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1. Uverture

2. Unbeliever

Przychidza na mnie godziny zwatpienia
Gdy trace wiare w twoja dobroc
W twoje milosierdzie, w twoje milowanie
W Wole zbawienia, w twoja istnosc I wladanie
Then I want you to come to heaven in lightnings
Surrounded by flames
Full of strength
God full of glory
Even in your eyes
Hostile spars burnt for me
As you die, my soul dies in me
Night great and eternal stretches out
Abyss open up before my thoughts
Unpenetrated and unknown
Appear, appear
High in the sky
In the chariot of fire
Strike me with your thunder
Shine like hatred in my eyes.

3. Awakening (A Prayer For Dying)

My god promised me the paradise
But for what price?
All my life I am to carry his cross
To grieve, to weep, to kneel before him
I am to be one of his faithful servants
To pay homage, to offer sacrifices
And when he wishes it to die in his honour
For his glory, in his name
No!!! Never!!!
I stand out against god, I break the cross
The symbol of his victory over the evil
I renounce believing him
My faith which restricts my freedom and kills me slowly
Now that I am free from the lethal traps
Of this senseless faith
I can see how the others suffer
Blind and deaf puppets
As if in drugged trans
Unlimitely devoted to god
They die every day in ignorance, in darkness
I trusted in god - and what did I gained
Permanent insults, fear and humiliation
Treating me like a dog!
I hate thee god!

4. In The Garden Of Forgetfulness

I'd like to touch my words
Feel the breath of my thoughts
Strip down my deepest desire
Before my eyes
My sweet blasphemies
I want to abandon blindmans rags
Who stumbles in his dark, cursed prayer
Wake up sleeping sins
And love that I have never experienced
I step on the path
Mystic and yet undiscovered
I pick up flowers
In the garden of forgetfulness
I open up my eyes and I can see...
I can see the light
I been waiting for all my life
So many years
I can see the sun
In the middle of the night
My eyes have seen to many sufferings
Millions of lies
Flowing like a river of blood
From god's mouth

5. Raven Moon

My lips touch the night
Thoughts drifting among the shadows
Moonlight lights the way
To my dreamland
I guess many days have passed?
I can't remember...
Days that bring sorrow and saving joy are gone
Living the kiss of night
I found my peace in it
Every night among thousand candles
I'm sailing the verses of my favourite dreams
and spectral pictures
I'm drifting among the roots of books unknown
and nameless
Ravens sing with screams of ghostly shadows
Leaving the kiss of night

6. Curse Thee Lord

Death wish
Unholy thoughts
Rape the image of god
False creator of time
I've promised myself a revenge
So many sleepless nights
I've waiting for this moment to come along
My prayers are answered
I'm no longer a victim of god
I'm rising as proud almighty
Not to fade away but to last, last forever
Die before my eyes
Lord with a dead face
I cast a spell on you
Death in thousand shapes
Your eyes will be frozen forever
...my sweet revenge
Your body will be crucified forever
...my sweet revenge
Thorns hurting your scalp
Nails sticking in your palms
Give me the pleasure
That I will never forget
Give me death
That I will survive.

7. Temple Of The Silent Desire

Do your remember her?
You remember hat you wish so!
Listening to the tunes of the past
Crumbs of memory,... of jokes,... half truths
Wandering about the desert territory of brain
Are you a remembrance of somebody
Who is going to forget you?
Are you a lie perhaps?
Are you the personification desire
Of someone enslaved you?
Of someone who created you in their memory
From meaningless shadows?
But in her eyes I saw my reflection
Now sun shines directly to my face
Hot, red curtain of semiclosed eyelids
With her I was in eden
...our garden
Promises,... words,... declaration of love.
The storming building full of clinches
Will I remember?
Do I love her?
Memory is schizophrenic always
It's an offer of arranged, disarrayed thoughts
Or reality with hallucination
Mysterious and secret
Both sides of the mirror
Full of colour fluids spent and become grey
Feeling of emptiness and discourage
You are left alone... and memories...

8. Souls They Love Forever

I will lie down
By your side
Yet another kiss
That's all I need
And all I desire
Souls they love forever
Love that lives forever
Death that won't tear us apart
I will hold your hand
I won't feel blood pulsing
In your swollen veins
Won't feel your breath
Yet another kiss...
As I touch your frigid lips
I can feel that you're gone
Souls they love forever...
I've passed the gates of mortality
I've reached the land of balance
I can hear your voice
But you're not here
I can hear you call
Carried in the wind
Your despair and sorrow
Won't change anything
I'm like a star in the sky
Cold and remote
Come and shine beside me
In the winter freezing skies.

9. My Journey To The Stars

The smoke is flying above their hands
Gathered around the great fire
They sing the song of hatred
Here I am crucified
I watch them with fear
Am I to be their victim
But why me?
My heart is bleeding
I burn in lies
I'm choking with hate
Like in chaotic dance
I'd like to touch the sky - but I can't
Lines of the song flow
Chining together with the wind
My journey to the stars ends...
Here I come...

10. Pagan Chant

I can't remember anything
I've lost my past somewhere
It can't be called back already
With the eyes of my memory
Between sorrow and pain
I can feel that I stand on the edge
Darkness unpenetrated fills the abyss under my feet
I stand naked in the darkness
No courtain between me
And fire circle of which I am the centre
I want to burn like I did before centuries
Pagan kings
I am the one of them as well
The Last One of The Great!
I want go back into the fire
I want to bow to the Greatest Ones
Only to the Greatest...
Life... Death... Wind... Fire... Water...

11. Igne Nature Renovabitur Integra

...and I was unwoken like in long dream
...and I've heard the voice flowing from heaven:
"I'm Alpha and Omega. I'm the First and Last"
...so we had left our graves
...and we had seen the son of man
In his right hand, he kept seven stars
In his mouth, he kept teo-edged sword
...and heavens gates were opened
Possessor of seven horns and seven eyes
Had broken the seven seals of the roll
Four riders moved on for the bloody harvest
...and the earths foundations shocked
...and the sun became black and moon bloodred
...and the stars had fallen and the mountains moved
...and put the seal against the fronts of their servants
Seven angels blew the seven trumpets
...and for demons from river Eufrat were set free
...and prince of deepest darkness Abaddon
Moved forward in the front of his armoured locust
To force faithless beings to pay honour
But he beast saved them and it fought opposers
...and give you its magic sign
...and it was salvage
...and I accepted its miraculous protection
666 was the sign of escape from sufferings
But the opposer called seven angels
...and they flowed down seven bowls of his wrath
...And the Earth caught fire and water changed into blood
...and he disiputed the whole tribe of his murderers
This is he who created Belial to reverse
The attention of his lies
That is he who gained strength from millions of sufferers
But the sky rained with blood
...and the whole present was in flames
...and the false creator cought fire, too
The one and only went but nothingness
...and destroyed falsity created by Jahwe
The flames won't to revive the whole nature...
The whole nature will revive in the flames...
Igne Natura Renovabitur Integra...

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