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1. Time's Trap Prologue


2. Tempter From A Maze Of Time

come in my arms
the arms of eternity
I'll show you all
time will be flowing through us
like through waterless river
we'll float to stars
that missed their celestial ways
towards the hundreds of thousands years
you'll never understand may be
what is the truth about death
and what this phenomenon signs
look down! yes, down!
you will be next!
there is no prayer to save you
from chaos we emerged
from the vast absurdity
and there we'll come back
to wait for millennium of evil
so spent like the candle's light
you'll remain with me
even you failed to notice
that we passed the gate
of the way with no return
wait then for renascence!

3. My Time Has Come

i raise my hands up high
i call thee my lord
whenever you are, come to me!
come on!
my time is coming!
soon i will pass into oblivion
like a withered leave carried away by wind
my life will be over
the life that was one great sorrow
neverending torment
for which the end is coming
master - i give you my tears
for you to see how i suffer
but you can do nothing
you are as weak as i am
like a withered leave

4. Lunathiz Danze

cries of pain...
tortured mind...
tormented souls...
lunatic god...
holocaust again...
mass carnage...
anguished end...
fear of evil...
infernal pain...
deadly sins...
the fallacy ends...

5. The Shining In Her Eyes

all the dead and gone have seen the shining in her eyes
resisting, tempting cries
from within the maze of time
the journeys carried on
pass the burden of their lives
all the doomed and all the gone
will know the shining in her eyes
soon the stars will fall and fade
and the dust will clog our mouths
through the mirage of our days
through the dreams of loss and peace
the murmurs of the dead
and whispers of the gone
all the night light lives
we speak to she
the gatherer of souls
through the lighthouse of her eyes

6. Reborn

In the depths of the tomb, the darkness
the piercing cold
the blissful silence - heralds the peace
no sound of wind, no waves roaring
only the sound of the abyss breathing
your troubles are in the past now
you took all your secrets to the grave
you're free from sadness and tears
you relieved your soul
here you'll be free and safe
the dead are silent - at last you'll be happy
the other side is waiting for you
and will offer you all the charm
reborn again
in the land of shadows and darkness
at last you're your own lord and master
and you can play according to your own rules

7. Forever Alone

often in my dreams
i can see myself
climbin' towards the stars
i can feel like millions of them are watchin' me
but i will never reach them
i will remain forever alone
i often back to the places
where my past and future dwell
where my dreams and fears hide
untouched by sunbeam
unspoiled in twilight
where there's nothing but me
forever alone
i return to the places
where my love exist and dies in vain
don't fade away my goddess
my life seems to be just a dream
and there's no voice whispering my name
i will remain forever alone

8. Rehtona Yerg Yad

another day
just the same as the other ones
another night
just as dark as the other ones

9. This Is My Kingdom

i was born free and free i will die
i never kneel before any god
i was cursed
but the one who cursed me
died on the cross
within my world
within my dark paradise
there's no place for the other gods, but me
i am the hermit
who steps only his own paths
my life - my hatred! my hate!
i want to die in solitude
as someone cursed and forgotten
in open nature
she give me life in this world
among the whispering forest
i want to go back
where i came from
i begin my eternal dream
the time that goes back
and this breath of centuries
ally my life coming true...

10. Left Alone

I'm wanted
cursed and hunted
left alone
I'm trapped
bruised and scarred
left alone
I'm neglected
lost and rejected
left alone
I'm going insane
pain drills my brain
left alone
you are bound to suffer in this life of yours
and won't find your peace of mind until
you die
suicide my child seems the only way out
almighty death is the only relief
I'm satisfied
calm and tranquil
left alone
I'm on my own
careless and done
left alone
I'm satisfied
I'm sacrificed
left alone
your earthly deed is done and completed
step into the light that will set you free
step into unknown, endless and eternal
tempting you and scarring like a sin.

11. Coil Of Forgotten Souls


Side Of Time: tracks 1-6.
Side Of Loneliness: tracks 7-11.

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