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1. Aphelion


2. Darkness Be My Guide

Sacrosanct, my dream of death
The vision that I have of the darkest depths
For eons now that I've waited for the night
Hiding in the shadows from the rays of light
Celebrate, lacerate, cutting through to the other side
Where I bear no weight
I curse the gods, sacrifice their day
An eternity away in the halls of death

Leviathan, calling from the deep
Shattered souls lie asleep
I stride a path, I strike upon the gods with wrath
A final hymn into tranquility so dim
I close my eyes, lift my head
And gaze into eternity carelessly
I hold my breath, release into the cold void
Finally into the halls of death

Oh, as the moon turns red a starless sky I praise
Oh, so I join the dead onto the night with a blaze

Let darkness be my guide
Let the everlasting light fade and die
Let darkness be my shining guide
Let me walk the night with death by my side

I'm on my final journey and the gates are open wide
I'm on my final journey with the devil by my side
I'm on my final journey as Satan calls my name
I'm on my final journey, 'cause I will die today!

Closing in the night that awaits
Heartbeats fade as I near the gates
The beast awakes, eats its way to night from day
Euphoria, dysphoria
Death will come, death will reign
Death will be the cleanser of the earthly pains
I will come, I will reign
As I drift into the eye from the earthly plains

3. Mirror Black

Demon's gate, I gaze at the horizon
A forgotten dream of an altered state
Black and still, the world that lies asleep
Words from the deep crack the seal

Dead are those that call my name
Death is close beyond the frame
Faceless I stare into the dark beyond
Where life and death will bond


Fall, fall
Through the endless abysmal darkness
Fall, fall
Into the void dark divine
Fall, fall
Through the dead vast nothingness
Fall, fall
Where life and death align

And so a wave takes form
A slowly rising storm
As I peel my skin to bare the flesh and bones of a dream

Conjugate with the spirit realm
Invite my soul through the mirror black
Consecrate to the spirit realm
Dream of death in the mirror black

Demonic fate, I have chosen my path
Risen from wrath as worlds collide
Appear before me, manifest
Let my words come alive on the other side

4. Tartarian Winds

I am not one of you
I am not of your creation
Through frost and fire I will go
Through the flames of hell's damnation
Into the depths through a sea of blood
To the other side
I will not be led by your god
Tartarian winds I ride

I am not one of those
On a quest for Christ's salvation
Through scorching flames and freezing snow
I search the Devil's purgation
A crimson tide, Satan's flood
On to the other side
Drain every drop of mortal blood
Tartarian winds I ride

Birth of fire

Bring me the wrath of God
And I shall drink from the chalice of anger
Bring me the fire and the brimstone
As I spit in the face of the angels
Let me burn

So now I have to go
In the dark I'll find elation
From the blistering sun into the night vanish in ablation
In the deepest black I hear them call from the other side
As thunder roars
Tartarian winds I ride

5. The Infernal Depths of Eternity

The awakened pulse of a blackened star
The dawn of nightfall
The bright unlight shine wide and far
Enchant enthrall
Shatter my fears
The broken glass of a thousand spheres
Pierce the clouds to still my awoken hunger

Death, unchain the beast
Death, as the fire within is released

The infernal depths of eternity whispering beyond
I hear the serpent's whispering respond
The strangler and the wide awake
The vision and the twisting snake
Connect he worlds to still my awoken hunger

I call on thee, demon god with crimson scales adorned
I call on thee of sacred blood, take my soul beyond
Now answer me, serpent king, deity of the night
Now answer me, fiery wing, save me from the light

Hail - the dead
Hail - the dark
Hail - the night
Hail - the silence

The stormy winds of eternity
Haunting life's debris
And fools set sails to flee the void on the raging sea
Drag me down underneath, unchain my soul beneath
Fill my lungs with your blood to still my awoken hunger

6. Dawn of the Damned

O, demons of the underworld
Sent by the Devil with a scent of hell
Marvelled I watch you swirl
Collect the sins, cast the spell

