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1. Awakening...

[Music is by Parland/Sterner]
[Lyrics are by Sterner]

My prayers have been answered
I'm no longer a victim of God
I died for the right master
The one that I will serve
They'll believe my soul is resting
But how can they be so wrong
This is where life begins
Where it will be everlasting
As a reincarnated soul
I'm rising in this unholy kingdom
A paradise made for the immortals
Where your corpse shall be our feast
Underneath the blackened ground
An unholy ritual is soon to begin
Gathering for a black mass
As I speak the words of Satan

As darkness falls
Spirits are set free
As darkness fall
Awakening of the dead

From the chalice filled with blood
We drink and increase the immortal power
United in a dance of death
To cause damnation against the false
As you call upon your fake God
Devastation is filling the air
Rising through the gates of hell
Retaliation of the evil ones

[Backing vocals are by Tobias Sidegård:]
As darkness falls
Spirits are set free
As darkness fall
Awakening of the dead

2. Before The Dawn

At dawn the prophecies were told
Demonic spells surrounded the moon
Infernal flames enlightened the altar
Where the lord awaited the human sacrifice
Before the dawn of time
The devil was cursed from heaven
Condemned to the abyss of hell
Satan seeks for the merciless revenge
In the shadows of the damned
The priest speaks the incantation
A sacrifice to the lord
Shall be made of human blood and flesh
Awaiting at the altar of death
The priest prepares for the dying
Satan consumes the victim
As the black mass comes to the end
Priest: Lord of darkness, hear the call
Come forth and bring us evil
Arise from hell before the dawn
And break the holy curse
Priest I sacrifice you bastard child
The time has come to take your life
Born of evil in the name of Christ

3. Unholy Prophecies

Worshipping laws of christianity
Depending on the book of lies
Read in the book of prophecies
And speak the words of blasphemy
Selling your soul for abandonment of God
Living by the book, you ignore the truth of lies
Following the cross for salvation when you're dead
Servant of God, you are only living lies

Born to pray to Christ
To sanctify the priest
Baptized to dying
Is it your belief

Live your life to the inverted cross
The lord of hell is the one to sanctify
Turn your back to christianity
Belivers of God shall die
People led to hell by christianity
Masses betrayed for the power of greed
By the holiness of our lord you shall crucify your God
Followers of lies: Now you must decide
See through the lies
Leave the spell of Christ
Dechristianize yourself
To the unholy prophecies

Born to pray to Christ
To sanctify the priest
Baptized to dying
Is it your belief

4. The Nocturnal Silence

Gaze at the twilight in the bloodred sky
The evil gods are rising
Shadows revealed by the darkened moon
Behold the diabolical signs
Nocturnal souls gathered through time
Preparing the unholy rite
Seeds of blasphemies on the hallowed ground
Awaiting for the mastera arrival
A freezing silence descends in the night
Cold winds whisper damnation
Deathlike shadows rising on the ground
The call from the lords of creation
Evil awaits in the realm beyond the sky
As tears of blood fall down
Lords of lords, in a time before time
Are rising from the nocturnal silence
Ancient lords of dreadful evil
Enter through the seven gates
Legions of scornful daemons
Rising cross the bleeding sky
Fear the nocturnal silence
The return of the forces of evil
The masters unholy arrival
The circle shall be sealed

5. Inborn Evil

[Music: Parland/Sterner]
[Lyrics: Parland]

Born in the hands of the church
Nailed to the cross forever
Insanity of denominations
Trapped in a spell of evil
Father, give me the power
To enter the gate of time
The passage of burned and crucified souls
I must pass before I die

Peace in my mind will never be found
Betrayed by life, servant of suicide
Born to earth with visions of hate
Evil spells surrounding me
No escape from ones fate

Countless predictions of lies
The dying enter heaven
You must invoke the lord
So you shall be forgiven
Recieve the mercyful blessing
Confess your sins to God
By the gracious name of Christ
No mercy for those who are evil

Insanity - has soon taken over me
Hypocrisy - to die is my destiny
Sacrifice - soon I shall rest in peace
No escape - from the gates of immortality

6. The Ancients Gate

[Music: Parland/Sidegård]
[Lyrics: Parland]

"Let them curse it, that curse the day
who are skilful to rouse Leviathan"

