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1. Excreting Innards

[musick - Matt Harvey, Derrel Houdashelt; lyrixxx - Matt Harvey, 1992]

Gnawing the stools, I masticate with fervor, Enthusiastically I ingest the
discharge of your gaping anus, Anal disgorgement of steaming bits of meat...
Each smelly mouthful I devour, Your rectum is now going sour... I divulge
the latent feast of your colon, As my drill gouges an avenue of
ano-obliteration... Steaming fecal morsels expelled, Chunks of watery
bloodied stool, Your salivating sphincter is throbbing, As I begin to
heartily drool... Shredded chunks of your buttocks, Your gaping anus is
ground and mulched, As you are made to excrete your innards, Your pulsating
sphincter emits a septic belch... Sanguineous anal discharge... Loosened
bowel segments, Your colon hemorraghing in fecal fistula, This disemboweling
enema, Turns your anus inside-out...

2. Vagitarian

[musick - Matt Harvey , Derrel Houdashelt, Matt Widener; lyrixxx - Matt Harvey, 1994]

Beholding the kaliedescopic hue of your decomposing hymen I salivate,
Entranced by the effervescing effluvium of the rotted vagina, Carefully
excising the fragantly fermented labia I shall masticate, Savoring the
pungent aromatic whiff, my quivering lips wet with saliva... Nibbling the
avulsed petals of the flower of womanhood so delicate, My slavering palate
overwhelmed by the feotid flavor, Marinating chunks of vaginal skin in
feminine hygine creams so elegant, This culinary clitoral carving is a
decidedlt putrid endeavor... The shriveled copulatory organ, Falls prey to
my culinary whims, Sliced, diced, and mangled, painstakingly garnished and
trimmed... Dried and festered, salted to taste, A douche bag helps clean
out the clots, A napkin will insure that none goes to waste, As I heartliy
devour the rot... Vagitarian - a morbid mortified meal, Vagitarian -
gorging myself with psychopathic zeal, Vagitarian - a rancid repast so
horrific, Vagitarian - with a pinch of salt it's terrific... Gnashing the
clitoris with inconceivable delight, The dried vaginal potrusion I adore,
The most culinary form of cunnigulus, A strict diet of vaginal gore...

3. Grotesque Putrefied Brains

[musick & lyrixxx - Matt Harvey, 1993]

Cerebral cortex slashed, Frontal lobes abrased, Cerebellum gouged, Your
hypophysis avulsed... Medulla severed, Lobes dismembered, Hypothalamus
punctured, Optic chasm ruptured... The pons is scraped, As your brain I
rape, The decomposed cerebrum now sludge, Putrid grey matter is
splattered... Thalumic dismemberment, Your formix is cruelly rent,
Brainstem now flayed and hacked, Mesencephalon is reduced to scrap...
Grotesque splattered brains, Hypoglossal dysfunction, Macerated
cephalo-extirpation, Neuro-cranial disjunction... I carve the corpus
callosum, I shred the lacerated mind, Peeling the abrased cortex and
precental gyrus, Bissecting the central sulcus and lateral tissue... Gouged
and sliced, diced, and hacked to bits, I carve with feverish glee as you now
lose your wits, Your vacated cranium is scraped to its... Scraped the
core... Dismantling the cerebrum, Disassembling the brainstem, Your
parieoccipital fissure torn, Your vacated cranium is shorn...

4. The Exquisite Flavour Of Gastro-Anal Tripe (Cadaveric Splatter Platter Part II)

[musick & lyrixxx - Matt Harvey, 1993]

Churning and warm, your insides I gnaw, I dribble and fuss over the bubbling
pus... Masticate the foaming carnage, Eviscerated human garbage, Curdling
innards now ground and chewed, Cannibalized torso ensanguined and nude...
Eating the bleeding, the reeking splattered limbs, Now chomping the entrails
to bits, Feeding off seething bowel and intestine, The spurting of enzymes
of swill... Innards rent and dribbling, Are consumed with sanguinary
delight, The organs and offal are so succulent, The exquisite flavour of
gastro-anal tripe... I drink the viscous lymphatic fluid, And delight in
the consistency and flavour, The putrid aftertaste of masticated bowel,
Meets with my overwhelming favour... I slobber as I dine, I suck the marrow
from your spine, I gobble the feotid faecal matter, With no regard to my
table manners...

5. Sex, Drink & Metal

[Sarcofago Cover]

[musick & lyrixxx - Sarcofago, 1989]

Inside my freedom
I'm slaved
By those tastes of lust and evil
I cannot escape

I ever hear a voice
A voice that is my sign
Sex, drinks & metal
The destiny of my life!

I'm alive
And licensed to:

Sex, drinks & metal

Some forces tried to stop me
But I destroy them with my hate
'cause in blood I will have my revenge
I'm not worried if it happens late

I'm living in sin
And it's a hard way of life
But in sex, drinks & metal
I will die!!!

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