever and a sempitern day,
It hammered into the heads
As a brand are those sacraments
Of sneaky crone greybeards that succumbed this way

The legs can’t run away forever
From their own frights, eheu!
And deadly wind acidly blew
His pride and power of Deo –
Barefoot, stabbed sword into the throat...
Qualis artifex pereo!

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