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1. Thus I Fulfilled His Will

I am a soon to be dead admirer of the light
Hidden deep in the dark, seeking calm in the sin
I am a man despised, a son expelled
Thy ways I walked
Thy wisdom I tasted
In thy name I shall blaspheme
In thy name I shall trust
Open the gates of the manifestation!

2. The Dark And Light In One

Before thee, the crooked horns
Before my road ends
Slaves we all are to the light
To the beauty thee adore
The astonishment towards eternity
The dark and light in one
The prayers unnecessary
Understanding in thee
Faith to sleep not far so long
To wake up among mystery
I find every single moment
Of my being and perceiving
Painful to forget, to neglect
I stand on the edge
Till I fall over to discover
Till I touch the sweetness of sin
Till they conspire against my will
To bury me under what I detest
Baptise me with the breath of filth
Summon me to escape
Protect me before I sleep
Embrace me with thy wings
I widespread open
To dire into your hands
Protect me thy light!
Thou shall not be misled by the words sounding
So familiar... let the betrayer
Be portrayed as the victim, the deceit as the plan, let your eyes,
Ears and the mind be deceived with the lies that
You have always considered to be the only fundamental
Truth for blasphemous are the ways of the creation...

3. A Prayer

This! My testimony
My desperate cry
For thy forgiveness
And for my weakness
Here I stand, fear and shake
Here I await
My days have almost passed
Many times I asked thee master
Once again I pray to thee
Take the chalice away from me
Tempt me not as I am weak!
Think of me the way thou wish
Judge me quick I'll soon be gone
This choice is mine... wish to believe
I have seen the rise and fall of thee
I have heard thy sermon
I have learnt the faults of this world
Here I stand, look at thee
Now thee ask me down to sleep
I pray thee lord my tears to sweep
I hope I'll die before thee wake
I beg thee lord for heaven's sake

Conformity is the greatest of all the human weakness.
The meek and the mild have never been the salt of the earth.
They shall never die as they have never been born.
The will to create has never been theirs.
The will to live has sadly never been theirs, either.

4. Fright Emblazoned On Faces

As millenia have forgotten so many names
As the centuries have passed in silence
As days have seemed to lock mysteries
Still the visage of the traitors disgust
Still the “nay” so rage
Still the “yes” so eagerly whispered
Where to seek the outspoken words?
Where to dream of zonei if not in madness?
Where to kneel and cry for anger?
When to hear the voice of sin?
When to cross sagalla if not today?
When to tear the heart apart if not now?
Call them now! dead but dreaming!
Burn the scarled! bolt in fury!
Let the mind flee from sacred patterns!
May the scared melt like wax!
May the humble choke with their purity!
May their be laughed at truth
May their work be destroyed
These are the words cursing faces
Emblazoned fright on their pity
On compassion so weak and pointless
Alal!!! Ia alal!!!

Inspired by unforgettable ”Limes Inferior” by Janusz Zajdel, one of the most important political fiction writers.
The reality soaked in control, terror, injustice, mystery and somehow lost identity.
The word of the distant future?!

5. Limes Inferior

As above it continuum
So below it shapeless lava
Sealed lips for the starving
Hoax of the knowing
Limes inferior
Picture of perfection in mirror
Reflecting vicious marks of hide and seek
Limes inferior
I left and get downed to hide
I am the wizard condemned
I transport you to brave new world
I fix the justice machine
Limes inferior
Shadows pray to have enough
And you stay hand cuffed
Every truth is a hoax
Waste not so much strength
Bury the key
Bury yourself

One of the most intriguing theories concerning Christ's death, based upon serious and thorough studies says it is very probable Christ survived his crucifixion as he seemed too important to die at the time and thus he was replaced by some other man, quite possibly known to Christ himself.
Princeless knowledge can be obtained from the Qumran scrolls. But can it really?

