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1. Foul Body Autopsy

Snorting - the viley stench of putrescence
Coffin - lies exhumed in front of me
Foul stiff - strewn with papillae and pores
Fermenting - stiff corpse putrefies

Slicing, bisecting, incising the stiff

Stomach wall is opening
Primitive diagnosis...
Remove internal organs
Primitive autopsy...

Sawing - the weak head of the corpse I saw
Slicing - cerebral bisection
Eviscerate - slushy bowels ripped out at once
Perfecting - foul body autopsy

2. To Breathe In A Casket

Eyes opened up within the moist and dark
Trapped inside the measures of a coffin
Horrified awakening, blank fears embrace me

Oh... beyond...
...beyond these walls there lies infinity...

Asphyxiation is imminent due to the measures
Of this confinement,
Blind hits against the coffin walls,
Blank fears control me

To breathe in a casket - six feet below
To breathe in a casket - below

Buried deep beneath the earth
Beneath the earth
Blank fears embrace me
Embrace me

Buried deep six feet below
Six feet below
Blank fears control me
Control me

Breathing inside a casket

3. Mutilate The Stillborn

Dismembering - to chop her body I begin
Bastard - bastard inside
Disfiguring - abdominal wall is opening
Offal - come to sight

Malintention, to chop the foetus I intent, hateful am I
Vile malodours, rancid odours I perceive
I'm getting high

Hate and repulsion is that
Which strengthens my intent
Fetal incising causes premature decease
Loathing am I to commit
Infanticide in unborn state
To tear out the foetus, my aggressions do increase

Mutilate the stillborn
Mutilate the stillborn
Mutilate the stillborn
Mutilate the stillborn

Dismanteling - excoriate the dead unborn
Vile waste - vile waste inside is
Festering - prenatal fluids I adore
Offal - come to sight

Mutilation, the stillborn body chopped in half
Hateful am I
The torso drained of tepid bowels
I'm getting high

4. Intestinal Incubation

Worms in microscopic size infest dermatic pores,
They move through blood
Parasitic organisms move seeking path
To hepatic tissue they are heading forth,
Their larvae to breed
In the precious warmth of the liver they multiply...

...Innards consumed... from inside...

5. Culinary Hyperversity

Hateful I'm slashing, the head is removed
Removing the head of the corpse
The throat down the hard chest the trunk is torn
Tearing the trunk of the corpse

Disintegrating the stiff limb by limb
Performing deviant butchery
I chop up the limbs into small handy chunks
In my own way of sick butchery

I rip out the entrails, cut through pulsating flesh
Into the torso I grasp - deep - to tear out the rest
I divide into that which I like and which not
Nutritious organs stored, the rest left to rot

Wrathful I'm hacking the organs are minched
Minching the flesh of the stiff
Imagine the body parts when served on a plate.
Prepared by sick culinary...

6. Advanced Corpse Tumor

To see the interior of a dark coffin
What is it like to be inside dead..?
Is there something I might perceive,
Or is it just infinity...?
Viley maggots swarm within stale pus,
Accelerating rate of putridity...
Thought patterns preserved in energetic form
Or is it lost, lost in infinity...? ...Fierce...

Is there something that I might live,
Or is it all lost in nothingness...?

Weakened tissue starts rapidly to degrade
Under progressive foulness, former vital organs
Are replaced by a clumb of corpse tumors
Is that what expects us in the deep -
Just corpse tumors...?

[Solo: "Hymn for an angel"]

7. Extreme Unction

The light is fading without any halt,
Expiration is now imminent, pain...
Silent prayers I perceive don't ease my pain,
Seconds like infinity, pain...

There is no light, pain...
To the darkside, pain...

...Extreme Unction...

[Solo: Vollmer / Suicmez / Vollmer / Suicmez / Vollmer]

8. Fermented Offal Discharge

The casket is exhumed, turfs piled beside the grave
A stagnant mass awaits me, deep in the gloom
The boxes lids I open, distraught desecrating
The fumes are penetrating, I am eructating... I vomit...
I initiate eager exhuming despite bad scents...
I dig up cold earth, exhumed turfs I disperse...
I initiate eager exhuming despite bad scents...
The open casket reveals the rot
Into weak stomach I slide my hands
Intensifying fumes I like to snort

Colon and small intestine
Sliced and ripped out of the foul body
Duodenum I minch - all should be treated equal
Rotten stool and urine
Spurt out of fermented organs
I discharged and raped - putrified giblets disembowel

Decrepit spleen and pancreas I've torn and gutted
I eviscerate stomach and cysts
Liver is torn and twisted - turning inside out
A fermented offal discharge - Disembowel...

Evacuated offal hastily wrapped in bags
As basic for my culinary...

Putrefied internal fragments,
Fermented offal discharge...

Produced and recorded by Muhammed Suicmez, Aug '98 - Apr '99 in Depths of Torment
Mixed and masterd by Frank Lemmert and Muhammed Suicmez, Jun '99
Words and music by Muhammed Suicmez
Solo support on 'Extreme Unction' by Bjoern 'Bart' Vollmer
Cover-layout by Dennis Mueller

Postfach 21 09 25, 76159 Karlsruhe, Germany

A Big 'Thank You' To:
Bruno/VMI for making this real; Frank Lemmert for taking the time; Kurt (Animago Amigo) + Martin for helping out with the PC; Dennis for the cover-layout; Slavek, Bart & Made for believing in and holding up the banner of Necrophagist; Naposim Andy for being a friend throughout the years; Daniel Hahn; Kai Mertens (Weltraumhummel); Daniel, Raphael & Jan-Paul for having played with Necro; Murat Suicmez for fixing up my car all the time; Thomas Kammerer for the mics and last but not least to all the fans. 'zines and people who bought this CD, supported me in the past or spread the name...
A big cheers to all my friends and the people I know.

This album is dedicated to Karolin, my beloved angel.

Thanks to r_barreira, yoman108 for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to cory8000 for correcting track #5 lyrics.

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