Take me

O, demons of the underworld
Dance upon the flames of the forbidden
I inhale their fumes
The seed is sewn, breed of the cursed

Behold! Receive!
The bloodline of the damned will rise
Behold! Declaim!
The dawn of the damned arise

Sacrilege! I sense the coming of the first repellent
Ecstatic diabolic revelation
Concubina, mother of disease
Unfold thy shadow, unlight my thirst

Embrace me, avoided temptress
The lust for the unholy I urge
From birth through aeons I've heard your call
Now let me rest in your lucid hall

O, demons of the underworld
Hellfire vomit, relentless desire
Erected to burst, consumed by the grace
Of the darkest of fire

7. The Shadows

I think I see her spawn appear now
This is not a place for me
Still I'm drawn into her cold embrace
Yet aware of its deceit

What are you doing here
Stay away! Stay away!
Into the serpent's lair
They're gonna lure you all the way

There is no return
From the devil's storm
That'll lead me so far astray
Feel my bones ablate
As I cross the gate
And become the spirit's prey

I feel her grasp my soul now
And I can clearly hear her words
I become the demon's tool now
And step into the nether worlds

Come down
Into the shadow realm
Come down
Into the darkest depths of hell

I think I feel the demon near now
Cold breath so close upon my skin
Her little spirits crawl upon my limbs
The reptile eats me from within

8. As the Fire Burns

Flames of tomorrow
A desperate gaze, a horizon ablaze
From the night so hollow
To a world in red from a world I fled

My dreams are contorted and so is my path
Fiery, steep and dreadfully far
Now echoes distorted, turn fear into wrath
And the climb begins through the burning star

Fire! Fire!
Inhale the fumes of raging flames
Fire! Fire!
Infernal eternal plains

Disintegrate, regenerate, desecrate
As the fire excoriate, reanimate, celebrate
As the fire obliterate, resuscitate, reactivate
As the fire incinerate, incarnate, dominate
As the fire burns

I enter the fire at the end of my strife
From death to life to a future empire
The past is erased
Consumed and embraced

Numb and blinded, deaf and still
From seconds to eons, from ashes to flames
And so I stand winded after the kill
In the past lies the billions with forgotten names

9. The Return of a Long Lost Soul

A distant light awakens me sublime and silent
Gathering my attention alluring through the vast
No fear or anguish, no lurking death awaits
Fragments of an image, the horizon of the past

I can never leave or turn away
I do belong where dreams can flesh
You could be one of us
Or the enlighted slave
There's no return for a long lost soul

The crimson curtain unfolds before me
I begin to see, shattering my denial, unveiling where I belong
A new star has risen, evoken from ashes to burn
From night to day, the end of my endless rapture

You can never leave or turn away
You are beyond what dreams can flesh
You could be one of us
Or the enlighted slave
There's no return for a long lost soul

Massive, furious, craving
Release me, let me go

Revolting carnal liberation embalmed in ecstasy
Beyond the realm of blistering seduction, superior
Flagellated towards the sanctum
A void in violent extravagance
The alchemy to grasp the great awe
At the brink of death

Come in me, stay with me

Come in me, stay forever with me
Come in me, stay, you belong with me
Succubus calling, can't resist Lamia
Come in me, stay you belong with me
You should be one of us, not an enlighted slave
There's no return for a long lost soul
Release me, let me go

10. Devil's Spawn Attack

The mouth of hell has spoken
To spread infernal hate
A storm of death from beyond
Will rage on through the gates

The devil shall arise
As the flames reach the skies
Now vengeance brings me back
Devil's spawn attack

For I am spawned by the devil
And I will strike upon the world
When the past lies dead forgotten
I will live by Satan's sword

The devil shall arise
As the flames reach the skies
Now vengeance brings me back
Devil's spawn attack

Through the gates

Now as the gates are opened
The Antichrist will take revenge
As the final spell is broken
And the flames rise high once again

The devil shall arise
As the flames reach the skies
Now vengeance brings me back
Devil's spawn attack

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