6. That Sorrowful Feast Of The Damned

This is the day Christ asked his disciples
To join that sorrowful feast of the damned
To share flesh and blood.
I am standing here behind Judas
In silence in peace
Awaiting anticipating
I am watching, observing their faces
Reading in their minds, sensing thoughts
Frightened they are, no longer brave
To preach sermons, to serve the truth
He takes the chalice full of blood
Looks at me with these sad eyes and says
For he is the man to whom we all owe life
For he is the one who saves Jesus
For he is the one we shall lay our faith upon
For he is the one who shall hang on the cross
Instead of me – Jesus your saviour
For I am not a saviour not a martyr I am
For I am not who they believe I am
For I am but a prophet, no son of god
And they see me, a man of a woman born
Still a living sacrifice
Of a name so unimportant
Of a life so fragile
Of a joy so short
As I am awaiting my death.

“His name was unspoken
His visage unbearable
His voice hissing
His kingdom overwhelming

Death and demise he brought
For total destruction he sought”

7. Asar Un-nefer

I have come at night coated in darkness
Eyes of mine blackness possessing no life
Vermin creep in veins of mine
Blood of mine black sea!
Asar un-nefer
Asar un-nefer
Names of mine thousands!
Millions of them there are! each one true
And each one nameless on everyone's lips!
Let there be word!
Sotou speak!
Ad-on-a-I scream!
Feet of mine crush skulls
Wrapped in flame I stride into kingdom mine!
I bring nothing but demise!
I preach not more than bad news!
Angelos ton theon!

“...from the deep abysses he was awakened
By the filthy rituals invoked
Summoned thousand times at night
Brought from dream to the light ...
Deity of fear hate and disgust
The one that we all bowing shall trust ...”

8. Idimmu Expecting

In the void my eyes sleep
In nothingness I dwell
Black god in leather I am
The one and the none
Zi am I?
Of arra am I?
Nay! Idimmu I am!
Zi dingir kia kanpa!
May my sight frighten you!
May my words deafen you!
May my breath suffocate you!
Zi dingir kia kanpa!
Purest sand in my hand
No beginning thus no end
Black-eyed angel with a chain
After storm comes the rain
Rise up, by fright summon me!
Rise up, by misery summon me!
Rise up, by loneliness summon me!
I shall bring you yet unknown
Have no thoughts have no weakness
Voice your screams
Let me speak let me preach
This new gospel the only truth
Beware I rise!

For a considerable amount of time it was literally believed that Christ had a brother.
Human brother.
This is, naturally of Christian tradition.
The original charm comes from a totally different source.
The verses of Necronomicon, being deliberately changed and naming Nazarene becomes more abstract, confusing and misleading.
As all religious beliefs are to me.

9. The Most Excellent Charm Against The Son Of Liar

Nazarene! Go far away!
Be nailed! Be crucified!
Turn your eyes from me!
Your holiness may rise to heaven like unto smoke!
Pass away and leave the body!
From my body, depart in shame!
From my body flee!
Smile not to me!
Your father cannot bless me!
Come not near my body!
Be condemned by shammash the mighty!
No more light for you!
Be devoured by age, the pure!
No more peace for you!
Be blinded by idimmu, the master!
No more pity for you!
Be torn apart by uruku, the wrath!
No more the body of Christ
Edin na zu!
May you meet the brother!

“On the Dhasmah hill 10,000 believers Gathered to fulfill the ritual invoking the ones who are dead but dreaming led by their high priest.
The ritual supposing to end with a mass suicide unexpectedly transformed into an uncontrollable massacre as if strangely being inspired by some sort of inner spirit.
Thus, the ritual failed to be Fulfilled and was forgotten for centuries.”
Taken from “The Witness To The Signs Ritual”

10. Hallowed Be The Signs!

It is true
What many of you have heard
Azag is praying
Listening to the wind
And as I speak
He is opposing idimmu
Fear not!
Our homes sleep safe
For the signs protect us!
Arra reminds non-eyed
Dust is harmless and bare
Agga brings peace
To dead but dreaming
Bandar makes us bow
And have faith in blackness
I stand truthfully unafraid
I have the sight now
They smile to us
Kia mass ssaratu

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