Dark Lyrics


1. Spawned By Evil

As a cloak of darknes is streaming down
A grayish mist hits the ground
As moroii leave their graves
They suck the blood of all thy race

Communing with the ghosts of the ancient dead
Summoning the spawn of the dark
Bloodlust inside of me, I need to feel
Warm human blood float through me again

I'm moroii
Nosferatu, spawn of the night
You're turning pale
Your life is fading as I suck and bite

I cast an ancient spell, raise the undead
Out of their tombs they slowly climb
Hunger inside of me, I'm feeling weak
I need to feast on a human child

I'm moroii
Nosferatu, spawn of the night
You're turning pale
Your life is fading as I suck and bite

Spawned by evil
Spawned by shadows

Lord of lords, god of gods
Lead me to the altar
Where the virgin waits for me
I suck and drink from her cunt

2. Enter The Eternal Fire

[Originally performed by Bathory]

Leave the world of mortals to walk
into the mist to stalk unto the other side

Plains of otherness
The utter emptiness
Where time have ceased and dark and light collide
Crossing the river of death and water cold
Slowly walking up the bridge
The jewelled bridge I walk for what seems a lifetime
In the night it's jewels glow

There on the other side
On shore of no return
The one for me awaits
Cannot avoid the eyes
In which the fire burns
Comed this far it is too late
And He calls my name
First a whispering then louder
And he wants me to follow
And to Enter the Eternal Fire...

I walk this endless night
His eyes the only light
Repeatedly he whispers my name
Fingers move and twist
Through crimson thick dark mist
and voices cry of agony and pain
Close now to his kingdom bleak world dark and still
I follow the voice whispering my name

Approach the gate of sin
Opened up to let me in and there, He stand in flames
price now I must pay for eternity my soul his claim
For years of pleasures, victory and gold
The one who stand in flames
Now rise and walk my way and reach out for my soul
fall down. The Eternal Fire...

I stand at the jaws of the pit
The heat scorch my flesh
The fall seem never to end
My hair burn
My eyes can't see
The flames slowly eat my soul
pain tears my mind
Hear my cries oh Lord

Have mercy oh Lord
This can't be
Raging flames all over me
Inferno of heat

3. Die By The Sword

[Originally performed by Slayer]

Live by the sword and help to contain
The helpless minds of you all
Die by my hand in pools of blood
Clutch yourself as you fall
Mindless tyranny, forgotten victims
Children slaughtered in vain
Raping the maids, in which they serve
Only the words of the lord

Die by the sword
Die by the sword

Watch as flowers decay
On cryptic life that died
The wisdom of the wizards
Is only nurtured life
Black knights of hell domain
Walk upon the dead
Satanas sips upon
The blood in which he need

Die by the sword

4. Nightmare

[Originally performed by Venom]

By the shores of the ageing sea
Fools scream out destiny
They speak of vengeance and your gods
into the fire - out of the flame
The beast awakes - thousands are slayen
The mystic reads - forgotten tales
All hallows hail - your falling waves

Nightmare - this is your prize eternal
Nightmare - make no disguise infernal
Nightmare - you'll realize you lost in
Nightmare - Nightmare

Inside explodes - the butcher strikes
You'd love to die - your baby cries
Lead candles burn - just a decoy
The giant child - your his new toy

In the eye of the lions teeth
Your flesh becomes his meat
You lie devoured still full of life
Temples of ice - white desert breeze
The golden sun - prepares to freeze
Dying of thirst - drowing in pain
You wake in sleep - it starts again

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