Cursed one, son of darkness
Hear the call beyond the gate
Open the book of human flesh
The daemons on the other side awaits
Summon the evil forces of the seven lords
Secret seal before your eyes
Call forth the evil gods

Hear the prayers
Master of spells pass through the gate
Bring the world tremendous evil
Realm of chaos awaits
Lords of desolation
See the revelations across the blackened sky
Break the curse
Immortal ones pass through the ancients gate

Worshipper of darkness
Enchanter of the evil one
Beyond the stars lies the gate
Eternally locked from inside
Gaze at the engraved cryptogram
The diabolic sign of entrance
The key to the realm of evil gods
From where the sinful souls shall depart

Master - open the gate of entrance
Reveal the concealed forces of the astral lords
Master - hear the eternal cries
From the dwelling daemons at the other side

7. Sacrificial Rites

[Music: Parland]
[Lyrics: Parland]

Enforced by priests of lies
The injure time of an evil seed
The altar of damnation
Surrounds the victim for the daemon feed
Gathering for the ritual
Awaiting for the holy blood to flow
Spirits scorning the christian empire
Infesting the victim while blood comes forth

Dawn has come for the invocation
Experiencing the scarificial rites
Pain has gone beyond laceration
The master of gods arise

Another victim dies
Disciples of God fear their destiny
The damnation has come
No escape from the flames of the deceased
Chanting the hymn of death
The wrath of Satan slowly ends their lives
The last souls sees his time
Preparing for the sacrifice soon to be done

Dawn has come for the invocation
Experiencing the sacrificial rites
Pain has gone beyond laceration
The master of gods arise

Burning candles light the darkened realm
Final of the ritual visions never seen
Time draws nearer the hour of dying
The last victim led to the altar of disease

8. Father Of Creation

[Music: Parland]
[Lyrics: Parland]

Engraved on the altar
The name was written in blood
The sign of Lucifer's child
Creation of the unborn son
With inhuman force of evil
The bastard child was spawn
The crucifier of God and heaven
Satan's son was born

The one to kill the holy lord
Crucifier of God and all holy creations
Father to son with Satan allied
The antichrist feared

Entering the kingdom above
To destroy the empire of God
With the vision of father Satan
"See the flowing blood"
For God shall be crucified
And heaven shall be no more
With the crown of thorns BURN
Into the fires of pure blasphemy

Consuming the angels of heaven
As the gates open wide
Time has come for the merciless revenge
The doomsday for the father of lies
Damnation awaits for the sinner
Trapped in a spell of no return
See the flames unholy
With disgrace in your soul you shall forever burn

God, bleed for me
Now you are decieved
Die before my eyes

With undefiled consciousness I kill your lord
(Die on the cross) *
Lead him to the hill of crucifixion
(Die on the cross) *
Feel the nails of pain through your flesh
(Die on the cross) *
The everlasting pain is your fate

[* Vocals and last scream by Micke Jansson]

9. Where Sinners Burn

[Music: Parland]
[Lyrics: Parland]

Holy father in the sky
Inhuman lord of darkest lies
We burn the feeble christian cross
And curse the holy son of God

At dawn we summon the master below
The horned one shall take your soul
Behold the shadows of the moon
And wish you were never born

Holy father
We are the worshippers of darkness
Holy father
Feel our hate from below *
We are the sons of hell
We shall live on forever
We are the ones who sold our souls
In the unholy name of evil

Behold the flames of hell
The abyss where sinners burn
Forever you shall dwell
In the fires without return

No god shall ever live
No lies shall ever be told
We desecrate Jesus Christ
And turn the crucufix upside down

Burn the corpse of Jehova
In the flames of hell it shall be done
Devour the holy Messiah
Consume the forgotten son

The paradise is no more
The burning of heaven I behold
My vision of hell was true
As it was foretold

[* Backing vocals and 2nd scream by Rickard Daemon]

All songs are written by Necrophobic.
Produced by Necrophobic & Thomas Skogsberg.
Engineered by Thomas Skogsberg and Lars Linden.
Recorded & mixed at Studio Sunlight, March, 1993.

Thanks to carpathian_agony for sending tracks #5-9 lyrics.
Thanks to sanityerosion for correcting track #1 lyrics.

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